Wednesday, September 22, 2010

8 Great Festivals

I'm not going to go into the complete details of the 8 Great Festivals, but here is a bit of information about them so you can understand the best time to perform certain bits of magic, and how the seasons effect magic and the world, and vice versa.

Oct 31
Celtic Festival of the Ddead
Godforms: Cerridwen, Samhan, Gwyn ap Nudd, Morrigan,
Night of the Wild Hunt
the veil is thinning, ancestors, the underworld
The beginning of the dark half of the year

Alban Arthan
December 21
Celtic Rebirth of the Sun
Godforms: Cernunnos, Chronos
The shortest day of the year
The Winter Solstice

Feb 2nd
the Celtic Fire Festival
The Festival of Lights
Godforms: Brigit, Danu, Epona, Triple Goddess, Virgin Goddess
The actual middle of winter

Alban Eiler
March 21
Celtic Bird Festival of Spring
Godforms: Taliesin, Ostara
Equinox of Spring, First day of spring, Fertility, eggs, rabbits

May 1st
The Celtic Flower Festival
Godforms: Belinos, Flora, Blodvwedd
First day of Light half of the Year
Fertility, Pallis, flowers, faeries, blood, The Sacred Marriage

Alban Heffyn
June 21st
Celtic Festival of the Oak Tree
Godforms: Ogmios, Arianhood, Huan, Math
The longest day of the year
Summer Solstice
Another time for the sacred marriage.

August 2nd
Celtic Grain Festival
Godforms: Lugh, Lug, Llue, Llew

September 21
Celtic Harvest Festival
The Middle Harvest
Autumnal/Fall Equinox
Godforms: Mabon

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