Tuesday, January 12, 2010


What is it?
It's generally when all your senses are suddenly alive, you are more aware, and you connect with your high self, in other words, break down the walls(intentionally or unintentionally) between your conscious and your sub conscious.

What happens to someone when it happens?
Many many things. Most that i have seen, suddenly find the taste of anything, such as cigarettes or fatty foods to be disgusting, and begin to crave healtier things. You might have an epiphany, or suddenly understand your purpose in the world. They begin to remember more dreams, see more visions, astral project more, and thier intuition and psychic ability grows. In many occasions, it is as if lightening has struck you, and you are aware, of everything around you. But this doesn't last, it takes work to keep your awareness strong...unfortunetly most don't ever feel as awake as those first few minutes to few days.

Can you force someone awake as you would a person who is sleeping too long?
Yes you can force it, but it must be done ever so gently. First of all, you must be experienced in this sort of thing. Secondly, you must keep a constant eye on the person you awake for several weeks, it can be a dangerous time(even without the forcing). This can be done through energy manipulation plus trancework. It should never be taken lightly, and if the person is not ready, they will probably become corrupted within days.

What are signs that someone is awakening?
Lack of appetite, lack of enthusiasm in mundane activities, lack of sleep, energy fluctuations, channeling a spirit, awareness, past life memory, a peak in all the senses(all 6), oh there are so many things.

Are there ways to work one's sellf into Awakening?
Daily meditation. Exercising the third eye. Attepting to connect with your higher self/self conscious. Self hyptnosis. Studying magic and the occult. Working with others who have awakened does help, as it triggers things in your brain. Burning mugwort and sandalwood. Praying. Yoga. Spending time in the wilderness. There are so many things that can help.

But most importantly, Awakening is only the first step in reaching your power...the Awakening simply gives you a taste of your potential.

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