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101: Increasing Power

Candle Spell to Increase Personal Power ~ Mysst

On a Sunday when the moon is in Leo at the hour of the sun preferred, gather one purple candle and power or dragon's blood oil. Inscribe you name and other personal symbols along with symbols of power and anoint with oil. Say as you begin to light the candle:

"As the flame groes in strength
so to does my personal power increase."

Begin to feel the energy and power filling your body begin chanting:

"Inside the winds blow
Inside the fires burn
Inside the waters flow
Inside the soil churns!"

As you chant the power will begin to seep into every cell of your being. When you can feel every cell vibrating with power, snuff out the candle. Repeat as often as you feel the need using the same candle. Never let the flame burn out if the candle is almost gone prepair a new candle and light it with the old transfering the energy to the new candle then you may let the old burn out.

Transform and open your consciousness. Feel the embrace of the air's timeless energies.

Oh stars whirling from the light
Oh Power hiding in the night
Oh black curling on the darkened ground
Oh Secrets binding in out of sight
Oh ebon treasures and the owl's sweet cry
Oh haunting forces of the deep
Oh misty measures of the circling skies
Oh dunting courses that you keep
Come to me wtih your shadowed light
Fill me with your magickal power
Enfold me with your arcane might
Be here at this mystic hour

Let your arms fall. Watch the change in teh sky. Drink the power. Honor all the elements. LIfe hands then touch lightly to the ground when you need to ground. As above, so below.


Aquarius Energy Spell

To promote freedom, you may turn to Aquarian energy.
To start, gather thirteen ribbons of any color, a bag of buttons,
and needle and thread.
On a Wednesday, sew as many buttons as possible on each piece of
saving about two inches at the top.
When you have finished, tie or sew the ribbons together at the top,
and hold your hands over your work as you state your intentions.
Make the sign of Uranus (S) and Aquarius (k) in the air over the
then take the ribbons outside and hang them from a tree, porch
railing, or other spot, as you say:

"From heaven to earth, from Earth to heaven,
the winds circle about my desire,
carrying my thoughts to the gods of the universe
and returning with the gift of positive abundance.
So mote it be."

Allow the project to hang outside until your wish has been granted


Aries Energy-Dance Spell

Dance is the oldest form of ritual in the world.
The movements traced in energy-dance are acts of
sympathetic magic based on the law of attraction.

Mars, the energy planet, rules this Aries New Moon,
so now is the time to dance! To begin, wear a costume
emulating a chosen god or goddess. Set a tempo with
drums and other instruments. Wear bells and trinkets;
their rhythm leads and strengthens the drum. Sing and
chant while you dance. Shift into an altered state of
consciousness, and become entranced through movement,
singing, and drumming. Call to the spirits to give you
insight, obtain knowledge, receive vital information,
and guide the magical journey to renew your soul.

Taurus Energy Spell

On a Friday, place the following in a deep blue envelope:

seven dried daisy petals
gold ribbon thirteen inches long with a knot tied firmly
around one iron nail on each end,
one teaspoon of fertile earth.
Seal the envelope with gold wax imprinted with your fingerprint.
On the outside of the envelope draw the astrological symbol
of Venus and the symbol of Taurus.

Hold your hands over the envelope and ask the spirit to assist
you in this situation. Be clear about your intentions and needs.
Seal the spell by kissing the envelope. Bury the envelope in your
backyard. If you live in an apartment or condominium, place the
envelope at the bottom of a flower pot and cover with potting soil.

Gemini Energy Spell
You can use this magical Mercury powder by itself, or add the powder to other forms of magic—such as at the bottom of a candle or in a cauldron—to find information and encourage communications (which Mercury rules). To start, grind and mix the following ingredients with a mortar and pestle:
Dried white rose petals,
Silver glitter
Blue powder
Dried vervain
Dried orris root.
With your finger or a pencil, draw the symbol of Mercury (O) and the symbol of Gemini (c) in the powder. Hold your hands over the powder, asking that the mixture be instilled with the dynamic energies of Gemini. Store the powder in a plastic bag that contains a moonstone.
To put to use, place a teaspoon of the Mercury powder in the palm of your hand and blow off your fingers as you ask the element of air to speed your request and return the necessary details to you as quickly as possible.
The ultimate fixer, Virgo uses the ability to discern and analyze to solve
any problem. To tap into Virgo energy, on any Wednesday find an unused check
register. On the first page, list your ancestors. On the next page, write
the current date in the "date" column. State your dilemma in the
"description of transaction" column. Under the "balance" column write your
hoped-for solution. On the front of the transaction register, draw the
symbol for Mercury and the symbol for Virgo. Wrap a rubber band
around the register and snap it three times, repeating your desires. Each
day, write down the mundane steps you have taken to solve the problem.
Remember to wrap the rubber band around the register when you are finished,
and snap the band three times. When your problem is solved you should bury
the register in your back yard.


Spell to Strengthen the Witch within

This is a time of the rebirth of the root cultures of many peoples. Ancient wisdom's that were lost or obscured by the power shifts of history are now coming into light through many channels. Native people are discovering their rituals, their myths, their shamans. The advances of technology are adding to this wave of discovery in many ways, such as through media and communication (take the Internet for instance).

The image of the Witch is at the root of our culture past. To embrace and affirm this aspect of ourselves is to tap the power of tradition, longevity, and cellular memory. Once we understand ourselves, harmoney sets in.

In preparing for your spell, first do some serious thinking about just what the image of the Witch means to you. Make a list of all her qualities, her powers, her names, how she looks, what she wears, thinks, feels, etc. See her in your mind's eye with as much clairity and detail as possible.

This spell should be cast three times, at the new, full, and dark of the month.

Large peice of parchment paper
two purple candles
Moon oil
power incense
a small moonstone

Arrange your altar. carve moons into your candles and anoint them with oil. anoint yourself as well, on brow, heart, and hands. Seat yourself comfortably and light the candles saying:

"With this flame, I awaken the Witch within me."

Light the incense. close your eyes and breathe deeply for a while, relax, and let go. Bathe yourself and your aura in white light. Keep breathing deeply and slowly as you begin to sway and weave, letting your body move into a circluar motion. Empty yourself of all distractions and anxieties. When you fel flowing and peaceful, let your imagination fill up with images of your inner Witch. Take up the parchment and pen and make a sketch of her (don't worry about style or quality: the simpler the better).

Write your impressions and ideas beneath the drawing. Set this up between the candles so that it is facing ou. Take the moonstone and clasp it to your heart. Keep breathing and weaving as you fill yourself with the inage on the parchment.

Draw the Witch image into yourself, see her multiplied a thousand fold, vibrating in every cell of your body. Repeat the following incantation three times:

"I am willing to be different and strong.
I am willing to be different and beautiful.
I am willing to be different and free.
I am willing to be different from patriarchy.
For this difference Is the same.
Sameness with the non-linear world of magick
The goddess; Her forces
My dreams; the Moon
My feelings; my creativity
My passion; my deep love of all creation...
And the only conforming I need to do is forming Creation
for I am form, and I and forming to Universal Law
and therefore must survive...
and even though I may at times feel alone and misunderstood
I will remember that I have sisters out there who are learning to be free, like me
and that I am not aloe, but all one
and that free women were respected and loved
and will be again and will be again and will be
I will it to be
I will it to be
and so doth it be forever and ever
So be it!
Blessed be."

