Wednesday, September 22, 2010

101: Things to keep in mind

1. There are no rules, merely helpful hints
2. Visualization is the key.
3. What you send out comes back.
4. To know, to Will, To Dare, To keep Silent
5. Cleansliness, Timing, Feeling
6. Tools are not require, but useful in focus. The tools are symbols, a representation of your intent
7. Be familare with raising, sending, manipulating, and grounding energy. Balance yourself.
8. Clear the mind, then focus, then release
9. Do not worry nor speak of the magic. Thus will interfere with the works.
10. Belief gives power. Doubt hinders.
11. Words, chants, and symbols are almost always useless unless you understand the meaning.
12. Anything is possible
13. To aquire power, one must first aquire knowledge. You must study, discipline and practice. Without these power is either illusion or borrowed.
14. The power and energy in magic comes from three sources: energy from the self; energy from the earth and elementals, and energy from the divine.
15. Mindset, enviroment are very important in ritual. Such creates an atmostphere of magic, a trigger for the senses to create magic

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