Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Yakshawnah will rise on either the 23rd or 27th of May, of 2006. Yakshawnah's good twin brother spared Yakshawnah's life in the last war, and was sent to the Void with his army until the year 2006, when Yakshawnah and his Resilience will be FULLY released.

Omni, Struggle times three
Guin Kalum
Bad Gatekeeper poison
Time 1000 1000 6 gate of hell close by
ear at the gate, struggle
closed gate, (or close gate) tent house and gods dangerous
bad temple god arrive open gate tree person friend
east temple go hurry go zen
together together energy energy
together together mend
together together stength/power
Hold up against Yakshawna's power
branch power together
gate open mother Shima(or island) hurry!
Ceremonial hall zen north

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