As you repeat this chant, let your words flow rhythmically as you sway, let your voice create melody. Improvise, make new words if you feel inspired. when you feel complete, slip your parchment beneath the altar cloth. Give thanks to the Goddess and God and snuff out the candles. The moonstone is to carry at all times. Keep it in your pocket, under your pillow, or wear it in a pouch. Whenever you feel the need, hold the stone and rub it with your thumb in a circular motion. Think of say:

"I am safe, I am me;
All is well, Blessed be"

Tell no one of this spell until it has come to fullness. Even as you feel your powers strengthen, it

Candle Spell to Increase Personal Power ~ Mysst

On a Sunday when the moon is in Leo at the hour of the sun preferred, gather one purple candle and power or dragon's blood oil. Inscribe you name and other personal symbols along with symbols of power and anoint with oil. Say as you begin to light the candle:

"As the flame groes in strength
so to does my personal power increase."

Begin to feel the energy and power filling your body begin chanting:

"Inside the winds blow
Inside the fires burn
Inside the waters flow
Inside the soil churns!"

As you chant the power will begin to seep into every cell of your being. When you can feel every cell vibrating with power, snuff out the candle. Repeat as often as you feel the need using the same candle. Never let the flame burn out if the candle is almost gone prepair a new candle and light it with the old transfering the energy to the new candle then you may let the old burn out.


Tripple Goddess Candle Empowerment for Spells ~ Mysst

Need: 1 white candle(maiden); 1 red candle(mother); 1 black candle(crone);and the supplies for your spell

Before casting your spell arrangethe three candles in the back of your work space. Light the white candle and say:

"Maiden, with this whitem candle's flame
Purify the magic which I name!"

Light the red candle and say:

"Mother, with this red candle's flame
Nuture the magic which I name!"

Light the black candle and say:

"Crone, with this black candle's flame
Bind the magic which I name!"

Now on to your spell.

8 Great Festivals

I'm not going to go into the complete details of the 8 Great Festivals, but here is a bit of information about them so you can understand the best time to perform certain bits of magic, and how the seasons effect magic and the world, and vice versa.

Oct 31
Celtic Festival of the Ddead
Godforms: Cerridwen, Samhan, Gwyn ap Nudd, Morrigan,
Night of the Wild Hunt
the veil is thinning, ancestors, the underworld
The beginning of the dark half of the year

Alban Arthan
December 21
Celtic Rebirth of the Sun
Godforms: Cernunnos, Chronos
The shortest day of the year
The Winter Solstice

Feb 2nd
the Celtic Fire Festival
The Festival of Lights
Godforms: Brigit, Danu, Epona, Triple Goddess, Virgin Goddess
The actual middle of winter

Alban Eiler
March 21
Celtic Bird Festival of Spring
Godforms: Taliesin, Ostara
Equinox of Spring, First day of spring, Fertility, eggs, rabbits

May 1st
The Celtic Flower Festival
Godforms: Belinos, Flora, Blodvwedd
First day of Light half of the Year
Fertility, Pallis, flowers, faeries, blood, The Sacred Marriage

Alban Heffyn
June 21st
Celtic Festival of the Oak Tree
Godforms: Ogmios, Arianhood, Huan, Math
The longest day of the year
Summer Solstice
Another time for the sacred marriage.

August 2nd
Celtic Grain Festival
Godforms: Lugh, Lug, Llue, Llew

September 21
Celtic Harvest Festival
The Middle Harvest
Autumnal/Fall Equinox
Godforms: Mabon

101: Another method: Avalon Circle Casting

Ritual of Casting Sacred Circle
Many times we are asked "how do you cast a circle ?" There are so many
different was that this can be done. Differs from each Tradition to the
next. Even within our own Avaloian Tradition we make improvisions on this.

The main factor is to cast a sacred space. A space that separates this
world from the other. A space that we ourselves make holy. And that is
what is important. A space that you set aside from all else, to glorify
and exalt. For you are the one casting, cleansing, purifying, and setting
it aside from all else.

Before you cast, one should make sure of the intent of casting. Ask
yourself why you are doing it. Once you have this the gathering is made
easier. If you are doing this with a group of people One must be chosen to
be the Lord or Lady. The Lord or Lady usually has one person who waits
them. This is not to say the Lord or Lady is higher than they, but the
fact that they shall be the God/dess incarnate. You may also do this
solitary. Depending on the amount tending.

The Lord/Lady has the sword brought to them. All else are standing outside
where the circle is to be cast. The Lord/Lady takes the sword and walk
deosil (clockwise) around the space to be cast. The wait has a small bell
with them. Beginning at the East, the sword, in a non-threatening manner,
is raised. The wait rings the bell. All fill fall silent. Moving
clockwise the Lord/Lady salute each direction. If there are four novices
present each will stand to the directions as the Lord/Lady passes.

Lord/Lady: Let all those that wish to partake enter ye now ! (the bell is

Everyone enters by stepping forward (no actual circle has been cast yet)

Wait: My Lord/Lady all those that wish to partake in this Magickal Rite
are now present. I pray you, cast the Sacred Circle.

Lord/Lady: What thou doth sees makes here this night, shall be forever
within this circle. So Mote It Be !

(When anyone speaks the So Mote It Be or Blessed Be, all shall repeat it)

Again at the East, the Lord/Lady takes the sword and draws within the
ground or upon the floor the circle saying as the pass...

"I draw this magick circle let no evil or ill will cross its mark."

Once the Lord/Lady has reached the East again, They take the sword and
place it upon the shoulders of the novice, and says...
"be thou the guardian of this gate... I call I summon I stir oh ye
spirits of Air, come forth now I pray thee and witness our Rite. So Mote
It Be !"

The Guardian answers: I am he/she the guardian, no evil or ill will shall
pass by me, My Lord/Lady.

the Wait rings the bell

The Lord/Lady goes to each quarter and perform the same, on each guardian.
The Wait will ring the bell as each guardian answers.
Once the quarters are called the Lord/Lady goes to the center of the circle
as the Wait preforms the cleansing of the circle with salt and water.


Incense can be used instead of salt and water mixture. The Lord/Lady
summons the spirit of the Great Lady and the Great Lord by saying....

Great Lady witness now your children who stand before you in Perfect Love
and Perfect Trust.

Standing East, with the censer the Lord/Lady says....
Great Maiden Come To Us.....

All repeat....

Standing South, with the torch or candle the Lord/Lady says....
Great Mother Come To Us....

All repeat...

Standing West, with chalice of wine or water, the Lord/Lady says...
Ancient Queen of Wisdom Come To Us....

All repeat...

Standing North, with the salt, the Lord/Lady says....
Brother Come To Us...

All Repeat...

Drumming, rattles, any form of music making can be added to this. As you
can take note there really isn't any particular God or Goddess called, this
is the Avaloian Tradition. All Gods are one God, all Goddesses are one

So there is the very basic beginnings of Magical Workings... you can take
it from here..... Do What Thou Wilt, Save Harm None, Shall Be the Whole.

Bright Blessing...
Lord OberRon
Knight of the Sacred Light

101: Tool Blessing Ritual

Tool Blessing Ritual

A purification of objects for ritual use and their transformation into magical items.

(The area is prepared by placing a quantity of each element in the proper quarter, as well as preparing the altar in the usual way. If available, a cauldron (empty) is placed in the center of the circle. Candles are placed at each of the four corners and lit, progressing deosil from the east. Salt and water are blessed, and the celebrants are purified with them. A magic circle is cast, and watchtowers summoned. The god is then drawn down as follows:
The priest stands before the alter in the Osiris position, arms crossed across chest and feet together. The Priestess kneels before him with face and arms upraised.)

PS: Hephaestus, forger of magic,
descend upon this the body of thy priest and servant,
lend us the strength of your arms.
Prometheus, shape of man,
descend upon this the body of thy priest and servant,
lend us your fire and foresight.
Morpheus, weaver of dreams,
descend upon this the body of thy priest and servant,
lend us your subtlety and vision.
P: I am he, the shape-god,
forger, builder, artisan, smith.
With strength and craft I form the world.
(The Priest helps the Priestess to rise and she stands in the center of the circle in the god position, extending her arms outward and down, palms facing forward. The Priest kneels before her with head bowed.)

