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Art Bell's Live Interview with Hopi Elders

This is very long, but WORTH the read!

Courtesy of Lucid...thank-you for showing me this.

Art Bell's Live Interview with Hopi Elders
June 15th and 16th, 1998

GF1 = Grandfather 1
GF2 = Grandfather 2
GM = Grandmother
GW = Robert Ghost Wolf
AB = Art Bell

AB: Good morning, everybody.

I'm Art Bell and if we get our phones hooked up right, and we've just had a disconnect problem, we are going to, in this half hour, have two Hopi Elders on the program.

We've never tried this before.

Unfortunately, we just got a disconnect and we're getting a busy signal trying to get back through.

So, bear with us.

We will have all this connected shortly.

We DO have Robert Ghost Wolf on the line from, I believe, one of the Dakotas.

We'll find out about that in a moment and he'll give us kind of a preamble to what'sgoing to happen.

(lucky you. you're missing the commercials)

AB: Here we go.

This has never been tried on national radiobefore, so anything may happen here, folks.

I have no idea.

First, we are going to go to Robert Ghost Wolf, who is out somewhere in the Dakotas.

Where ARE you, Robert?

GW: I'm in the Black Hills.

AB: Black Hills. Of North Dakota?

GW: South Dakota. I'm here with the family. It's Pow-Wow time. We're just all here together, and I'm going to be talking to some other Elders up here, possibly, about getting together with us.

AB: Would you explain to us?..uh, we are about to hear two Hopi Elders. We are not going to give their real names on the air. We are going to call them "Grandfather 1", "Grandfather 2", and "Grandmother Hopi." Why are we doing this?

GW: There has already been a lot of controversy about these Elders stepping out and speaking like this, to the world, and they have had some threats made against them already, so we are taking precautions to make sure that they're safe. I hope the people can understand this. And, I also hope that people understand that these people are not professional speakers or lecturers. We're going to do the best we can to make this run smoothly, as soon as we get the phone lines hooked up again.

AB: All right. I think we ARE hooked up. Anyway, that is the explanation. There HAVE been threats.

GW: It's very dangerous for something like this to happen and it's very unusual for Elders to come out and speak like this. The thing is, we've hit a point, in our progression through thesechanges, where it's important to get the news out. It's important for the children of the world. It's important for all of us to hear what they have been trying to say, now, for many, many years.

AB: All right. Let's see if we can get the hook-up going here. I believe we're going to Phoenix, Arizona and let's see if we have Grandfather 2 on the line with us. Hello?

GF2: Hello. How!

AB: Yes, hello there.

GF2: Hi!

AB: I hear you just fine.

GF2: Ok.

AB: Thank you for coming on the air tonight. You are going to give us information, Grandfather 2, and also translate for us?..is that correct?

GF2: Yes.

AB: Ok. I think that my first question?..if I mayask the first question?..and Robert, you're welcome to ask one any time you'd like. I would like to ask Grandfather 1 why he has come forward in public at this time?

GF2: {Asks GF1 in Hopi language, then translates.}

GF1: {Answers in Hopi language.} It is our time to bring forth the message into the world. It has been taught to us by our Elders, from way back. That is why I have chosen to step forward and bring out the message today. There are people out there who are leading two lives?..who are there to stop us from putting forth the message, but it is
the Elders, that taught us the wisdom, that are telling us to do this now for you and the rest of the world.

AB: With regard to what may be changing, Earth changes, is the time now very short?

GF2: {Asks, then translates.} It is time for the end times here, that was prophesized and through the dreams that were given to us also. Through those dreams, we are learning that we are getting very close to the end times.

AB: Might we ask how old Grandfather 1 is? His age?

GF2: {Asks?} Seventy-five. 75 years old.

AB: 75 years old. And, how old are the prophecies that we are talking about now?

GF2: {Asks?} He doesn't know exactly what the age of these teachings are. He says they were given to them before Christ. It is mainly by word of mouth that it has been handed down.

AB: How does Grandfather feel about the accuracy of the word that has been handed down? Many people
dispute the Bible and whether or not IT is accurate. With regard to Hopi prophecy, how does HE feel about the accuracy of the prophecy?

GF2: {Asks?} From the time when (?) was the chief, he had been carrying this message. But mainly the message had been carried forth by word of mouth. The accuracy had to deal with how well each individual that was given the opportunity to maintain the exactness of the prophecies. They were all given this prophecy, so they all had to
meet at least once or twice a year, in the Kivas, where they would actually sit down and go back
through that. One person would talk about the prophecies, and if he ever so much as added something to it or left something out, then the rest of the group would know that part of the prophecies was missing. So, they would tell him, "Well, you didn't say this one here," or "You added this to it." So, that is how this was kept alive through word of mouth and everyone had to remember just what those prophecies were about.

AB: Is Grandfather, or are you and others now having many dreams indicating that indeed these are the end times beginning to unfold?

GF2: {Asks?} Yes, I have dreamed about these things and that's how a lot of them are coming about and they are true.

AB: Uh, Robert? Help me out here?

GW: He would probably be willing to share any of his visions of what he see coming in the immediate future.

GF2: I can't hear you, Robert.

AB: Ok, the question is, would Grandfather care to share any specific details of the dreams that he has had about what may be coming soon?

GF2: {Asks?} It wasn't exactly through the dreams. The dreams were part of the teachings that he knows and having to understand the exactness of the prophecies themselves. He had to go out and do a lot of prayers. And then, he would go and do this and was doing this for a whole year. Within a year's time, he had kind of lost interest in the giving of the prophecies to him, because he hadn't received anything. So, he decided to quit for awhile. Finally, within a few months, he decided to go back to his prayers and he would go out and pray. Within four year's time, he started receiving a lot of information. So, that is how most of his information was received?..through asking?..prayer.

AB: Could we please ask why he has decided to share it with the rest of the world? This is something that has not been done before, so why has he decided to share this with us?

GF2: {Asks?} Through the Elder's teachings and wishes. The Elders wanted to let this become public at a time when we were close to the end times. So, he had decided to take this upon himself to let go of these things, in hopes that
there would be a number of people that would understand and realize what is going on and start praying. We ARE very close to it and we are, right now, going through hard times. He wants to set some people aside?..their lives?..so that some lives may be spared.

AB: That was going to be my next question, Grandfather, and that is, if you would ask Grandfather 1 whether prayer, whether becoming spiritual of nature, can or will change any of what is coming?

GF2: {Asks?} It's not a matter of quick change. If you wanted to change now and change your life around and do your prayers, it will help a little in the alleviation of much terrible outcome from the cataclysms. There is a lot in store for all of us and the intensity of this will be a lot less if we can all settle down and behave and not be in the way of the actions we have right now?..like we are all being corrupt. That has to be taken care of. We have to keep ourselves from being corrupted by anything from the outside.

