Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Lifting of the Veil

Many people within the Otherkin community as well as in our own ranks believe in something which we refer to as The Lifting of the Veil or the Falling of the Veil.

Many Otherkin and others believe that there will come a time when the veil begins to thin or disappears entirely. Many theorize that once this happens many will begin to move between realms and those who are Otherkin will be able to transform into their previous or True Forms. (See "Otherkin"). 

While it is true that many of the Omni community believe similar things, there seems to be more to it.

As far as I am concerned, the deal with the Veil begins at the end of the First War of this Cycle of Existence. It is generally agreed upon that most of what existed then was nearly destroyed completely, but that which remained had to be protected from the still growing magical threats and the unstable energy of everything that remained. It can also be noted that many were concerned the wars would happen again. To prevent the possibility of ultimate destruction it was decided that all of existence would be divided further into different realms and dimensions of existence. Some realms were made to overlap each other, existing in the same place and sequence as the others. Others were divided by space and time. Each realm was said to have connections, primarily gateways, but that each realm had a greater connection, but was separated by a veil that was very infrequent, but existed on a very complex rhythym. This was the separation between the worlds. 

But for thousands and thousands of years, it was not all that difficult to cross over to other planes of existence. There were guardians, thousands of guardians that watched the thresholds and make sure the boundaries held and most of what existed within the realms stayed put except under certain times and circumstances. 

We don't seem to remember any great movement of the veil until as late as circle 400 AD. In Britain, during the Saxon wars and shortly after the departure of the Roman Empire, and after that the slow but sure domination of the Catholic Church of Rome. It was decided by the Council of 12 that this realm in particular was under some threat, and that for a time it was unwise to allow humans to roam free between the worlds as often as they had. This of course made a significant effect on this entire realm and the humans within it. It caused the ability to make tangible magic much harder and caused most humans to have to use even more significant crutches to contact other realms and spiritual entities. There is more we would like to learn about the full reasons for this, but we do know that the 'thickening of the veil' was never meant to be permanent. It was decided that the realm would exist in a state of limbo, protection and near isolation until the coming great war and the next great age.

We find this accurate as in the past few years we have seen great evidence that the Veil is not only thinning at great speed, but growing drastically thin in certain locations. It seems to go in great waves and the patterns of the energy of the Veil itself change every several months. It has been predicted several times when the veil will be nearly gone or entirely gone, but each of those predictions seem to so far only be a great leap in it's change. It is impossible to say when we will be able to easily bridge into other worlds, especially since many fearful mystics in this world seem to be worried about it's progression and attempt in great numbers to stop it entirely, feeling it unnatural. There are those from the Light and those from the Dark, who seem to be interfering by creating bindings to keep us locked in, and others to 'protect us' from whatever lurks on the other side.  There is also some concern with Omni and others alike that the Veil is dropping to quickly and will lead to disastrous ends. All in all, I feel it is inevitable that it will continue to fall and the world will be very different when it finally reaches it's completion.

The progression of the Veil since 2005:

The beginning of 2005: The veil is as I saw it my whole life. Constant, gray and translucent, moving left 180 degrees, and right 180 degrees. They looked like pinwheels. I normally only noticed it when there is a very white or gray background in the distance(snow, white sky, etc)

In late 2005, the pinwheels became more defined and it began to change shape over the next year in to 2006, and grow thicker and thinner over the year. This continues to happen for many years in various ways.

In 2006 I began to see a sort of  extra dark veil over the original veil.

In 2007 the pinwheels became much more like a whirlpool, as if something was sucking something in or out, it is hard to say. For two years it was difficult to see at all, especially the pinwheels changing shape so much, but they became much thinner.

In 2009 the dark veil thickened. The pinwheels began showing up more. I began to see sparkles in the sky, especially early in the morning.

In 2011 the pinwheels and the whirlpool seemed to combine together...seems more balanced somehow. The dark veil thinned, and rose again later. 

In 2012, the pinwheel/whirlpool no longer look translucent gray, but RAINBOW colored. Very difficult to see most of the time, but when I could, it was beautiful. We participated in many rituals in 2011 and 2012 to stop the false veil and encourage the veil to continue thinning, and it seemed to work pretty well, for a while.

In May of 2013, the Rainbow color has appeared to turn almost black to me. I haven't been able to check any locations besides in Iowa. I am about to go on the road again soon, so I hope to update you all soon. One more disturbing thing about it, is it seems much thicker, both the natural veil and the unnatural, are so visible to me, that I don't require a white or gray background. I see it against the bluest of skies, the blackest of night, and it's almost as if it is 'closer' to my face. 


  1. What you've said mirrors what I've heard from countless other forums, blogs, and discussion boards. It is certain that we're all feeling a sense of a great event coming. Great not only describing the good but also the bad that will come with this drastic change.

    Personally I have never felt at home. My entire life I've felt as if home was somewhere else. To this day I still get grief because I want to go home, hell I'm sitting in my own couch in my house that I own but I can't call it home. It's not because it's on land owned by the U.S. government or that if I default on my payments it could get repossessed, it's the fact that no matter where I go in this world I will never feel a sense of 'at home'.

    This drastic change though, I cannot say that it will give us back our true forms and take us back home. From what I've seen in my life such a transformation/transportation would lead to a certain death if it were even feasible by physics standards. I pray to the gods (yes I am polytheistic) that it happens. To fly upon my own wings would bring me joy and happiness that I have never felt. I cannot allow myself to expect it though.

    I will continue on living life as I have, doing the best I can with what I've got. I have a degree, I'm a soldier in the U.S. Army, and I am only 20 years old. If the veil lifts and all this good stuff happens that's great, sure all this work would be for nothing but it kept me busy and at least I had something to shoot for. If it never happens then well I at least didn't go around expecting it to happen and start distancing myself from all my family and friends so they wouldn't have to deal with the grief of my suddenly disappearing.

    If you or anybody else would like to talk more I can be found on silverdragonbreath.com under the user-name Galadreyil. There you will find more about myself, a very pleasant and intelligent group of otherkin, and a place to discuss more in depth on theories about the veil, otherkinism, and many more topics.

  2. I don't hope for transformation into past forms. I'm of the firm belief that the past is the past, and to fully merge the otherworld with this world, making them one? isn't quite what the lifting of the veil is about, more as lifting the veil from our eyes and senses and giving us a more intimit touch with the other planes of existance. While my current physical body feels out of touch with itself sometimes, that's the whole point, isn't it? We're all, not only ascending our souls, but the evolution of this physical human race.

  3. Is this blog still active? I would appreciate your assistance on the latest project of mine.

  4. Is this blog still active? I would appreciate your assistance towards my latest project.


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