P: Clotho, spinner of the strand of life
Descend upon this the body of thy priestess and servant.
Lend us your wheel of making.
Hecate, caster of spells,
Descend upon this the body of thy priestess and servant.
Lend us the power of your magic.
Aphrodite, goddess of love,
Descend upon this the body of thy priestess and servant.
Grant us eros, philos, aristos, agape.
PS: I am she, the weaver-goddess,
Painter, poet, sculptor, witch.
With art and love I form the world.
(The priestess extends her hands to the priest and helps him rise. The priest cups both hands and scoops from the cauldron, then offers to the priestess.)

P: Drink now from the cauldron of Cerridwen, whose draughts bring knowledge, peace and life.
(The priestess sips from the cupped hands, after which the priest drinks. The objects to be blessed are taken from the altar by the priest and moved widdershins to the west quarter, and immersed in the water there.)

P: Spirits of the west, in water born
In cool waters cleanse these tools
And wash from them all hurt and harm
This I ask, this charge I lay,
By oak and ash and bitter thorn.
(The objects are moved by the priestess to the south quarter and moved above the flames there.)

PS: Spirits of the south, in fire born
In shining flames purify these tools
And burn from them all impurities
This I ask, this charge I lay,
By oak and ash and bitter thorn.
(The objects are moved to the east quarter by the priest and moved through the incense smoke.)

P: Spirits of the east, in sweet air born
In swirling winds polish these tools
And sweep from them all phantasm and illusion
This I ask, this charge I lay,
By oak and ash and bitter thorn.
(The objects are moved to the altar by the priestess, and placed upon the pentacle.)

PS: Spirits of the north, in cool earth born
In mother earth ground these tools
And take from them all spirits dark
This I ask, this charge I lay,
By oak and ash and bitter thorn.
(The person consecrating the tools now offers an impromptu or prepared charge to the items, stating their purpose and mode of use. They are then taken up by the priestess and moved to the east quarter.)

PS: Spirits of the east, from the bright air come,
Fill these tools with the swirling energies of the whirlwind
Make them float like the breeze
Spirits of air, hearken unto me,
As I do will, so more it be.
(The tools are now taken up by the priest and moved to the south quarter.)

P: Spirits of the south, from wild fire come,
Fill these tools with the burning energies of the flames
Make them glow with bright fire
Spirits of fire, hearken unto me,
As I do will, so more it be.
(The tools are now taken up by the priestess and moved to the west quarter.)

P: Spirits of the west, from soothing water come,
Fill these tools with the calming energies of the warm rain
Make them flow like the tide
Spirits of water, hearken unto me,
As I do will, so more it be.
(The tools are now taken up by the priestess and moved to the altar.)

PS: Spirits of the north, from firm earth come,
Fill these tools with the ordering energies of the growing crops
Make them flourish like grapes on the vine
Spirits of earth, hearken unto me,
As I do will, so more it be.
(The priest takes the tools from the altar and steps backwards. The priestess stands at the altar facing south towards the priest. The priest extends his right arm in parallel to the ground, between he and the priestess, with the tools in his hand.)

P: I am the god, ever desiring.
I am the stag in the woods,
I am the sun in the noonday sky,
I am the lover in the dark.
I offer passion, strength, devotion and the swiftness of the hunt.
(The priestess extends her right arm in like fashion, and places her hand over that of the priest.)

PS: I am the goddess, ever nurturing.
I am the tempting beauty of the maid,
I am the quiet strength of the mother,
I am the infinite wisdom of the crone.
I offer life, love, warmth and the fruitfulness of the fields.
(Both step towards each other and turn their hands and arms so the fingers point upwards with the palms facing their own chest, cupping the other's palm between and holding the tools. They clasp each other with their left arms.)

P&PS: Male and female, yin and yang, light and dark, action and stillness. Apart we are forever incomplete, but together we form one. In our joining we are blessed. In our union, the limitless energy of universe is released and captured here.
P: As I do will,
PS: As I do will
P&PS: As we do will, so mote it be.
(The priest and priestess kiss, then release grasps. If the number and size of the tools precludes them being held in one hand simultaneously, the latter charging section should be repeated for each. The tools are replaced on the altar. Cakes and wine are blessed and consumed and a period of relaxation and rest follows. The watchtowers are then dismissed and the circle opened.)

101: Rituals---Consecration, Calling the Corners, and Dismissal.

This format can be used for almost any ritual. Words, names of gods, and different correspondences can be adjusted to fit your need or specific beliefs and traditions.

~Consecration ~

"I consecrate this circle of power to the ancient gods. Here may they manifest and bless thier child. "

Move mto your altar, facing the east.

"This is a time that is not a time. In a place that is not a place. On a day that is not a day. I stand between the worlds, before the veil of mysteries. May the ancient ones help and protect me on my magickal journey. "

Set water on pentacle disk and hold athame above it.

"Great Mother, bless this creature of water to your service. May I always remember the blessed earth and it's many forms and beings. "

Set salt on pentacle disk and say

"Great Mother bless this creature of Earth to your service. May I always protect the Earth and understand how to reflect with it. "

Sprinkle some salt into the water and hold the water high.

"Great Mother I give you honor"

Begining in the east, move clockwise and sprinkle the salt water around the edges or your circle.
Hold athame over incense burner and say

"Great Father, bless this creature of Air to your service. May I always remember the sacred fire that dances within the form of every creation. "

Hold athame over incense and say

"Great father, bless this creature of air to your service. May I always listen to the spirit winds that bring me the voices of the ancient ones. "

Hold dagger over disk then raise high saying

"Great father, I give you honor "

Carry the burner around clockwise.

Then take your athame and cast your circle around the consecrated area.
~Invocation of the Elements~

Light Yellow candle in the east

"I call upon the Goddess of the East. White spirit of winter, recession, suspension and contemplation. The wise and ageless crone, that knows the mysteries of eternity. Help us to breathe freely, to drink the winds and yet find the still center. Help us to know liberation. Help us to precieve with crystilline clarity what we need to know. Help us to think swiftly and to see without distortion. Be with us and bless our circle. Blessed be. "

Lights Red candle in the South

"I call upon the Goddess of the South. Red spirit of fire and passion, blood and wine, sexuality, and vital heart. Driving forces of the id, powers of aspirations, ambition, ecstacy, warmth and joy. Help us to control and direct our emotions to creative ends. Help us to live more fully. Warm our hearts and our hearths. Be with us and bless our circle. Blessed be. "

Light blue candle in the west

"I call upon the Goddess of the west. Blue spirit of water and rebirth. The principal of love that sustains all things, giving and flowing throughout our bodies and throughout the living world. Help us to sustain and to be sustained. Be with us and bless our circle. Blessed be. "

Light Green candle in the north

"I call upon the Goddess of the North, golden spirit of Earth and creation, the principal of fertility, power of regeneration and renewal. Help us to be mindful of the Earth our Mother, to heal her wounds and to live in peace as her children. Help us to understand the process of live and death, seedtime and harvest. Be with us and bless our circle. Blessed be. "

Face the East and rise

"This circle is bound with power all around. Between the worlds, I stand with protection at hand. "

Place chalice of wine on pentacle disk for a few moments, then lift high

Honor to the Old Gods. Merry meet, merry part and merry meet again.

(insert celebration or magickal rite here)

"Spirit of the great white light
Burn away our psychic night
let us feel your loving care
give us joy and love to share
Make us of your willing tool
Let fulfillment be our rule
That our growth may be a light
saving others from the night "

~Dismisal of the Elements~

(put out each candle in turn while saying this)

"Depart oh powers of _____ ,my thanks and blessings. Blessed be "

Take athame and cut hole in your circle. and then say:

The circle is open but ever remains a circle. Around and through me always flows it’s magical power.

