Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Eons ago-Prophecy

When we came here eons ago,

we could not known

what would happen to our world.

We were given the power,

to take care of this world,

but what did happen to us:

We took the power,

not responsibility.

And then the messengers of time arrived

not to command, not to lead,

not to rule. Thiers were not to stop the foolishness of humans

Theirs was to oversee the Darkness

whose powers lured the humankind:

power, fame, influence...

Then the children of time raised thier hands,

cried out "Do not listen, it's false".

And they raised thier swords and weaved thier spells

and forced the Darkness on it's knees

It will rise

It will return

But we are here

The Guardians of Light are waiting

the Light will meet the Darkness


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