AB: All right. We are going to stop for a moment, now, so everybody relax. Thank you very much. It is a great honor, indeed, to have Grandfathers 1 and 2 with us, and Robert Ghost Wolf in the Black Hills. We're talking about Hopi prophecy, and when we come back, we'll try to press for some details as best we can. I'm Art Bell. This is "Coast-to-Coast AM."

AB: What you're hearing, now, as far as I know, has never been done on national radio, before. So, listen very carefully. Let's go back to the Black Hills and see if Robert Ghost Wolf is still here. Are you there, Robert?

GW: We're still here.

AB: Okay, good and back to Phoenix, Arizona and Grandfather One and Two. Grandfather Two, are you there?

G2: Yes.

AB: What we would like to do, if it's possible, is to ask Grandfather One if he can give us any details of what is going to happen, here on Earth, with this prophecy. What is coming? Any specific details at all?

Grandfathers One and Two talk back and forth in the Hopi Tongue.

G2: Actually, there are a few that he thinks are important things that will be coming up pretty
shortly. There's one thing for sure that we are going to come upon is that World War III is....it
will take place....and starvation is definitely a part of this thing, where we will hit starvation.
The weather change, itself, it's erratic, right now, and it's not what it should be. This weather
climate, itself, it's actually taking care of the crops already in a way that we're losing it.
That's part of...you know.....leading us into starvation because the crops will not produce.

GW: Do they know that you were just able to plant the corn up in Hopi land? Just a few days ago, like a week or so ago because of the weather?

G2: Yes. People have just started to do those things and it comes up but the winds are drying
them up and the weather has been erratic, like I said, and it's been very cold. It's been...you know, actually....they get frost bitten. It's kind of like a frost bitten effect on it that it burns it up.

AB: Yes. Yes, we are having the same thing here in Nevada. A kind of a frost bite. You are exactly right. We are having the same thing, here, with the things that we have planted in the ground, in Nevada. As though they were frost bitten but, I think, affected by the winds, as well.

G2: Yes.

AB: Now, these are three things: weather change, mass starvation and the third world war. Would you please ask Grandfather if the weather changes are the beginning of these changes.....if what we have seen now, with the weather, is the beginning and, of course, we're going to want to ask how soon these other changes, he thinks, will happen.

Grandfathers One and Two talk back and forth in the Hopi Tongue.

G2: Yes, these are the signs of, you know, the changes and that also part of it is, you know, right now we're having problems with crickets which is a part of these prophecies where they would come in hoards and they will destroy the crops, also, and that is happening, also.

GW: You're having that in Nevada, aren't you?

AB: Yes, we are. In Southern Nevada we are having that and, apparently, throughout large portions
of the Southwest we are having that.....yes, indeed. So then, these weather changes are the beginning?

G2: Yes.

AB: When does Grandfather think the very serious parts of the prophecies, another world war and mass starvation......when will these begin to manifest? How far away from these are we?

Grandfathers One and Two talk back and forth in the Hopi Tongue.

G2: Well, it's been said that there is no exact time and date for these things.....events....to take place but the year 2000 is a ......I would say.....that is a close approximation of the time that all of this will start to take place. The
teaching from the Elders was that they talked about that everything will happen at once but, when they say these things, they put it in a form that, you know, they say it's going to all happen at once but it's not exactness of happening at once. It will happen but they will, you know, fall pretty much short from the other, following , it's like a domino effect. This is, you know, when one thing happens then the other will fall into place. But, you know, it will be in a short time from one another so this is what Grandfather was talking about.

GW: Are we talking within the next two years?

Bell: Well, he seemed to say....by the year 2000. I guess this would be a first question....ifthere is a way to phrase this. Is the weather change, that we now have, the first domino?

Grandfathers One and Two talk back and forth in the Hopi Tongue.

G2: It's been known that this had happened a long time ago but, in our prior world, it happened before, you know, the same things that we had gone through. The teachings were that we were not supposed to follow in the same pattern and try to keep ourselves from going astray from our teachings. These weather patterns that we talked
about and cataclysms that take place, are not really set in order....in a fashion that any person could say that, 'Okay, the winds are going to do it this year and the next year will be fires and the following year will be earthquakes,
you know.' Also, he's saying that it's not exactly his words that that is the way that it will take place but he knows that these are signs out there. Anyone can see that, that it is taking place and it's only going to get bigger.

AB: Grandfather said 'other worlds' or 'other civilizations' and that this has happened before. Now, did Grandfather mean by that that men have walked on the Earth before and that great catastrophes...like the one we are now talking about.....came and wiped them out and man started again. Is that what Grandfather meant?

G2: Yes.

Bell: Oh.

GW: I have a question, if I may?

Bell: You may.

GW: There's a lot of talk, out now, and a lot of theories and a lot of prophecies about these changes having dramatic effects on the configurations of the land masses.....that they will be tremendous, cataclysmic changes. Does Grandfather.....do the Hopis see this as happening in that manner? Will there be very dramatic Earth changes and will cause the face of the Earth, as we know it, to change dramatically?

Grandfathers One and Two talk back and forth in the Hopi tongue.

G2: Ah, yes. The Earth changes will take place in such a way, you know, that this whole planet, here, will become a different type of planet because of the changes in itself. It has happened before, as we mentioned earlier, that it did happen before that they went through these changes and they was taught they we weren't supposed to go back to the same routine that we had gone through in the past life. That was the corruption that we were going through....what we're going through, today. There is so much corruption, out there. These were the things that led us to these things and even animals, insects, all of these things will all turn around on us and, you know, they're going to lead us to the same things again.

GW: So, we're repeating history.

G2: Yes. Even though it can be your own pet, it can turn against you.

AB: The animals will turn against us. Already, I have talked to many experts.....animal experts....who are saying that animal attacks, all across North America, are increasing many, many fold. So, this could be the beginning of that.

G2: Yes.

Bell: Alright, we are close to another break but I would like to ask Grandfather if there will be any difference in the way the people in the cities.....the great cities of America and the World....Los Angeles, New York, Chicago.....will
feel these changes and the people in remote areas like New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada and the Dakota where Robert is now? Will there be a big difference?

G2: In the changes?

AB: Yes.

Grandfathers One and Two talk back and forth in the Hopi Tongue.

AB: Alright, I must break in here, Grandfather. We must take a break, now. When we come back, we will look for the answer to that question. Alright?

G2: Okay.