I give thanks to all the beings of the visible and the invisible that have joined with us this day/night. By the powers of the ancient Gods, I bind all power within this circle, into this spell. So mote it be"

"All love and honor to the Great Lady and her Lord. Blessed be"

101: Moon Magic

Your spells will be given a powerful boost by timing them with the four phases, or quarters, of the Moon. You can choose to use this method alone or in conjunction with other spell-boosters, but whatever you do, it is best to at least time your magickal workings with the Moon phases, as they can either make or break your spell.

Waxing Moon

The Moon is said to be "waxing" during the period of increase from the New to the Full Moon. The Waxing Moon is a time for bringing your desires to you. The first quarter after the New Moon is the strongest period for attraction, as the Sun and Moon are working together to pull in the same direction, however you should wait until at least 12 hours after the start of the New Moon to do any spell work. The second quarter begins about seven days into the lunar cycle and, as the Moon is still in the waxing phase, is a good time for workings to add to something you already have in your life.

Waning Moon

The period of decrease from the Full back to the New or "Dark" Moon, as it is sometimes called, is referred to as the Waning Moon and lasts through the third and fourth quarters of the lunar cycle. Spells are done at this time to remove, repel, or banish unwanted, negative things. Spells for getting rid of bad habits, breaking addictions, and losing weight are all appropriate for this phase of the Moon.

Full Moon

The Full Moon occurs when the Sun and Moon are on opposite sides of the Earth, causing the Moon to appear as a full and complete bright sphere, marking maturity and fruition. Spells that were put in motion at the New Moon begin to manifest now. The three days leading up to the Full Moon, the actual day of, and the three days immediately following the Full Moon is a time of great energy and power and is therefore often used for particularly difficult or complex workings. Spells of any kind will be given extra "umph" when performed during this time--just remember that the energy you put out will come back to you with extra force, so be ever-mindful that your intentions are good and that they harm absolutely no one.

New Moon

Also known as the "Dark" Moon, the New Moon is a good time for spell work to begin new things. Just remember to wait until the initial 12 hours of the New Moon have passed.

101: Some good chants

We are the Flow

We are the flow and we are the ebb;
We are the weavers of the web!
We are the weavers of the web!
We are the spiders, we are the thread!
We are the spiders, we are the thread!
We are the chosen come back from the dead!
We are the chosen come back from the dead!
We are the flow, and we are the ebb!

Power Rising

We are the power of bane and boon
We are the dance of the sun and the moon
We are the hope that never died
We are the turning of the tide!

Back, Back, Back----Reincarnation chant

Back, Back, Back
Through the tunnel of my birth
Back, back, back
Thhrough the middle of the hourglass
Back, back, back
Rooted deep within the Earth
I will dream in the darkness
I will dream in the light
Remembering what once was
Recalling each and every life.

Casting the Circle

I cast the circle round and round-
Shadow of moon upon the ground
I cast the circle round about
A world within, a world without

Immanent Elements

As Air which fills our lungs with breath
And life's the birds in flight
By fire which flames within our souls
And floods our mind with light
By water flowing in our blood
From ocean's silver bright
By earth of which our flesh is formed
From which we fight the sight!

Invocation of the Elements

Soaring eagle on the wing, from your lair new visions bring
Life our voices as we sing, enter us powers of the east

Might lion of the sun, burn our heart and will as one
Glaming strength and passion, enter us powers of the south

Ancient Serpent of the deep, let us weap
Wave your myesteries here to sleep, enter us, powers of the west

Dark Bull of the Mother Earth, winter cave that gives us birth
Feed our knowledge of your worth Enter us powers of the North

Hear us, Spirit!

Tool Consecrations:
I consecrate thee, Rod of Skill
To focalize my truest will.
May my power flow through tee;
As I do will, so mote it be.

By water to be purified
No adverse will within thee hide
Be clear in service unto me;
As I do will, so mote it be!

An Earthy star before me rests
A vessel strong to manifest
All things that I would conjure here
Or banish forth the things I fear
As I do will, so be it be.

Blade of settel I conjure thee
Attract such things as named by me
Draw tight the circle and round the tree
As I do will, so mote it be

Triple Goddess

Smiling Goddess, virgin cresent
Working fullness luminescent
Silver sickle, reaper of bone
Maiden, Mother, and Crone, wah-ha
Maiden, Mother, and Crone

Ancient Goddess, Daugher of Moonlight
Ancient Goddess, Mother of Stone
Ancient Godeess, Keeper of Midnight
Maiden, Mother, and Crone, wah-ha
Maiden, Mother, and Crone

Invocation of Lady and Lord

Lady of the Earth, the oceans, the winds
Mother of fire that burns within
Lord of the Dance, bringer of Light
Untamed god, Give us the sight!


Divine Goddess, Goddess Divine
Show me a way, Show me a sign
By the darksome night and shining day
Show me a sign, show me a way

To the Moon & Sun

Holy Maiden, Huntress, Artemis, Artemis
New moon come to us!
Silver shinning wheel of radiance
Full moon come to us!
Ancient one of wisdom, Apollo, Apollo
Bring us light!
GOlden shining sun of radiance, radiance,
Father come to us!

Transformation of Energy

Equal dark, equal light
Flowing from day to night
We call upon the deepest sight
Blessed be, blessed be
The transformation of energy!
So it flows, out it goes
Treefold back it shall be
Blessed be, Blessed be

The Earth, the Air, the Fire, the Water
Return, return, return, return
The Earth, the Air, the Fire, the Water
Return, return, return, return
Oh-ay oh-ay oh-ay oh-ay
ay-o, ay-o, ay-o, ay-o
Oh-ay, oh ay, oh ay, oh ay
ay-o, ay-o, ay-o, ay-o

101: Grounding and Centering

A Centering Meditation and a Grounding Technique

A Centering Meditation:
Sit any way that you feel comfy, so long as your spine is straight.
Close your eyes and focus on your breathing. Take very long deep breaths
through your nose.
Each time you breathe in, hold it for two or three seconds and the slowly exhale.
Continue this breathing until you feel very calm and peaceful. This usually takes 3-
5 minutes (for some).
Take as long as you need. It is different for everyone. Just go at your own pace.
You can also use sound to center yourself. Just sit and ring a small bell or
chimes. Focus on the soft sound and breathe deeply. Keep making the noise until you
feel centered.*
A Grounding Technique:
*This works great for those times at school or work when you just cant seem to
keep still or relax.*
Place your feet flat on the floor and breath in deeply. On the exhale, picture any
excess energy flowing out of your feet and into the Earth.
Keep doing this until you feel calm. After doing this your feet may feel heavy.

Grounding and Centering 2

• Ground and center before all magickal working to avoid depleting
personal energy levels.
• Begin by being still, gathering all static, chaotic, internal energies and
releasing them, through the feet (and palms if needed) in the ground.
• Now feel the inner calmness, centered around the heart, and draw up
through the feet strong Earth energy (through the floors if indoors),
feeling the power and energy rising up and intertwining with your own
energies starting from the feet going up to the top of the head, where it
turns and travels back down and back up again until all portions of the
body are in balance.
• Once this power is felt and is in balance, then Circle casting, ritual,
divination, and spell work may begin.
• Grounding after all magickal working will help avoid overload of
personal energy levels (the energy called during ritual that has not been
• Touch the Earth/floor with palms after magickal work and feel the excess
drain out, leaving a balance of personal energy , augmented only by that
amount of Earth (energy) necessary for healthy functioning of the body.
• Too much retained energy will result in headache, depression, or
• Too little will result in fatigue, depression, or faintness. You must find
the inner balance, and adjust accordingly to how you feel.

