Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Days become black as night Prophecy

Jan, 2002

The days become black as night. Blood flows like win, while pain becomes a distant memory. The skies are tained by unholy light, the evil of mankind.
The fiva shall rise up, give thier blessings to the gods, for all they were, and all that can be, shall rise up, give birth to the balance, and begin anew. When this is done, the five pure sins of man shall take form, walk among us, and slay all that oppose them . Thier minions shall take form as well, from shadows to flesh.
Their evil shall taint the very ground, they walk, the air they breath.
Some as tall as mountains, others as samll as men. All, as deadly as the silent whisps of death himself. When that day comes, all that are not of true soul, shall vanish. For the way is clearn. Humans stand alone. With all that they are, with all that once were.
When the lights of purity of humanity shine brighter than the sun, and flow among those that were, and all those that are, will the great hunters rearise. All wisdom of the ancestors, shall be the same as those that came after them.
All those that know now, what was not known, shall pass that wisdom to thier kin.
All know what is to be done, so that they may win the war.
Both Yin and Yan will be broubght to the point of destruction, and the song of the gods, will bring back all the sanity, and faith, that was lost.
All dissension will vanish , in the purity of light that is the elemental way.
All that was, shall move again.
Time has no meaning, for it again, will be lost, as the pains of many will be lost in the same manner.

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