AB: Good morning. I am Art Bell, and if you're joining us at this hour, we're involved in the middle of something unprecedented on national talk radio, no question about that. In the Black Hills of South Dakota, we have Robert Ghost Wolf. In the area of Phoenix, Arizona, we have Grandfather 1 and Grandfather 2. These are two Hopi Elders, and we are asking questions about Earth changes. Thus far, we have determined that they are close, that the weather-pattern changes are part of it, that the weather is due to change a great deal more, that there will be starvation and World War III. This is Hopi prophecy that you're listening to everybody and in addition to that, we've asked about the cities and thecountry, and massive Earth changes. In other words, changes of continental locations, and that would also appear to be in the offing. We are going to continue to ask questions for as long as we're able. I am Art Bell and this is "Coast-to-Coast AM," so stand by.


AB: My website is down, so if you're trying to get in it will be futile until we get this squared away. First, back to Robert Ghost Wolf in the Black Hills of South Dakota. For those who have just joined, we are not using names other
than Grandfather 1 and Grandfather 2, two Hopi Elders from the Hopi Sinom. The reason we're not using names, again, uh Robert?..please.

GW: There have been many threats to these Elders, who are having the courage to come out and speak these prophecies to the world, for various reasons. We are trying to keep them and their families safe, and also keep them from being inundated by harassment from people who feel, perhaps, that these messages should not be shared
with everyone in the world, which is not their opinion. This is why they are here now talking to us. I just got news that OUR website is down.

AB: YOUR website is down, too.

GW: If people want to get more information about these prophecies, I have a number that they can call to get the books that have at least 200 of these prophecies in them. That's 1-800-905-8367. There are operators standing by right now, because of what happened to the website. OR they can call the Wolf Lodge office in Washington State at 1-509-465-1606.

AB: That's 1-509-465-1606. It's odd that your site and my site are both down. I think it's traffic-related. All right, now back to Phoenix, Arizona. Grandfather 1, the question was, all of these changes including a world war?..uh, will
there be a different effect in the cities than there is in the country?

GF2: A different effect in the cities?

AB: Yes. In other words, will there be more trouble in the cities?..in America's large cities or the world's large cities?..with these changes?

GF2: {Asks GF1?} Yes, in the big cities, it will effect a lot. You know, how much corruption there will be within the cities. Also, the people themselves have to be aware of all of these things that will take place, so they must change,
too. But, he's not asking anyone to follow him in the way he put himself on the path he is on. He
is not asking anyone to follow him in that. It is
up to the individual to make that decision for
him/herself as to which direction they want to
go. When you make that choice for yourself, what
you want to do with your life, you don't blame
anybody else for your own actions, for what you
do. If something happens to you along the way,
then you are not going to say that you were
forced into it. These are the things that he had
looked into also. That's why he's saying that
he's not asking anyone to follow him in the way
he's leading himself. He's only giving out advice
that this is what they should do. They should
start changing themselves and going back to the
old ways of living simple lives, of taking care
of themselves from the land that is available to
them, and from the food that they grow. These are
the things that will help you along the way when
you come to your hard times. So, the people must
make these decisions for themselves.

AB: All right. There are many that I have
interviewed, many others who see the future, who
say that our Sun is beginning to change and that
it is causing some of these changes here on
Earth. Does Grandfather know anything about that?

GF2: {Asks?} From these teachings that were given
to him, he has understood that the solar axis
itself, of the Sun, is going to change. The
places that normally have cold weather will have
hot weather. You know, the weather itself is
going to get even worse. The temperatures are
going to rise even higher, and that will burn up
the crops and dry up the Earth, so nothing will
be able to grow. It is true that the Sun itself
is being affected by this also.

AB: In farmer's fields around the world, in many,
many places in the world,?..as a matter of fact
even tonight, for the first time ever in the
state of Virginia, there is a very complex crop
circle. These are strange formations in farmer's
crops. Does Grandfather know anything about what
these may be, and why they happen?

GF2: {Asks?} He has heard about these. He has
seen pictures of the crop circles that have been
out there. These are, in his own mind, teachings
also, and they're telling us what is becoming of
our time and where it is leading us. He has had a
chance to look at a few of them, and he does
understand what they're trying to put
through?..the message in the circle itself. It is
telling us that we are very close to it and what
we need to do in order to get ourselves back on
track, and the other end of it?..when he says,
the other end of it, where you get to see all the
things happen and live again?..for a new life to

AB: Ok. Uh, then this is a good question. We have
many strange machines that fly in our sky that we
call UFOs. What do the Hopi have to say regarding
these kinds of things, that have been seen to fly
in the sky, what the Hopi may have called, "Star
Brothers who have come from the heavens?"

GF2: {Asks?} I'd like to add a little to what he
just said. This is referring to the question
prior to this one. I didn't finish it out. He
said that the crop circles were put there by
outside, like the UFO people, but he's not sure
just who put those crop circles there. But, to
get back to the question that is the last one
here, the teachings from the Elders, he said, yes
they know about the possibilities of other life
forms on other planets. The "Old Ones," the old
people, the "Old Ones" way back had the knowledge
and know-how of getting around, and they have
traveled to other planets before and they know
how it is out there, if there is life on other
planets and they DO know that there is life on
other planets and what planets are not liveable.
But, they don't know the exactness of how they
will be helping us out or they will be going
against us. They just know that when we are
getting close to the end times, we will be
visited by people from out there, and we're not
aware whether they're going to help us or go
against us. We do know that they have high
technology to see what is going on.

AB: We have exactly the same problem. We're
trying to understand the nature of who these
beings are. All right, we are at the bottom of
the hour, so everybody can relax for a few
moments. We are being honored with the presence
of two Hopi Elders, Grandfather 1 who is speaking
Hopi and Grandfather 2 who is translating for us.
They're in the Phoenix, Arizona area. In the
Black Hills of South Dakota, we have Robert Ghost
Wolf and we are discussing the details?..specific
details?..of Hopi prophecy, something many did
not want done on national radio or national
anything. I'm Art Bell and this is
"Coast-to-Coast AM."

AB: Alright, back now to my guests, Robert Ghost
Wolf in the Black Hills and Grandfather One and
Two, in Phoenix, Arizona. Here is, I guess, a
hard question but one that I should ask. I
understand that Native Elders speak about
prophecy through the tradition of story telling
and I guess there are stories that relate to
something called the 'Purifier'. Is there some
way that Grandfather could explain to us a story
about what the 'Purifier' is and, perhaps, a
little bit of the story. Is that on okay

Grandfathers One and Two talk back and forth in
the Hopi Tongue.

G2: The story about that is that we do know that
we did have a brother who was set out and he is
out there and with that brother and, from the
Society of the One Horned Clan, they made a pact
that....from the One Horned Clan and the Society
and the brother had make like a.....it's a law
that the purifying time would come. This was
already done, it was like it had been already
organized and it was, you know, established.