101: Most important Exercises

Ex One: Divinity

This exercize is an excelent way to get in touch with your higher power, and have a better concept of feminine and masculine divinity in the universe
The Goddess is Form. THe God is Force.
Without form and force together, nothing would exist. Picture the Goddess as a raindrop. Still in form, hanging from a rooftop. When the raindrop falls, the energy and movement within the form is the Force, the god. Try and see this in all things. Divine energy and form exist in all things. This will bring you closer to the nature of the spirit. Now, write a list of examples, and for the next week, try to look for the divinty in all the things you do.

Ex Two: Sensing Group Energy
The energy we talk about is very real. A subtle force that we can all precieve.
Do this exercise with two or more people. Sit in a circle and one person should lead the group

"be aware of the energy level in the group. Do you feel alert? aware? excited? calm? anxious? tense? releaved?" (Pause)

"Energy travels up and down your spine. Now sit up, as erect as you can without straining. (Pause) Good. Notice how energy levels have changed. Do you feel more alert? More aware?

Your breath moves energy in and out your body. it wakens your body's centers of power. So take a deep breath (all simotaneously). Breath deep. Brethe all the way down. Breath from your diaphram...from your belly or womb. Your stomach should push in and out as your breathing. Relax your shoulders. Now again, notice how the energy in the group has just changed.

Ex Three: Group Breath
Someone needs to lead this, and have atleast 2 people sitting across from each other or in a circle.

"Lets take hands around the circle and sit (or stand) up straight. Now, cose your eyes, lets breathe together. Breathing the deep breath of the belly, of the womb. Inhale through the nose, and out the mouth. Inhale...........(slowly).......exhale................inhale..................exhale......
Feel yourself relax as you breathe. Feel yourself become strong, with each breath.
Become refreshed, with each breath, feel your worries floating away...with each breath, feel yourself become we breathe with each breath, together we breathe.........inhale...........exhale....
And we feel our breath as it meets the center of the we breathe as one, breathe one breath..........inhale..............exhale...............breathing one circle,........breathing one living organism......with each breath....become one circle..........with each breath............becomeing One".

Ex Four-Tree of Life
This is one of the most important meditations, Individual or group.

Sit in a circle and one should lead
This should also be done after Exercise 2 and 3

"As we breathe remember to sit erect. And as your spine straightens feel the energy rising. (Pause) Now imagine that your spine is the trunk of a tree...and form it's base roots extend deep into the Earth....into the center of the Earth Herself. (pause)

As you draw up power from the Earth with each breath, feel the energy rise, like sap rising through the trunk of a tree. And feel the power rise up your spine. Become more alive with each breath. Feel the energy rise. And from the crown of your head, you have the branches that sweep up and back down to touch the Earth, and feel the power burst from the crown of your head....and feel it sweep through the branches until it touches the Earth again, making a circle, a circuit, returning to the source, the roots.

And now breathing deeply, feel how our branches are all intertwined and the power weave through them, and dances among them, like the wind, feel it moving."

(long pause)

101: Magic

Defining Magic is tough - so we went to the experts.

Unfortunately, there is no single, correct answer to this question. You will find answers as varied as the belief systems which incorporate magical elements and the people who practice within each system.

In seeking a definition of the term, perhaps we should look no further than the most mundane of sources:

It is the art of producing a desired effect or result through the use of various techniques as incantations that presumably assure human control of supernatural agencies or the forces of nature - Webster English Dictionary
Or we can defer to old philosophers and alleged magicians for meaning:

Aleister Crowly defined magick as:

the Science and Art of causing Change to occur in conformity with Will.
In The Lemegeton (Lesser Book of Solomon, the King), we find:

Magick is the highest, most Absolute, most Divine Knowledge of natural Philosophy, advanced in its works and wonderful operations by a right understanding of the inward and occult (hidden) virtue of things; so that true agents being applied to proper patients, strange and admirable effects will hereby be produced. Whence magicians are profound and diligent searchers into Nature; they, because of their skill, know how to anticipate an effect, the which to the vulgar shall seem to be a miracle.
Or one of these might well do:

"It is a Divine Science" -Henry Cornelius Agrippa

"Magic is the traditional science of the secrets of nature which has been transmitted to us by our ancestors of the priesthood of the Magi" -Eliphas Levi.

"Magic is the application of human Will (originating in the Soul) to the fast evolution of the Living forces of nature" -Gerard Encausse.

"The art of White magic is the art of using so-called Spiritual or invisible forces, to obtain visible results" -Franz Hartmann

For a contemporary definition, the best place to look might be the group alt.magick on Usenet. Here we we will find the term "magick" defined and accepted by the general consensus of those participating in discussion during 2000. (Seeing as these people spend the majority of their days discussing magic(k) , it is only logical they should know what it is, right?)

Some see magic as a kind of energy which pervades the cosmos. Others see it as a psychic tool by which we may influence the material world using symbols and ritual. Many see it as a means of coming to unite with the divine, some consider it to be the exercise of will or Will, or the manipulation of reality.
In other words, only the individual can determine what magick is or isn't for themselves. Magic is exactly what you believe it to be, for it requires your belief to be anything at all. As one wise and unknown Sage put it: "Magick is Within You!"

101: The three parts of self

The Three Parts of Self
Middle Self:
The Self-conscious intellect is that part of our self where rational thought
and much of the personality reside. It can be referred to as normal waking
consciousness, the middle self, the very descriptive talking-head self, or just
Talking self, and it's power is an important part of what makes us human. It is the
man in the lovers card of the tarot.
Middle self thinks, decides, and judges. It is strong in the elements of Air
and Fire, Mind and Will. It controls conscious movement, but has little to do with
the moment-by-moment operation of the physical body: breathing, circulation,
nervous system, etc. It recognizes emotions sometimes, but it is not the source of
our deepest feelings.
Unfortunately, most people act as though the Middle Self is all we are, and
that is far from the truth.
Younger Self:
It is variously called the subconscious, the lower self, or the younger self.
This level is generally ignored by the conscious level, Middle self.
The younger self is a valuable ally to the conscious mind. It is in charge of
the physical body, emotion, memory, and sensation. All that you feel, remember, or
experience in your body comes from this deeper part of you; and if you think that's
not power, just recollect the last time you were in love or sexually aroused, and
just how little your brain was involved at that moment.
Younger Self is a powerful generator and channel of psychic energy, but it
often requires the guidance of the conscious self in order to use this energy
constructively. It is the bridge between middle self and higher self; it is the woman
on the lovers card of the tarot.
In many respects it is childlike, though in the Hawaiian Huna tradition it is
represented as an animal spirit, with a mammal's deep instincts, intuition, and
immediate awareness of the sensate world. In this model, the animal soul has
evolved to the point where it is ready to become part of the self of a sentient
creature-you-but It could not function in a complex human society without Middle
Self's think ability.
Higher Self:
There is yet a third aspect to the self, which Starhawk in The Spiral Dance
characterizes as:
“the higher self or God self, which does not easily correspond to any
psychological concept. The Higher Self is the Divine within, the ultimate and
original essence, the spirit that exists beyond time, space, and matter. It is our
deepest level of wisdom and compassion and is conceived of as both male and
female, two motes of consciousness united as one.”
“Two motes” because in Faery Wicca and Hawaiian Huna, the Higher Self
is thought of as a pair of spirits who guide and protect us, as well as taking raw
magickal energy and shaping it into manifested results. They speak to us through
the still, small voice within, our intuition and sense of right and wrong.
This is the part that many religions represent as an angel or deity “out
there”, rather than within-and-without. They might also depict it as the soul,
which is understood to be immortal but essentially passive. In our model, however,
it is the part of self that is our connection to divinity, and that can channel
immense power into creation and transformation when approached correctly.

101: Basic Spell Construction

Basic Spell Construction

Because of the very nature of Magick, each working should be highly individualized and personal. Even if following a traditional spell, it should be tailored to your specific needs to be most effective for you. Understanding the basics of Spell Construction will enable you to formulate your own specific, effective spells for any purpose you desire.

