Tuesday, December 14, 2010

101: Visualization of Higher Self Assistance

Visualization of High Self Assistance

Another visualization that you can apply is the one that follows, which also brings your Higher Self to assist you. Use only if you do not want to run into ill intentioned folk.

1. Sit in a comfortable position with your spine straight. Keep still and clear your mind of all thoughts. Breathe in deeply and imagine a ray of white light entering the top of your head. Breathe out slowly.
2. See this light now surrounding your entire body and a second ray of light originating from your heart region. This 2nd ray merges with the first light and completely surrounds your body.
3. Accept the presence of this protective light. Try not to think about it, just focus on your breathing and presence of the light.
4. Say to yourself out loud "I am completely protected and balanced with these rays. Only my master, my guides, my higher self and beings that mean well can influence me now".
5. "The light energy becomes a part of my consciousness and protects me" (breathe in)
7. As you exhale say "I am merging with my Higher self, and my soul's energy is protected"
8. This should be practiced for 15 miutews. Make a tape of new age, world, or meditational music for the backgrand

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