GW: Like a contract.

G2: The stories that there will be come a time
that whoever is going to come and, you know, to
purify the people.....I'm having a hard time,

AB: I understand. It is hard to translate this.

G2: Ya.

GW: Sometimes there are not words that translate
to English.

AB: I understand. Maybe I could ask this. What is
the 'Purifier'? Is the 'Purifier', is it the
Hopi Prophecy or is the 'Purifier' something
specific? Is it a comet or is it something from
the heavens or how may we know what the
'Purifier' is?

Grandfathers One and Two talk back and forth in
the Hopi Tongue.

G2: The 'Purifier' is mentioned is the other
brother that was sent forth, out to the East, and
this was the teaching that he had.....that he was
sent of to the East and he would reach the point
of origin where the Sun would come out from. When
he reached that place, then he would touch his
head to the Earth and he would return back to us.
When this, you know, time comes that's the end
of....the end times....time for a purification
time when he will return back. He is the one that
has the....in a way, you know....the weapons or
the artillery and he is the Big Brother so he
would know what to do and how he would help us
and how we would go about in having to make us
understand. His job is to make us understand and
try to get ourselves to behave in the way that
we're supposed to and, if we don't, then the one
from the West will come and they are the ones
that are going to come with much force. He, the
'Purifier', the one that went to the East, is
supposed to be big enough to take on the ones
that are coming from the West. That is going to
become like the Third World War.

AB: Third World War, is the 'Purifier'. Alright,
he has talked much....Grandfather has talked much
about corruption. In our cities and in our small
towns.....and I do not know about your
reservations.....but in our cities and small
towns, we have, now, many, many stories of
children going to school and shooting other
children and teachers and their parents. Things
that we cannot seem to understand, at all. Does
Grandfather have any idea why these things seem
to be happening in our society?

GW: We also might want to see if Grandmother
might like to speak on this subject.

Grandfathers One and Two talk back and forth in
the Hopi Tongue.

G2: You know, in the cities itself, what's going
on.....what you mentioned.....yes, these are part
of the teachings and the prophesies that, when we
get to these end times, you know, we're all going
to start going corrupt. Even, you know, the
children because they don't really believe in
anything, even what we're trying to teach them
and what we try to talk to them about. You know,
they look at you but they have a different
opinion about these things and they don't believe
that. It's hard to try to teach the young ones
and even grown-ups, even adults, are in the same
situation. It's not just the children who are in
this kind of situation, right now, it's even the
adults who are in that kind of situation and, you
know, there's a lot of corruption in this way,
but we do know that these things would start to
take place in the school systems and all over
where even young children would start to take
lives, like that, because it is just a corruption
of the mind from the way things are going, right

Grandfather One speaks to Grandfather Two.

G2: Even the children will go against their own
parents. These are the things that have been
taught. They're all going to start turning
against their own parents and that's what's
happening, that's what you're seeing out there.

AB: Yes, we are. Grandfather talked about
corruption. Is it reasonable to ask this? Could
this be happening to us, also, because we have
reached a fantastic level of technology and have
changed from spiritual to materialistic human
beings, where our technological knowledge exceeds
our spiritual wisdom? Can you translate that?

Grandfathers One and Two talk back and forth in
the Hopi Tongue.

G2: Yes. He feels that, that is happening, there,
that we're misleading ourselves from that, from
the material side of it and walking away from the
spiritual sense of it.

AB: Has this, also, occurred with the Hopi
Nation? It is occurring, of course, in this
country....in the cities....in the small
towns.....this move to materialism, but has it
also been occurring within the Hopi Nation?

G2: Yes, it is happening there, too. Yes.

AB: Do Grandfather's people believe that it is
worthwhile stockpiling food and water or are
these changes going to be so big that is simply,
really doesn't make much difference, one way or
the other?

Grandfathers One and Two talk back and forth in
the Hopi Tongue.

G2: Ya, he does know that it is known that we
should, you know, stockpile our goods....our dry
goods.....and it's been taught from long
time.....way back. That's why we should never
forget, you know, about farming and how to take
care of ourselves because you never know when it
will hit and that's why they teach us these
things, as young. Also, to answer the end part of
your question, it is worth doing that. When the
time comes, it may not be, you know, such a good
idea to do that but it's worth trying to do
something like that because they say that, you
know, the time in their limitation is at least a
month to two months that we will be without food
and water so we need to store away as much as we
can for that amount of time. We have different
clans who are supposed to take care of these
situations. About the food items and things like
that, there are certain clans that do have that
power and authority over that but the majority of
the people, out home, they have walked away from
their teachings and they've walked away from
their spiritual side of it. They've forgotten
that and.....I guess I could say that they really
haven't forgotten it but they've just ignored it
and now they will have to suffer the

AB: Alright, I think that we probably don't have
time for another translated question before the
top of the hour so, hold on in Phoenix. We're
very honored to have you with us. Robert, is
there anything that you can think of that we
should be asking when we come back?

GW: I would suggest that we ask Grandmother if
she would like to speak on some of these matters.

AB: Alright.

GW: I think that would be a good thing and,
perhaps, we could ask her again about the
children or what we can do for our children and
then possibly go into what is meant by the
emergence of the 5th World and what we're going

AB: And, also, I guess we might endeavor to ask
whether Hopi Prophecy tells us anything about
what is going to happen after the Purification,
after the changes.

GW: What will life be like, then?

AB: That's right, so that is exactly what we'll
do. Alright, everybody, I'm Art Bell and I don't
think this has every been done before and we're
trying to do it, tonight. You are listening to
two Hopi Elders from the Sinom, in Arizona.
You're listening to Robert Ghost Wolf who is in
the Black Hills of South Dakota. I'm Art Bell, in

AB: Alright, back now to Robert Ghost Wolf in
South Dakota, in the Black Hills. Robert, are you

GW: Yes, I'm here.

AB: Alright, you suggested that we speak with
Grandmother about the problem with the children.
So, let us do exactly that and ask Grandmother,
if she is there, the same question. We have so
many children, now, that seem to be turning
against their parents....turning against their
teachers.....and turning against other children,
in fact, killing them. Some people have looked at
our children and said that they seem like human
beings with no soul.....with no spirit....within
them. What is happening to us?

GM: Okay, I'll try my best. Well, nobody teach
the children, anymore, about the spiritual
pathway so they're turning against one another.
The mothers are so busy working, you know, they
teach their children at home so they're being
left out and they no longer get than love from a
mother like they're supposed to. It's really sad
to see what is going on out there.

AB: Do you also believe, as we have heard from
Grandfather One, that Hopi Prophecy is now
telling us that the end times are very, very

GM: Yes, uh huh. Yes, that is true.

