Tuesday, January 12, 2010


There shall come a time
A time of Adjustment
All hearts shall be weighed against the feather
On the serpent-scales of Justice. Anahata shall be pierced,
And the other six,
Vibrations from Vissuddha activating all

The serpents' scales shall be heard from C
And seen as a Rainbow
The two who are 6 and 9 shall rise in Twelve chosen
Who are joined by the Thirteenth
(Who hath eight limbs and may wear a triple veil)
Until the web is woven
And the Crown is lifted
Into the heavens
The further octaves ascended
The scales of the serpents open-ended

While the energy returns from afar
>From Hunab-ku through Sirius and Andromeda
And the Twelve shall become Thirteen via the Seven
Forming the star-diamond of ma-nifestat-ion
So that the sleepers awaken

And this rite of Seven by Thirteen
Shall occur at Gaia's Seven
Seven by seven, microcosm and macrocosm
(Thus 49 again, the Egg shall surely CR ACK)

Quetzalcoatl cometh
To walk among us
We rise with him
Into Infinite Stars and Infinite Space unseen
Od shall cleave our cellular schemes
Ob shall weave in the space between
The Truth shall be held in the Balance
The staff shall fill the chalice
The sword shall leave the stone
(By the same mouth, by the same bone)
We shall be All One, AlOne

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