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The Sephirah & Omni Comparisons

The Kabbalah explains how the world came into existance from the will of God, Elohim. This is described as a sereies of emotions from the divine source. The Tree of Life can been seen as a framework that shows how the supreme, undiffertiated, consciousness of the almighty, devolves into the self-consciousness of the individual. It also reveals the paths by which we can return to unity with God, by removing those obstacles that limit consciousness.

I believe the Tree of Life is a vital tool in understanding what the Omni and existance is, how it works, where it came from, and why it is nessecary.

The Tree of Life is depicted as an arrangement of Ten Spheres on Three parallel pillars. These spheres are called Sephiroth, or Sephirah, in the singular, meaning "Splended Light". The Sephiroth can be understood as facets of the Divine Personality.

The highest Sphere, KETHER, represents divine glory; the lowest sphere, MALKUTH, denotes the material world, in which divine light is comparatively dim.

Below Kether on the middle pillar is a nonsphere, and is called DA'ATH, meaning knowledge. I attribute this to the Akashic Records. This is also the Abyss, the Void, the guilf that seperates the manifest from the unmanifest, the finite from the infinite. To reach the sphere of Da'ath is to attain union with the divine.

The Four Planes:

The Sephiroth exists on four planes, known as

ATZILUTH-The world of Emanation
BRIAH-The World of Creation
YETZIRAH-The World of Formation
ASSIAH-The world of Action

All the Sephiroth inhabit two of the planes except MALKUTH, Sphere 10, which is only present in the World of Action.

The Three Highest Spheres, standing alone at the crown on the top of the Middle Pillar.

It is the Sphere of God, the Creator, divine glory, the Light in which the sun is but a pale reflection.

I attritube KETHER with what I refer to as the 'SOURCE', or the ONE, as you will see in my other charts.

The first creative act of God is to seperate the light from the dark. This seperation produces the first pair of opposites: CHOKHMAH and BINAH


These spheres are the original couple, the Father and Mother, of the Universe. I attribute them to when I refer to as 'THE TWO', or once again, the MOTHER and FATHER. They are the first dual entities, which are divided energies of the Source itself.

They are the root of all polarity, positive and negative, male and female, yin and yang. They top the active right and passive let pillars of the tree. Respectively, CHOKHMAH is the active Father of Fathers; BINAH, the Great Mother. The dynamic tension BINAH, God's passive understanding, and CHOKMAH, God's active wisdom, produces the divine spark. This spark, drawn by CHOKHMAH from the divine source of KETHER, is the seen of all life that is recieved by BINAH and, generates all form into the universe.

The Second Triangle of the Tree is a reflection of the Supernatural Triangle


Below CHOKHMAH on the right pillar of the tree is CHESED, the sphere of Love and Mercy. CHESED is the constructive and organization energy that builds the blueprints for all forms that are latent in Binah. In opposition to CHESED, is GEBURAH, on the left pillar. GEBURAH is the sphere of Severity or strength, and imposes the limitations of morality on all created things. Whereas BINAH is the MOther of all forms GEBURAH is the Destroyer. This may seem cruel but these limitations are an inevitable part of the deal. They mean that created forms are finite in the manifest world of Time and Space. This is the principle of change, without which there is stasis. I attribute GEBURAH as MACHIVA, the Broken Throne; and CHESED with COVIN.


Balancing Chesed and Geburah is the TIPHARETH situated below KETHER and DA'ATH on the middle pillar. Meaning beauty, TIPHARETH is the reflection of KETHER. Whereas KETHER represents supreme consciousness, TIPHARETH symbolizes consciousness of consciousness in creation. TIPHARETH is the visible Glory of God made naifest, representing vitality and the will to live. It is the balancing point, the heart of the tree, the heart of Creation, just as the Sun is the heart of the solar system. I strongly attritube TIPHARETH that that which is AKASHA>

The Lower Sephiroth, the lower triangle on the tree, reflects a further organization of the preceding pattern and the base of a single sphere Malkuth.

7. NETZACH and 8.HOD

NETZACH, at the base of the right pillar, is the positive force of attraction and the cohesion in the universe. It is the sphere of animal drives, sensuality, passion, and instictive repsonses. The natural as possosed to the contrived. It's opposite sphere, HOD, frorms the base left of the pillar and it represents duplicity, that results from self-consciousness. It is the sphere of mental faculities, intelligence, reason, considered responses, the artificial, the ambivilant, and the contrived. Hod is the negative force behind flux and change. I attribute NETZACH with THE NAMELESS ONE, and HOD with who is known more recently as STONE


Balnacing the polarity of flux and cohesion is YESOD, the penultimate sephirah on the middle pillar. YESOD rules the constant, ordered cycles of time, as seen in regularly changing phases of the moon. The reproductive cycles of all things on Earth are regulated by the moon, and the tides of the ocean. YESOD is both fuild and precise, ruling the unconscious mind and emotions on one hand and organizating the machinery of the universe on the other. I attribute this to what can be refered to as the Omni Flux. Many years ago, in 2001 before I studied the Kaballah at all, I had a dream about YESOD, being within the tree, and I had visions of the patterns of what it is and how it attributes to the Omni. Only just a few weeks ago I understood the dream completely.


Althought the last sephira, MALKUTH, meaning Kingdom, appears to be a the bottom of the tree, it is actually the top, for the roots of the tree are beyond the vanishing point of KETHER. This tree grows out of the heaven, not of earth. The magical image of MALKUTH is a young woman crowned and thorned. She is both the daughter and bride of God, and in some stories, the Mother of God. But she is exiled in matter, of creation. IN this sense, God himself is exiled from an aspect of himself. His queen, Mother Earth, who has borne his Children, is known as Shekinah.

(((The Shekinah is sometimes called the liberating angel, who Jacob in Genesis refers to as "The Angel that redeemed me from all evil. She is also the Guardian of the Tree of life in the Garden of Eden".

Gersham Scholem, a great scholar of Jewish mysticism, tells us that the Skekinah was seperated from God, her lover, following the fall of Adam and Eve. Only on Friday nights they are reunited before forced apart again. Not until all the original light of creation has returned to it's divine source will the cosmic lovers be permanently reunited. )))

I attribute MELKUTH what that which is physical, the Elements, Earth, the living, and the Council of 12.

Thanks for reading. I'll put up another chart once I get it on the computer, with more comparisons to the Omni.

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