AB: Robert, anything?

GW: Grandmother, what words can we share with
some of the mothers that are out there watching
these conditions? There are so many mothers who
seem to wonder what they can do and how they can
help their children. Do you have any words that
you can share with these mothers?

GM: Well, praying....first is praying.....and to
go through that path with the Creator. We have
forgotten how to walk that path so they need to
get on that path to survive.

AB: Okay, that seems quite clear to me. Alright,
then, Grandmother, thank you very, very much.
Thank you for coming on.

GM: Uh huh.

AB: And I think, now, that we need to go back to
Grandfather because I want to ask the
Grandfather....he has talked to us much about
what is the prophecy of what is coming and coming
very soon. So, it is a very important question,
I believe, to pose and the question is.....after
the purification, after the purifying, after the
changes, after the war.....what will the world be

Grandfather One and Grandfather Two converse in
the Hopi Tongue.

G2: Well, the outcome of this, after that
purifying time, the lifestyle will change....more
or less. Those people or those ones that have
been working, you know, with the evil or and the
dark side are going to be eliminated. Only those
that are walking on the one path and believing in
that one and with a good heart, those are the
ones that are going to continue this and there
will be some....what you would say....there might
be some people who have the minds that are like
the scientists that can develop things. Right
now we are not supposed to be taking the minerals
out of the Earth for any reason at all, you know.
Only certain minerals but only for the amount
that you need, that's what was taught. But other
than that, we're not supposed to reap the Earth,
you know, and tear it up like that...what we're
doing now. Like intermarriage, it's not supposed
to be done. Only after purification time will
intermarriage be possible, you know, that we can
start to marry other people.....other walks. This
is, you know, when the people will come together
after purification time and all walks, that have
been spared, will come together and one language
will be spoken. There will be one law and it has
been taught to say that, you know, some people
say that it's gonna be their language or it's
going to be the Hopi language that's going to be
spoken but this is, you know, something that is
not very known as to what language will be spoken
but there will be one language that will be
spoken. Togetherness is what will come about
where we're going to come back to what was once
before. What Adam and Eve came upon was, you
know, was the Garden of Eden where everything
will be flourishing, even, you know, the flowers
and the vegetation. Everything will be back to
normal but from thenceforth we are allowed to do
these things and we can take the minerals out of
the Earth, to use for a purpose, and not to
really destroy it, though.

Grandfather One comments

G2: And all the....he mentioned, also, which I
forgot to mention......was the altars and the
shrines, of the different societies, will be
eliminated and all those will be, you know, have
to be put away because they will no longer have
power and authority over anything so these will
be eliminated.

AB: Will there be a single power or a single
authority or a single law or will everybody
simply understand, inside themselves, that we are
now one? There are many who talk, in our world,
about a single world government.....a single
world ruler. Is that what Grandfather is speaking

G2: Yes, but not in the fashion that we
understand it, now......what they're talking
about....the New World Order. See, that's more or
less in a dictatorial form but this is done in a
way, you know, where freedom is an essence.

AB: Alright. Grandfather spoke about World War
III. I would like to be clear about this. Does he
see men killing men.....humans killing
humans.....or does he just see explosions and
fire? Is that what he calls World War III?

Grandfathers One and Two talk back and forth in
the Hopi Tongue.

G2: What you had mentioned about which one is,
you know, the one that's going to be...he said
that the taking of lives, you know, this is what
will take place because it will be like an
elimination of good from the bad. He mentioned
about Hitler, you know, that Hitler had done a
lot....done away with a lot of people, too, and
when that took place, he said that many of the
people were....many of the Hopi had realized this
and they were glad that this took place because
it was a teaching that took place. It was trying
to teach the people that this is what is going to
happen, see, so look at this as more or less as a
warning that this will take place, again.

AB: A warning of a Holocaust.

G2: Yes. So, there will be lives lost. A lot of
lives will be lost.

AB: Does Grandfather understand how some lives
will be saved while other lives will be spared
with so much fire and war? I guess the question
is, will it be like an Anti-Christ which some
people think will arise, soon....in our world, an
Anti-Christ. I don't know if the Hopi have any
similar prophecy regarding one who will come,
like Hitler, again.

Grandfathers One and Two converse in the Hopi

AB: Grandfather, I'm sorry, I must interrupt.
Please apologize for me. We are on a break, now.
If he could finish the answer and we will get the
answer when we come back. Would that be alright?

G2: Okay.

AB: Okay, thank you. Breaking right here. This is
Coast to Coast with Art Bell.

AB: Alright, we are back now with our guests and
we had asked a question about the
'Purifier'....about what we call the Anti-Christ
and whether the Hopi have or understand there to
be such a being, coming. Do you have that answer,
now, Grandfather Two?

G2: Yes. He mentioned that, yes, the Anti-Christ,
that there is, you know, that he is coming again
but there have been a lot of people that have
walked away from that.....from the teachings and
walked away from their spiritual path. They went
and decided to do something else, you know,
rather than having to walk that and he will come
in again and he is the one that is going to set
us straight, again, on this thing here.

Grandfather One speaks to Grandfather Two in Hopi.

G2: The teachings are that the Creator, itself,
what we talked about....the Christ....it's the
same thing. What life that we're supposed to
lead, we've strayed away from it what he....we
told him that we would follow him in the same way
and, if we walk away from these teachings then,
he was the one that was living that and walking
that. Then he gave us a choice to do that, also,
and if we disregard everything that was taught to
us and we walked away from it. He will come back
in and step in and take it over again back for
himself because he had mentioned that he was the
first and he will be the last. So, this is what
will happen.

AB: Alright, I have a question. People are
sending me faxes and this is a fax I have
received. "Given that we are in the end times,
and that there will be much turmoil, violence,
death and destruction....is there anything that
we, the living, can do to prepare our souls for
the long, long path that we will all walk down
after our physical lives end?"

Grandfathers One and Two confer in the Hopi language.

G2: Ya, our teachings that we given to us, we've
strayed away from it and how we are supposed to,
you know, alleviate a lot of some of these things
and it's going to be too late for us to try to
turn around and walk that spiritual path because
we are taught that we are supposed to be on that
path from way back. We should have been changing
ourselves quite a number of years back because it
doesn't take over night for a person to
change....to walk a path....the chose path. Also,
it doesn't take over night for the Creator to
believe in you. He has to look at you, you know,
your heart is the thing that has to change and
it's not going to change over night. These are
the things that are very hard to change on a
person and so right now we look at it that it is
already too late to start changing.

AB: Okay, I think that is very clear.....too
late. May I ask about the kachinas. What are the
kachinas and what do they mean to us, today?

Grandfathers One and Two talk back and forth in
the Hopi Tongue.

