Tuesday, December 14, 2010

101:Complicated Tips on Protection

Due to some recent attacks in the past week in the astral, and becoming physical with results, I wanted to offer some advice on protection.

We're all fairly proficient with magick, with varying levels of skill and knowledge. There's some tips we can offer each other for tricks we may not always know. This deals with a latest incident, and one I noticed not everyone is necessarily familiar with, when it comes to certain demons.

There is a certain demon, more of a servant type, that weakens their victim. They look like a giant eyeball (sometimes twisted) with tentacles or "lashers" (based on interpretation). The poison they deliver is astral in nature, but can affect the physical person. This poison is a mixture of Chaos, Darkness, and some Hate.

Best protection from them is familiarity with more than the 5 Elements many of us are stuck on. Expand to the Twelve elements:


Many barriers we make have trace amounts of other elements in them, which includes any of the Twelve..but strengthening our knowledge and familiarity in these can help in those dire situations. Look into them, feel them, know them..even the impossible. We know them, and intimacy in this knowledge will make you a stronger practitioner.

Try this Ward: Tranquility base with Earth links, Fire stabilizer and Water backing, Chaos threads, then air support to you for mobility.

Cloak: Light base, air insulation, fire treads and water film. Then use a touch of darkness to hide from the negativity or harm directed at you or used to find you (even in association).

Barrier: Earth base, Dark supports. Space barrier on base, Time coating with a touch of Chaos for support to the coating, Fire walls, and water shielding.

Complicated and confusing as hell but when you think about it..different combinations and knowing your protection can save time, pain, and downright pissing you off.

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