Preliminary planning is necessary. The very first step is to decide precisely what your desired end result is to be. Before you can start, you must decide where you are going. You must be very explicit.

It is important, also, that you choose your time carefully. You should take into consideration all Astrological implications, energy currents and Moon phases.

The Moon is the astronomical body closest to us and, therefore, has a profound influence upon us, it is very important to choose a time when the Moon is in an astrological sign which is appropriate for your working. For example: Aries/Action -- Enthusiasm, Taurus/Renewal -- Sensuality, Gemini/Communication -- Curiosity, Cancer/Emotion -- Nurturing, Leo/Vitality -- Determined, Virgo/Organizing -- Studious, Libra/Balance -- Cooperation, Scorpio/Sexual -- Philosophical, Capricorn/Authority -- Ambitious, Aquarius/Innovation -- Social, Pisces/Sensitivity -- Idealistic.

Bear in mind that magickal workings for gain, increase or bringing things to you, should be initiated when the Moon is Waxing (from Dark to Full); when the Moon is Waning (from Full to Dark), it is time for magickal workings of decrease or sending away.

The highest energy occurs at the Full Moon and, therefore, this is the most powerful time for magickal workings. The New Moon is the next most powerful time for Magick.

Whenever possible, follow Nature's own energy flows. There is a natural time for starting things (a planting time), for maturing things (a growing time), for reaping things (a harvest time) and, of course, a time for rest and planning.

Flowing with these currents will make your magickal work much easier.

Remember to plan your project for a time of uninterrupted privacy. It is important that you have no distractions. Generally speaking, it is best to work as late at night as possible. A time when there is less frantic energy is most appropriate. You might consider Midnight or later.

In choosing a place to do your magickal working pay particular attention to your needs, for you must be comfortable. Your place should be private, quiet and secure. If at all possible, set aside a special place for this purpose only. An unused room, a special corner of your bedroom, a quiet, secluded spot in your garden. A place that is yours. A place that you can come to whenever need arises and that is as free from intrusion of others as possible.

Prior to the night of your magickal working, gather together the things that you will need. All of the things used are tools. They have no inherent magick. They are to help you create a mood. If correctly made and used, they will trigger primitive responses from deep within you. They should be chosen with care. Consider the purpose of your ritual and choose your tools accordingly. If your magick is to be sexual, your candles, oils, incenses and so forth should bring forth a sexual response. If the desired result of your Magick is tranquility, then the tools should make you feel calm, peaceful and serene. Any candles you might use should not have commercially added fragrances as these may not be appropriate for your working.

Prior to your ritual, prepare yourself and your equipment by any means necessary to clean and purify. Historically, people have fasted, followed meticulous and detailed bathing practices, practiced chastity and used many other methods.

Most often a ritual bath is the preferred method. A bath frequently utilizing candlelight, fragrant herbs, bath salts or sensuous oils. A sumptuous hot bath, special bathing preparations and appropriate lighting, combined, can create the soothing effect which will help in the very important step of relaxing and clearing the mind completely of all mundane thoughts and experiences of the day. Your ritual bath should, also, begin to set the specific vibrations conducive to your purpose into motion. You must not only cleanse and purify but must also begin to create the type of energy necessary. Once your purification process has been accomplished, you are now ready to begin. Proceed to the special place you have previously chosen in which to perform your magick. If at all possible, you should make use of the primitive responses set into motion by a well chosen piece of music. Your music should start slowly and build to a rousing climax.

As you use your oils, light your candle or incense (or utilize any other tool you have chosen), you should begin to further intensify the energy that you have set into motion around you. A high degree of intensity is vitally important.

The Altered State of Consciousness that you must reach is not a meditative state. Anything that interferes with your ability to concentrate upon, reach and control the high energy state necessary to perform magick should be avoided, such as screaming children, a sink full of dirty dishes, use of alcohol or drugs, etc.

Do not scatter your energy by attempting to do more than one magickal working at a time.

Remember that Magick is the manipulation of energy, a thought is a form of energy and a visualization is an even stronger form of energy. Your visualization can be a method used to intensify further and direct your will. Your visualization can be the method by which you control the magickal energy you have produced. You must know what you want. You must see it. You must feel the high energy flow. You must direct it.

One of the most important elements in the practice of any form of Magick is the Universal Law of Cause and Effect. This means that whatever you do (or don't do) you cause something to happen.

The most important consideration is the Universal Law of Retribution. This means that no matter what you do, it comes back to you in like kind.

It is the nature of things that as you send something out it gains momentum, so that, by the time it comes back to you, it is three times stronger. If you do something nice for someone, someone will do something nicer for you.

"As you weave and
spin your spell,
Three fold return
the tale will tell."

101: What is Magic??

What Is Magick

David Rankine

© copyright 1999, 2000, 2001 David Rankine

What is magick? Forget all the fallacies and stereotypical pre-conceptions
taught to you out of fear and ignorance and approach this question with an
open mind. You will probably find it is not what you have been taught to
think. Magick has been defined as "The art and science of causing change to
occur in conformity with will *1" which could be put more simply as making
desired change happen; or as "energy tending to change"; a definition I use
is "magick is conscious evolution through directing energy". This does not
really explain magick though, so I will try to elaborate on these phrases
without jargon.

An aim of magick is to train the mind by harnessing and making more
consciously accessible such higher faculties as intuition, inspiration and
the creative imagination, and by drawing on the power of the unconscious -
to try and use more than the 10% of our brain's capacity that we do.

Magick assumes belief in, or rather experience of, subtle energies. We can
only see about one seventieth of the light spectrum, yet what we cannot see
still affects us - such as x-rays and ultraviolet light. Similarly, magick
is about focusing more subtle, non-physical energies, and directing them to
create change. To go about this requires experience, and training to improve
the power of the mind, and specifically, the will.

Acts such as meditation, breath control, voice work, body work,
visualization, drama, ritual, and others, are all designed to improve our
body and mind, to better sharpen us and balance us, and to enable us to
perceive and wield more subtle energies.

In the same way, an individual is as strong as their will, and the more
balanced and integrated a person is, the stronger their will (note, this is
probably one of the main reasons why so many magicians have experience of
counselling and/or psychology, recognising the help these processes can
give, both through training and experiencing them. This also acts as a
removal of farcical social stigma often attached to these processes).

Practising magick tends to act as a deconditioning mechanism and can be a
subtle process, the longer you practice, the more you change and the
unnecessary inhibitions, stigmas, guilts and sin complexes that society
builds in are removed. This has the effect of releasing their energy into
the psyche, where it can strengthen the individual.

The more physical side, such as yoga, bodywork, dance and massage, also
removes the tension held in the body as body armour, and releases this and
removes energy blockages which impair full efficiency and may result in

Possibly the major difference between magick and many of the religious paths
to spiritual growth is that magick is more dynamic, and places the emphasis
on you to work for change - there are no gurus in magick, rather there are
fellow students with different perspectives and experiences - we learn from
each other, as in other areas of life.

Magick tends to work a lot with symbols, as these are the language of the
unconscious, and this is an area of tremendous power to tap. Symbols have
many functions, and one of these, released through magick, can be the
ability to confound the ego and the censor mechanisms, and enabling us to
perceive more subtle truths, or experience direct revelations. Although we
may not be able to fully explain how symbols work, we know from experience
that certain symbols seem harmonious with certain types of energy.

For example a magician may tell you that if you want to attract love you
should wear green, and rose perfume, perhaps wear copper, like a bracelet or
necklace, etc. These are all things attributed with Venus, who is associated
with love, and so the principal is one of contagion - sympathetic magick, or
making something happen by working with items linked to it. This is one of
the oldest and most commonly practised forms of magick. Working with the
symbols of a type of energy does seem to attract that energy.