G2: These spirits that we talk about, are in a
sense, the teachings but we can't go into detail
of who they are.....what they are. I mean, you
know, because only an initiated person should
know about the knowledge of these but the only
thing we can say is that they are spirits and
that they are out there and they have their own
home. Throughout the years, our elders of the
different villages, you know, have been working
with the spirits and making the prayer feathers
for them and asking for their power to come in
and bring in the rain for the crops because we
don't have any way of irrigation our fields. We
live in a desert area. This is a chosen area
because the Hopi had been know to survive in an
arid place. Hopi has been know that they would
strive and survive, even in a desert place where
there is no water really available for those
kinds of things. So, they ask, through prayer, to
ask their crops to survive and this is a strong
sense of spirituality of the Hopi.

AB: And it is to these kachinas that you pray?

G2: Yes. They come in the form of clouds.

AB: Would you ask Grandfather, this. Earlier we
asked him about the Sun and he said the Sun would
shift on it's axis. There are many who think
these Earth changes that are so imminent,
now.....so soon.....will mean that the Earth will
also change on it's axis in response to what the
Sun does. Now, the question is, is there anything
in Hopi prophecy about changes in the pattern of
the stars because that is what we would see after
an axis change here on Earth? Would the stars
look different?

Grandfathers One and Two converse.

G2: Yes, he believes that the axis of the Earth
itself will change, also.....shift....and that
will cause a lot of Earth changes, itself, also.
About the stars that you mentioned, there have
been a lot of stories about these things and they
pertain to a lot of what happened with the stars,
too. He says he doesn't know exactly but it's
true that a lot of what happened with the stars
and different things....the patterns.....are true
and now they talk about these things as just like
stories and like fairy tale stores but most of
them are true. He doesn't know exactly what will
take place out there, again, if that should every

AB: Alright. Would you ask Grandfather to give us
some few things that we should all watch and look
for to happen in the next say.....18
months.....or year and a half.

Grandfathers One and Two confer.

G2: Okay, he says that these earthquakes are
eminent but there is no real date as to when
these will take place. That big earthquake that
was supposed to hit California had been altered,
in a way, by the Tibetans who had heard about
that and they did a lot of prayers there and they
helped in altering the intensity of the
earthquake that took place in California. That
is, you know, something that we should look for
is a large earthquake that would take place. It's
going to be real big. It's going to be

AB: Alright, we are running out of time and I
would like to say it has been a very, very great
honor and you will need to translate once we're
off, for me, to have you and to have Grandfather
One and Grandmother on the program, this morning.
I would hope that, someday, if we have the time,
that we could do this, again. It has been a very
great honor and this message has gone out to
many, many millions of people and we will all
hope that the message is heard and that
somebodies.....will begin to make changes. We
will pray for this. I want to thank you for being
on the air with me, this morning. So, after we're
off, will you translate all that for Grandfather?

G2: Okay.

AB: Again, for all your help, I want to thank you
so very, very much.

G2: Okay, thank you again for having us on your

AB: Thank you and good night. Robert, we will
continue with you if you can stay, after the

GW: We'll stay.

AB: Alright, there you have it.

AB: Alright, now let's go to the Black Hills of
South Dakota. We're going to take calls
shortly....in just an very few moments.....but I
would simply like to ask Robert Ghost
Wolf....first of all, thank you for bringing the
Hopi Elders to us, Robert....number one.

GW: You're welcome.

AB: Number two, I wonder if, as you listened, if
there were any surprise answers for you and just
generally get your reaction to what Grandfather

GW: I wouldn't say that there was anything, in
particular, that took me by surprise. I think it
was clear that we have come to a point, as we
look around and see the events that are already
occurring around us every day, that we have
reached a point where we clearly have to make
some very pointed decisions on where we're going
to go with our lives and how we're going to live
them. If we don't make these decisions, if we
don't realize the importance of these decisions,
and we waiver back and forth....we will keep the
story and we have done before.

AB: Grandfather seemed rather clear when he said
that it is too late. He said that quite clearly.
It is too late. In other words, it is
irreversible. The changes that are going to occur
are going to occur.

GW: Absolutely. You can't turn the path around,
now, but perhaps what we can do is govern the way
we walk down that path and the impact of what we
hit. As far as changing it and escaping it,
there's no escaping the eventuality...the
realities that we're going to be experiencing.

AB: There's one more thing, Robert. This
broadcast was heard throughout many nations,
Native American nations. I'm sure that the Hopi
Nation, as well, was tuned in and I wonder what
you imagine the reaction to this widely heard
broadcast, will be? Not so much in the cities,
where people have listened, but in the Native
American Reservations? What do you think other
Nations and other Hopi will have to say about
what we just heard?

GW: I'm sure that we're going to get a large
cross section of reactions to it. I would hope
that one of the things that we can realize out of
this and one of the things that, perhaps, one of
the things that the people in the Nations will
grasp out of this, is the importance of coming
back to their spirituality and the need of the
Earth and of the children for us to wake up and
to open up our hearts, again.

AB: Alright, let's try some calls. There's is one
other thing I want to do. I know you have two
books out with many, many prophesies in them and
there is a number where people can get those
books, right?

GW: Yes, they can call 1-800-905-8367 or they can
call Wolflodge Office, in Washington State,

AB: Alright, wonderful. The title of the two books?

GW: Last Cry and Winds of Change, which is like
volume two of Last Cry. In the book there's over
400 prophecies.

AB: Four hundred. Okay, let's go to the phone and
give some listeners the opportunity to ask
questions. First time caller line you're on the
air with Robert Ghost Wolf. Hello.

Caller: Hi, this is Dee from Minnesota. Thank you
for your show, it's very informative. This is for
Robert. I just recently got the Hopi Survival Kit
Book, I've been reading through that. I was
wondering if you would know if Elderly Dan
Everheema (sp?) is still alive?

GW: Dan is still alive.

Caller: Okay, that's great.

AB: He is. Young lady, what was your reaction in
hearing all of this, tonight?

Caller: Well, I guess it wasn't as much of a
surprise because I had just gone through most of
the Hopi Survival Kit and I recommend that to
everybody in the audience to read that. It's
really kind of sad. It really explains the Hopi
Tribe and it really gives a good background of
it. I don't know, it's really
informative......even more so. It's amazing how
the Creator.....who they say "Mafa' (sp) it just
really goes along with Christian belief.

AB: It is and, as a matter of fact, yes, I've
already had several faxes. Robert, it's true. As
you listen.....if you listened carefully.....so
much of what Grandfather said had a
parallel.....a correlation.....in the Bible.

GW: Yes.

AB: Did you catch that?

