Wednesday, September 22, 2010

101: Most important Exercises

Ex One: Divinity

This exercize is an excelent way to get in touch with your higher power, and have a better concept of feminine and masculine divinity in the universe
The Goddess is Form. THe God is Force.
Without form and force together, nothing would exist. Picture the Goddess as a raindrop. Still in form, hanging from a rooftop. When the raindrop falls, the energy and movement within the form is the Force, the god. Try and see this in all things. Divine energy and form exist in all things. This will bring you closer to the nature of the spirit. Now, write a list of examples, and for the next week, try to look for the divinty in all the things you do.

Ex Two: Sensing Group Energy
The energy we talk about is very real. A subtle force that we can all precieve.
Do this exercise with two or more people. Sit in a circle and one person should lead the group

"be aware of the energy level in the group. Do you feel alert? aware? excited? calm? anxious? tense? releaved?" (Pause)

"Energy travels up and down your spine. Now sit up, as erect as you can without straining. (Pause) Good. Notice how energy levels have changed. Do you feel more alert? More aware?

Your breath moves energy in and out your body. it wakens your body's centers of power. So take a deep breath (all simotaneously). Breath deep. Brethe all the way down. Breath from your diaphram...from your belly or womb. Your stomach should push in and out as your breathing. Relax your shoulders. Now again, notice how the energy in the group has just changed.

Ex Three: Group Breath
Someone needs to lead this, and have atleast 2 people sitting across from each other or in a circle.

"Lets take hands around the circle and sit (or stand) up straight. Now, cose your eyes, lets breathe together. Breathing the deep breath of the belly, of the womb. Inhale through the nose, and out the mouth. Inhale...........(slowly).......exhale................inhale..................exhale......
Feel yourself relax as you breathe. Feel yourself become strong, with each breath.
Become refreshed, with each breath, feel your worries floating away...with each breath, feel yourself become we breathe with each breath, together we breathe.........inhale...........exhale....
And we feel our breath as it meets the center of the we breathe as one, breathe one breath..........inhale..............exhale...............breathing one circle,........breathing one living organism......with each breath....become one circle..........with each breath............becomeing One".

Ex Four-Tree of Life
This is one of the most important meditations, Individual or group.

Sit in a circle and one should lead
This should also be done after Exercise 2 and 3

"As we breathe remember to sit erect. And as your spine straightens feel the energy rising. (Pause) Now imagine that your spine is the trunk of a tree...and form it's base roots extend deep into the Earth....into the center of the Earth Herself. (pause)

As you draw up power from the Earth with each breath, feel the energy rise, like sap rising through the trunk of a tree. And feel the power rise up your spine. Become more alive with each breath. Feel the energy rise. And from the crown of your head, you have the branches that sweep up and back down to touch the Earth, and feel the power burst from the crown of your head....and feel it sweep through the branches until it touches the Earth again, making a circle, a circuit, returning to the source, the roots.

And now breathing deeply, feel how our branches are all intertwined and the power weave through them, and dances among them, like the wind, feel it moving."

(long pause)

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