A cautionary word here, magick is often seen as a way to hidden powers, and
entered for the wrong reason, the "I want sex, power and lots of money"
syndrome. Now there is nothing wrong with these things in themselves, but
when you do magick you will discover that you tend to get what you need
rather than necessarily what you want.

When you do magick you generally use techniques to alter your state of
consciousness and raise energy, and then direct that energy to create a
desired result. The channel that energy takes as directed by your altered
state of consciousness is not necessarily the path you might expect in your
normal everyday state. Magick does bring you power, yes, but it is power
over yourself, not other people. It is the power that is important, to grow
and to create positive change.

This does not mean there is anything wrong with using magick to gain more
physical things, there is nothing wrong with doing a ritual or spell to get
a job, whereas trying to make a specific individual go to bed with you would
be wrong. Magick is very much about intent, and if your intent is to get
work, you are not imposing on people, whereas if you were trying to make
somebody do something that they would not naturally do, you are imposing on
their will.

If you did a ritual to attract love without specifying a person, but opening
yourself to the opportunity to meet someone where love may arise, and to
feel more attractive and better about yourself, you are not imposing, you
are trying to create positive change.

Magick is a commitment to yourself, and it requires determination,
perseverance, strength, openness to change and absence of rigidity, a love
of life (including yourself), and a desire to grow and fulfil your
potential. It may be that you already have all these qualities and do this
already without calling it magick - magick is not about labels, and those
who think and talk as if it is unfortunately put some people off. Magick is
learning about the natural flows of energy in the universe, and working in
harmony with them to effect positive change, both in yourself and in your

Some people ask why magick is spelt with a 'k' on the end. This is to
distinguish it from magic, associated in the popular mind with illusionism
and prestidigitation, stage magic. Magick is not about illusion, it is about
creating real change, and the 'k' signifies this. K is the eleventh letter
of the alphabet, i.e. the one beyond ten. Symbolically this is very
powerful, as we work in base ten, and eleven represents the unseen, or
hidden energies - the subtle energies of magick, eleven is considered to be
the number of magick.

Magickal training and experience bring forth the energies of the
unconscious, and so it is no surprise to see that symbols become more
important as you develop, providing not only the language of dream and the
unconscious, but also helping create a more flexible perception grid of the
universe. To grow spiritually, it is vital that you remain flexible and do
not become dogmatic, rather that you are open to experience and willing to
question your ideas and beliefs as a result of those experiences.

Magick can be a painful process. It is not easy to maintain the discipline
and honest self-critical approach all the time. It can also be hard work
dealing with the energy released without being knocked off balance
sometimes. The important thing in these cases is to remain honest and keep
at it. Nobody said magick was easy! It takes a lot of practice and hard work
and pain, but the rewards are spiritual and mental growth, the joy of life
and the beauty of unconditional love. Beyond the limits there are no limits!

101: Things to keep in mind

1. There are no rules, merely helpful hints
2. Visualization is the key.
3. What you send out comes back.
4. To know, to Will, To Dare, To keep Silent
5. Cleansliness, Timing, Feeling
6. Tools are not require, but useful in focus. The tools are symbols, a representation of your intent
7. Be familare with raising, sending, manipulating, and grounding energy. Balance yourself.
8. Clear the mind, then focus, then release
9. Do not worry nor speak of the magic. Thus will interfere with the works.
10. Belief gives power. Doubt hinders.
11. Words, chants, and symbols are almost always useless unless you understand the meaning.
12. Anything is possible
13. To aquire power, one must first aquire knowledge. You must study, discipline and practice. Without these power is either illusion or borrowed.
14. The power and energy in magic comes from three sources: energy from the self; energy from the earth and elementals, and energy from the divine.
15. Mindset, enviroment are very important in ritual. Such creates an atmostphere of magic, a trigger for the senses to create magic

7 steps for successful spell casting

Seven Steps in Successful Spell Casting from "A Witches Book of Shadows"

1) Self confidence or the belief in the self. If a person believes greatness will be accomplished by the self, that person will be great at accomplishing the Will of the self.

2) Imagination. If a person can imagine the results clearly accomplishing those results becomes a much easier task. If a person can not or will not allow for imagining a possible change I must ask how thechange will ever be pursued?

3) Visualizing the transition or possible transitions from the now to the future with respect to the desired change allows a person to clearly define that possible outcome. At times achange which is believed to be good may not indeed not be the desired changed. By visualizing the results a person is capable of determining exactly what the desired result would be.

4) Desire for the change greatly enriches the ability to seek the change. If desire is not present, why even bother with the effort to affect change?

5) Preparation is a definite must! I believe a person hasno business approaching a situation without knowing all there is to know about the situation. When is preparation the actual needs to affect the change should be determined, symbolized, and during the working of the magick the symbolic representations of the elements to be changed should be manipulated in ways to represent the change. This allows the mind to "see" the changes taking place. By seeing the changes in the mind the changes are accepted as already having taken place. This helps prevent post ritual reversal of the spell.

6) Mood is very important, believe it or not. A sour mood will yield sour results. A positive mood will yield positive results. *Like attacts like*

7) The environment is also highly important, but mostly because it yields energies to the the mood. However...if a person is in an unfamilar environment, there may be resident energies which will affect the outcome of the work. This is not highly recommended. It is always a good idea to be in a familar and consecrated environment when working with magick.


If a Witch is sick and needs to cast a spell, he/she can bind it.

This will keep the spell from backfiring and causing harm to anyone else, most importantly to his/herself. The Witch must procure a thread with a color as dark as the nightly sky. Light an incense of sandalwood and Lavender, and as the incense fills the air, he/she must make three knots on the ribbon as he/she intones the words that follow:

"By the Karmic Power of Three
This spell tied and knotted be
To cause no harm nor return to me
As I will it, so must it be"

The ribbon must be carried when casting the spell as a talisman to keep it from backfiring.

101: Why use circles?

Circles, why use them?

Mel White

They say that the longest journey begins with a single step. So, too, the exploration of Magickal studies begins with a single step. Though the first step in a physical journey is often self-evident, the First Step on a Magickal journey is often not quite so clear. While formally organized groups often have a path of lessons to instruct newcomers, the solitary or isolated student is often left standing in perplexity on this broad plain of knowledge, wondering just where in the heck to begin. And wondering, too, if it's "okay" to start just anywhere.

While it's true that studies can begin in any direction that attracts you, the necessary first step must be learning to make psychic shields. There are "Things of the Dark" out there. There are any number of explanations for what these things might be -- ghosts, demons, or simply uncontrolled urges of the subconscious mind. In truth, it doesn't matter what they are. What does matter is that their effect is very real and unless they are put under your control, they will drag you over the borders of sanity into psychosis. You are most vulnerable to them while you're in an "open" trance or meditative state. That's why the wise practitioner always begins by taking steps to define exactly what will be permitted through the portals of their "psychic shields" -- no matter how simple the ritual. And this, in a nutshell, is what "protective magic" is about.

There are a number of ways to do this. The most common is to begin by drawing a circle (around a group or yourself) and invoking the one or more protective powers. Generally, this is done by candlelight, in front of an altar that holds certain magical objects. The circle may be further "secured" and "cleared" by using salt, salt water, rum, incense, or some other method. You may be wearing a special robe and will have taken a bath (or performed a cleansing ritual) earlier. The powers that protect you will be called on and then you will begin your ritual.

Is it psychological? Absolutely! Is there a reason why protection rituals always take this form? Positively! Let's take a step back and see what you're actually doing and how the process works -- from a psychological standpoint -- and how to use this knowledge to help you refine your circles to enhance your rituals.