GW: Yes, and I think if we go back to the sources
of a lot of the information and stories there in
the Bible, we go back to a time where people more
or less had more of a commonality between them.
There's comparisons that are comparable between
many of the Caldean understandings and their
understandings of the stars and the Native
American understanding of the stars and the maps
and events that will happen. The same thing in
the Mayan which goes back again to we are truly
all one.

AB: East of the Rockies you're on the air with
Robert Ghost Wolf. Hi.

Caller: Hello. How are you doing, tonight? I
appreciate being on. This is Gene from Logan,
Utah, KVNU country. I very much appreciate your
book The Quickening, it was great. I'm curious to
know, from Robert, if he knows or cares to
comment anything on the White Indian Tribe, down
in Central South America. There is supposedly a
very wise chief among them. Do you know anything
of that, Robert?

AB: Or of tribes in South America, generally.

GW: I believe that what we're referring to is a
people known as the Shicargwans (sp?). These are
people who are very involved in the original
Ghost Dance with Levoka (sp?) and his people and
he goes back to stories of the hail prophet.
These people lived in Guatemala and that's really
all I would want to say about it right now
because it's a whole conversation that would
deserve much more time to explain so it could be

AB: Alright. West of the Rockies you're on the
air with Robert Ghost Wolf. Hi.

Caller: Hi Art and hi Robert. This is Bonnie from
Spokane, Washington There's a couple of things
that have happened, today. First of all, I've
been trying for years to get through and have
never gotten through so I was meant to get

AB: I'm terribly sorry that you didn't get
through until now but we've got you so go ahead.

Caller: First of all, Robert, I wanted to tell
you something that happened here, today, in
Spokane. We had a double rainbow and I've never
seen that. I called an elderly lady that I know
that's 83, she said she had never seen a double
rainbow. Just four days ago, we had a hive of
bees......a black cloud.....come over our place.
The bees went into an old house which is 100
years old. I live on a 160 acre farm north of
Spokane and this hive of bees came and went into
the house. Now several things have happened on
this farm. My granddaughters are 6th generation.
We have seen the circles in the crops. My fish
have been going crazy, bouncing off the side of
their tank. Our alfalfa has been dry. The
temperature here has been 15 degrees lower than
normal and I just wonder.....and I do have a
grandchild that is Native American.....and I have
a grandchild, who lives on the same farm, who is
a special needs. The Native Americans,
apparently, used to call our little area here,
Hungry Hollow. I feel that I was meant to be
here. What can I do besides teaching my
granddaughters the love and the respect and the
spirituality. I feel I've been called and I don't
know what that calling is for.

GW: I'm going to answer that in a story and I'm
going to try to make the story short. There's a
story about one day the Sun was having an
argument with the North Wind. The North Wind
said, 'I bet I can make this man take his coat
off quicker than you can' and the Sun said, 'Go
ahead, do your best'. So, the Wind came along and
blew and blew and it got colder and colder. The
man turned around and drew the coat tighter and
tighter around him and finally he got so cold
that he just got under a tree and fell asleep
with his coat on. The Wind kept blowing but
finally the Wind just got tired and gave up. The
Sun just sat there watching, shining like it
does, doing nothing. It just kept shining and the
clouds went away and it got warmer and warmer.
The Sun was just shining and the man took off his
coat. So, all you have to do is keep shining.

AB: Ya, that's a good answer. Wild Card line
you're on the air with Robert Ghost Wolf. Good

Caller: Good morning from San Francisco, KSFO,
this is Nancy. I also feel the same way because I
also tried to get through every day last week and
I'm so happy to be here because it's an honor to
have Mr. Ghost Wolf there and the Elders. It's a
sacred moment, very important. I wanted to share
a vision I had and then ask a question. I had a
vision, 14 days ago, and it was like I was kind
of becoming awake and I saw a vision of
everything that Art has talked about the last
week and it was like the end was coming. It was
very troublesome. Then, there was a big delta
winged UFO, the size of a football field, and
then there were flying saucers around it and
then, to the west side, there was like a hologram
in the sky that was a crop circle, as described
in Linda Moulton Howe's book, Glimpses of Other
Realities. In the middle, there was a hologram in
the sky that was the Star of David type of crop
circle that's in her book. The important thing
was, that to the left of that, there was a vision
of.....I think it was Ramses, the pharaoh, the
II, sitting on a tablet. Then, I asked "What does
that mean?" and it was like, "I am the gateway to
the parallel universe which is pure spirit". I
woke up and I thought, you know, that was a very
interesting thought and it wasn't a dream but it
was something that I needed to share with other
people. So, I don't know whether or not any of
the tribes go back as far as the Aztecs or the
pyramids or in their legends they have spoken
about any of the Pharaohs? I did a little
research and the two things that referred to
those sort of experiences are in Daniel the
second and it says, "But there is a God in heaven
that revealeth secrets to the King Nebuchanezar,
which shall be in the latter days. Thy dreams and
visions of thy head upon thy bed." Then last
night, I had a horrible dream about a plate shift
in San Francisco in the Marina District and I was
so frightened. I don't dream, normally. So, I
just wanted to ask the question of you, whether
or not their folklore or their legends or the
things they pass on go back to the pyramids and
if that could be tied in?

GW: Well, you have to understand that a lot of
the p

GW: Again, I think we can go back to something
Grandfather spoke of which is it's a matter of
personal decision. Where we're headed for.....the
purification.....is not so much a judgment as it
is a clarification. It's a birthing. It's a
changing and a moving forth to a new energy and
the choice to do that....the choice to open up to
visions or messages or open up to the new
frequencies and harmonics of the matter

of personal
choice. There are those who would rather just
turn their heads away and not look and those who
would just rather keep repeating the same
patterns. Obviously, from what we discussed
tonight, their outcome is pretty clear.

Caller: That's why I was wondering about the
other entities perhaps influencing those who are
not awake.

GW: Entities or energies?

Caller: Entities.

GW: We have created a lot of our own negativity
in this reality and we tend to gravitate toward
that much more easily than we do toward the
positive outlook and the positive outcome so, in
order for us to turn around and to utilize the
lessons that are coming now, it is going to take
a great deal of personal effort. We have to
relearn how to think 'good'.

Caller: Is there any information, in Hopi Legend,
regarding entities who do not want us to succeed
on the spiritual path?

GW: Ya, well I write a lot about that in my
books.....a lot about that.

Caller: Well, then I'll have to pick that up.
Thank you.

AB: Alright. Wild Card line you're on the air
with Robert Ghostwolf. Hello.

