Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Magan Texts

Magan Text Inert:

The Incantation of the Primal Power
The Mountain of KUR, the Serpent God
The Mountain MASHU, that of Magick
The Dead KUTULU, Dead but Dreaming
TIAMAT Dead but Dreaming
ABSU, KINGU, Dead but dreaming
And shall thier generation come again?

From a Time beyond Time
From a Land beyond the Stars
From an Age when ANU walked the earth
In company of Bright Angels
We have survived the First War
Between the Powers of the Gods
And have seen the wrath of the Ancient Ones
Dark Angels
Vent upon the Earth
We have survived the Age when ABSU ruled the Earth
And the Power destroyed out generations
We have survived on tops of mountains
And beneath the feet of mountains
And have spoken with the Scorpions
In allegiance and were betrayed
And TIAMAT has promised us nevermore to attack
With water and with wind
BUt the Gods are forgetful
Beaneath the Seas of NAR MATTARU
Beneath the World lays sleeping
The God of Anger, Dead but Dreaming!
THe god of Cuthalu, Dead but Dreaming!
The Lord of KUR, calm but thunderous!
The One-Eyes Sword,cold but burning!

He who awakens Him calls the ancient Vegenance of the Elder Ones
The Seven Glourious Gods
of the Seven Glourious Cities
Upon himself and upon the World

Know that our years are the years of War
And our days are measured with battles
And every hour is a Life
Lost to the Outside
Those from Without
Have builded up charnel houses
To nourish the fiends of TIAMAT
And the Blood of the weakest here
Is libation unto TIAMAT

Queen of the Ghouls
Wrecker of Pain
And to invoke her
The Red Water of Life
Need be split on a stone
The stone struck with a sword
That hath slain eleven men
Sacrifices to HUBUR
So that the Strike ringeth out
And call TIAMAT from Her Slumber
From her sleep in the Caverns
of the Earth

And none may dare entreat further
For to invoke Death is to utter
The final prayer
-Original author unknown, translated by Simon

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