Psychologists and psychics alike view the mind's structure as a three-part entity: The Ego (that which you think of as yourself), the Superego (the "higher self") and the Id (the child within). The Id is, in a sense, a computer. Like most computers, it operates on the GIGO (Garbage In, Garbage Out) principle. There's an old superstition: "As you name something, so will it become." Tell yourself that you're very unlucky and your Id will obligingly give you bad days by enhancing any negatives in your environment. Tell yourself that you are clumsy, and your Id-computer will obligingly arrange for you to break a leg while stepping off the sidewalk. The bad news is that the Id can't make a judgement as to whether or not this is a good idea. It only knows that it's received these "instructions" and must carry them out. The good news is that you can actually program/reprogram this portion of your mind.

You begin programming this Internal Servant of yours by first drawing its attention to what you want done and then explaining what you need done in a simple and clear manner. Repeating the instructions in a chant help fix the goals for the Id -- rhymed chants seem to be easier for it to process. Each time you perform the ritual and repeat the chant, the programming is strengthened. Never mind that your ego and superego understand that you're going to program the child-like Id. It works just the same.

To direct the Id's attention to the process, you first have to impress it. Using special tools and clothing alert it that something unusual is going on and that it must pay attention. Acquiring hard-to-obtain items, drawing symbols, performing a symbolic sacrifice (donating money, say, to a good cause) are all ways of reinforcing the Id's impression that this ceremony is very special and that the result will be very powerful. Organized, meaningful symbols, speak to your subconscious mind in ways it understands, reinforcing the goals you have set.

Drawing the circle itself establishes boundaries within your environment ("The rest of the world can do what it likes Out There. All within this circle is in my control!"). Purifying the circle and consecrating it (sprinkling water which has been blessed and salt added) further enforce your territory, defining the borders where you are "safe". Nothing can enter this area except what you invite inside. You further tighten these borders by calling on certain Powers.

You can call on any powers you like. Some use traditional Christian images. Others call up deities from the religion they are most comfortable with. And many people use the thought/image of a beam of light that represents either God/Goddess (whichever one they like) or the power of light and life and goodness in the Universe.

The number of powers called as guardians varies. You may choose to invoke one powerful being to protect your circle. Or you might call on the Universal Being/Light and four guardians (one for each quarter of the compass). A third approach is to use a guardian for the four quarters of the compass and no higher being. There is no "absolutely correct" system; the correct system is the one that you are comfortable with.

Take time to choose the guardians of your circle carefully. You should select guardians (gods or animals or some form of life) which have a deeper meaning to you and whose qualities are in harmony with your goals. For the new student, it's best to have all your Powers and Guardians from the same belief system/religion/mythic universe so that the symbols will be consistent and not confuse the Id.

You can use people -- saints, movie actors, figures from favorite books as guardians. Do, however, pick someone who's dead or non-existent. The dead can't argue with your interpretation of them, whereas the living may be highly offended to be approached as gods/guardians.

As your studies continue, you will find that your totems or guardians change. This is to be expected; as you explore new realms in your studies, you may find you need guardians who deal with very specific areas to strengthen and guide you in these new fields.

But don't make the mistake of assuming that you'll become so powerful that you will never need the protection of the psychic shielding circle in some form. And don't assume that you will not need a circle for "positive" magicks such as healing. Open is open -- and open is vulnerable. And circles strengthen and protect you by defining what psychological influences will be allowed to work with you.

101: Types of Magic

Types of Magic

Anthropologists often distinguish between two forms of magick, the sympathetic and the contiguous. Sympathetic magick works on the principle that like produces like. Contiguous magick operates on the belief that things that have been in contact will continue to act on each other after the physical contact has ceased. There is also a common distinction made between black magick and white magick. White magick is characterized by rites and spells designed to produce beneficial effects for the community or individual, particularly in those cases where an illness is considered to be the result of evil demons or of black magick. What follows is a brief, nowhere complete list of some of the more popular magickal beliefs.

Low Magick, also known as Sympathetic or Folk magick seems a slightly condescending term, but it is used to separate it from the structured, religious-philosophical approach of "High Magick."

Low Magick is more properly called Sympathetic Magick, because it operates by an object or device being in sympathy with the person at whom the magick force is directed, through a physical, psychic or symbolic link. It is magick of the mind, an invocation of minor spirits or elementals to carry out an action. Vodoun and other types of Voodoo magick in South America and the Caribbean, as well as New Age candle-magick, love spells, runes etc, are all forms of Sympathetic Magick.

Low Magick can be divided into two categories, Homeopathic and Contagious

Homeopathic Magick, as used in homeopathic ritual, produces like for like. For example, a pin stuck into a symbolic representation of a person causes pain. This is an extreme example, as more commonly, other symbolic methods are used, such as to bring loved ones together, or for healing or binding.

Contagious Magick works on the principle that things that were previously in contact or joined still carry influence over each other. For example, blood, hair or nail clippings can be used to curse, bless, heal or communicate with the spirit of another.

High Magick

High Magick is a highly ritualized invocation of spiritual powers and is part of a greater philosophy and belief system, including rituals of the Kabala or the Hermetic Orders. High Magick invokes spiritual energy, channeled for healing, protection, binding, curses or vengeance.


Two common works of Hebrew literature are the Torah, otherwise known as the Pentateuch - the first five books in the Christian Bible and the Talmud, a collection of commentaries and thoughts of highly-regarded Hebrew scholars, priests, and rabbis. However, a much less known work is the Kabbalah, upon which are based the mystical foundations of the religion.

Kabbalism is based on the belief that creation of all that exists occurred through emanation from God and that there exists a hidden meaning in the placement and numeric values of the letters in the Torah.


The leading modern African religions of the western hemisphere are descended from one of two tribal cultures: the people of IfĂ , from which Santeria is derived, and those of the Congo, which has Voudon and Palo as its modern descendants. These beliefs are completely different and in some cases diametrically opposed, and yet, their similarity of perspective is striking. Therefore, these very different religions can be grouped together.

Most magickal effects in these beliefs are gained through supplication to higher powers. These powers can be in the form of deities, administrators in the tradition of the Saints of Christian thought or the Archangels of the Hebrews. Spirits of dead ancestors rank high in importance and are often asked for advice or guidance. Usually, some sort of sacrifice or offering is required in such instances and plays an important role in the outcome.


Early English (Saxon) term for witch, derived from a German root word meaning "to twist or to bend." Also used to denote the witch religion, a neo-pagan, nature-oriented, religious practice having its roots in pre-Christian western Europe and undergoing a 20th century revival, especially in the United States and Great Britain. It is a relatively modern religion, which claims its roots in various forms of the Old Religions of Europe, but incorporates some of the myths and practices of the Christian Church. It owes its beginnings to Gerald Gardner, who announced to the world that he was a witch in 1957, shortly after England repealed its laws against witchcraft. The religion is earth-based and magickal and Wiccans typically worship both a God and Goddess.


A shaman is an individual who willfully and purposefully enters an altered state of consciousness to gain access to some hidden reality with the usual intent of performing some magickal work or attaining uncommon knowledge. Almost always, there is identification with a specific animal, called a "totem animal" or "spirit animal." These animals act as guides in the other reality and aid the visiting shaman in avoiding dangers. It is believed that shamans originally acted as healers for tribes or groups as the word "medicine" in most shamanic traditions is interchangeable with "magick."


Witchcraft, or Traditional Witchcraft has long defied denfinition and rightfully so. Traditional Witchcraft is not as much a belief system as it is a system of willful and procedural actions. The rede of the true "witch" could be summarily stated as "whatever works". Magick exists without witches. Witches become adept at the manipulation and harnessing of existing natural and supernatural forces and the laws of nature to achieve their desired results. Hence, there can be good and bad witches depending on their intents. All forms of magick and magickal thought can and should be at the disposal of a true witch, with only the individual witch's ethics limiting their uses. True witchcraft holds no allegiances to any particular affiliation, but rather, stands alone.