Caller: Hello. I'm in San Diego. I'd like to ask
a question whether the Creator created everything
and whether the Creator makes errors? I notice
that Ghostwolf just said we had to relearn to
think good, that suggests that we were in a good
state and knew how to abide in a good
state......well, apparently we didn't if we fell
out of it. What I'm wondering is, if we were in a
good state.....on the good path....on the
spiritual path.....the Creator is good.....his
path is good......it seems to me, that would be
the most desirable state of all. So, how is it
possible for us to desire, as you say, and feel
more comfortable in the negative....if we were
originally in the positive. In other words, why
is there a need for purification. How does
defilement enter into the creation in the first
place if the Creator is good and has complete
power and freedom and knows what he's
doing.....loves his beings......doesn't want them
to suffer......why all this misery and

AB: Well, I don't know. Do you have a mirror?

GW: You're walking through a self created dilemma.

Caller: Pardon?

GW: You're walking through a self created
dilemma. It's not a matter of casting blame. It's
a matter of looking around and realizing what we
have created for ourselves.

AB: Precisely. That is exactly what we have done.
We have created all of this, ourselves, haven't
we? What is coming....if I listened to the
interview carefully and I think I did.....the
behavior, the corruption and all the rest of
it......is that not what Grandfather said?

GW: We have created a self-imposed reality
consequence. Now, the Creator is saying......as
the Creator always said......the choice is yours.

AB: East of the Rockies you're on the air with
Robert Ghostwolf. Hello.

Caller: Hi. My name is Stephanie. I'm in Elgon on
89 WLS. Thank you very much. Gentlemen, it is
such an honor. Robert Ghostwolf I have heard you
before and I also got on the Net and I saw the
things that you saw in the mountains which were
fascinating and wonderful and what I thought was
totally true. It was really an honor to hear that
you brought these people to give their
information to the world. My question would be,
as a person that's trying to get out of the city,
and I have some options here. My gut feeling is
to like sort of cut and run and get out to the
country. I'm not that far away from it. I'm in
Illinois but I'm sort of near Wisconsin. I would
ask your suggestion to that. I have my definite
gut feelings and I'm sort of ready to make
alterations, here. What would you think?

GW: I don't think anybody should ignore their gut
feelings, you can end up with a real bad tummy

Caller: (Laughs)

GW: If your gut feelings are saying you should do
this, then you should do this. Perhaps most of
our personal dilemmas, in life, are because we
don't follow our get feeling.

Caller: Boy, what a good comment that is.

AB: What a true comment that is.

Caller: Excellent. Thank you.

AB: West of the Rockies you're on the air with
Robert Ghostwolf. Hi.

Caller: Good morning and how are you? Robert,
earlier in the program you mentioned something
about the 5th world and I don't believe that got
addressed. I wondered if you would take about

AB: Quite true, it did not get addressed. The 5th
world, Robert, what does that mean? Are they
referring to dimensions or yet another cycle of
the present dimension, on this world?

GW: We're talking about where we're going. We've
been through the first world, which was the
spirit world......the second world, which was the
mineral world.....the third world, which was the
vegetable world.....the fourth world, which is
the animal world......and the fifth world is
where man walks upright in the spirit....where he
again becomes that which he was in the beginning.
So, the fifth world is the world that we will
created. The consequence of what that world will
be and how many of us will make it through to
that other world, totally.....again.....depends
on our own actions.

AB: Alright, let's keep going. First time caller
line you're on the air with Robert Ghostwolf. Hi.

Caller: Hi, Robert Ghostwolf. It's an honor to
speak with you. I'm calling from Vancouver,
Canada. I'd like to know what advice you can give
for people who are receiving visions and dreams
and want to be able to decipher them to find out
the true purpose of why these are coming to them,
now. I guess the important ones I've had this
year, January 1st of this year. I woke up from a
dream where I realized that I was being shown
that there was a mass of ships that were hovering
in the sky and some people saw them and some
didn't. Some members of my family didn't see
them and I was trying to get them to see it but I
understood later that it was meant for some
people to see them and some not. Basically, I'm
guessing from what I've read in books and from
what I've read from other sources, that's one way
of looking at it. I've also had a dream of a
female with very long blonde hair and when she
turned around her eyes were perfect circles and
they are blue piercing eyes. She was holding a
huge crystal that was glowing greenish blue and
there was a tall native guy, in there, and I was
supposed to protect the little child. I've had
reoccurring dreams where I'm consistently asked
to look after little children.

AB: Alright, we'll have to hold it there. More
and more people having dreams, having visions.
It's becoming, obviously, from listening, more
and more common lately. What do you say to these

GW: One of the things that they can do, that is
very helpful, is if they try to write these
down....like in a little journal. What we can
find, a lot of times, is that these dreams and
these visions......as we start to look at them in
sequence of how they had them......they actually
tell us a story. Maybe it's not clear in the one
specific experience but as we look at 3 or 4 or 5
of them, perhaps it becomes clear to us. There's
a lot of visions, that I hear......especially
from women......about taking care of children
because, in this time, I think we're going to see
a lot of homeless children. That, too, is part of
the prophecy.

AB: Alright, I think we might have time for one
more call. East of the Rockies you're on the air
with Robert Ghostwolf. Hello.

Caller: Yes, good morning gentlemen. Wonderful
show. I'm in Philadelphia. I wanted to mention
that I think that, as we have these visions and
as we have these expectations, that each of us
needs to focus on where each of us is in a
process. Every moment is an important future, to
us, and that each moment that we do what we
consider the right thing, we improve all of our
chances for making a better transition. I
appreciated listening to the Elders, very much,
Robert. Thank you, so much.

GW: Thank you for listening.

AB: Yes, indeed. Thank you for your call.
Alright, Robert, is there anything......in
closing.....that you would like to say to
everybody? It's a question I wish I had had time
to ask Grandfather but I thought I would reserve
it for you. Anything, in closing, that you would
like to say to everybody out there?

GW: I think the most important thing that we can
do now, is to realize that we are going to
experience things that we have not experienced
before. We're going to see things that we never
even conceived that we could see. We're going to
go through changes. We're going to go through
trials. The most important thing that we can do
is to turn inward because, if we turn inward and
we open up the inward, then that which happens
outside will be a result of what we have opened
up inside. If we keep looking outward and forget
the inside, then we'll be lost in the illusion.

AB: Where do you go from where you are now?
You're in the Black Hills. How long are you going
to be there and where do you head next?

GW: I'm up here with my family and with Elders,
talking about what we might do with you if we
have an opportunity to hear some people. After
here I go back to Washington and I prepare for
the Ghost Dance, in August.

AB: Alright. Well, it has been an absolute
pleasure......as always.....having you on. If the
Elders, there, in the Black Hills, would like to
come on and also add their voice to those already
in the night....this night.....we would be
honored to have them. Please pass that on to
them, alright?

GW: We thank you.

AB: Thank you and good night, Robert. That's it

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