Wednesday, September 22, 2010

7 steps for successful spell casting

Seven Steps in Successful Spell Casting from "A Witches Book of Shadows"

1) Self confidence or the belief in the self. If a person believes greatness will be accomplished by the self, that person will be great at accomplishing the Will of the self.

2) Imagination. If a person can imagine the results clearly accomplishing those results becomes a much easier task. If a person can not or will not allow for imagining a possible change I must ask how thechange will ever be pursued?

3) Visualizing the transition or possible transitions from the now to the future with respect to the desired change allows a person to clearly define that possible outcome. At times achange which is believed to be good may not indeed not be the desired changed. By visualizing the results a person is capable of determining exactly what the desired result would be.

4) Desire for the change greatly enriches the ability to seek the change. If desire is not present, why even bother with the effort to affect change?

5) Preparation is a definite must! I believe a person hasno business approaching a situation without knowing all there is to know about the situation. When is preparation the actual needs to affect the change should be determined, symbolized, and during the working of the magick the symbolic representations of the elements to be changed should be manipulated in ways to represent the change. This allows the mind to "see" the changes taking place. By seeing the changes in the mind the changes are accepted as already having taken place. This helps prevent post ritual reversal of the spell.

6) Mood is very important, believe it or not. A sour mood will yield sour results. A positive mood will yield positive results. *Like attacts like*

7) The environment is also highly important, but mostly because it yields energies to the the mood. However...if a person is in an unfamilar environment, there may be resident energies which will affect the outcome of the work. This is not highly recommended. It is always a good idea to be in a familar and consecrated environment when working with magick.


If a Witch is sick and needs to cast a spell, he/she can bind it.

This will keep the spell from backfiring and causing harm to anyone else, most importantly to his/herself. The Witch must procure a thread with a color as dark as the nightly sky. Light an incense of sandalwood and Lavender, and as the incense fills the air, he/she must make three knots on the ribbon as he/she intones the words that follow:

"By the Karmic Power of Three
This spell tied and knotted be
To cause no harm nor return to me
As I will it, so must it be"

The ribbon must be carried when casting the spell as a talisman to keep it from backfiring.

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