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101: Symptoms of Psychic Attack

Writen by Christpher Penczak in "The Witches Shield", and edited by me.

Potential symptoms of psychic or magickal harm from another, interitionally or otherwise, include the following:

A feeling that you are being watched by something creepy, unfriendly, or malevolent, particularly during a time of quiet reflection alone or when doing any spiritual work.

A sense of heaviness or pressure, as if something were sitting on your chest or shoulders. This physical presence may be acompanied by a sense of cold or heat manifesting as a sudden change in otherwise normal temperatures, without a porper whether change in the environment to support such teperature shift.

Hearing voices of malevolent nature. Usually these are "psychic voices" heard in the mind, but at times they feel so real they seem audible. Sometimes more than one person in the same vicitnity can hear them at the same time. However, if this occurs frequently enough and no amount of magical protection gets rid of it, it might be a good idea to see a doctor for any possible mental problems.

Unusual psychic manifestations of fearful things. These manifestations can occur as obsessive thoughts of accidents or attacks, when you are not normally prone to obsessive thinking. Manifestations can also include visions. Some visions occur as brief but disturbing glimpses in day to day waking life. Others appear in full detail during meditations and rituals, interrupting your spiritual work. However, these may also be warnings of actual things to come, rather than someone specifically targeting you, especially if your clairvoyant abilities are higher than the average persons.

Vidid, recurring nightmares. Often, the images are of things that are generally considered fearsome, but are not necessarily your personal fears and phobias.

A sharp, stabbing pain in the body. Such pain usually manifests itself as a headache, and sometimes marks can appear on your body. Traditionally it is said to occur when the antagonith's name is mentioned in the presence of the target for pyshic attack, or when the target thinks about the antagonist. This is often felt as a strong headache at the third eye, whitout explination, or as a sharp pain where the skull and neck meet. Pains could also be located at the chakra points.

A slow and steady drain on your personal energy. Such drains can affect your work and personal life, as well as your established magickal abilities and talents. Your intuition and ability to use energy and magick can diminish. This is usually accompanied by intense feelings of cold when you are not normally being prone to being cold.

An experience of psychic loss or entrampent. In certain traditions, harmful practicioners curse you by trapping a portion of your energy body and preventing it from returning to your body. Some consider this portion to be a part of your soul. You do not lose your soul itself, but what is considered a fragment or shard of your soul, in shamanic traditions.
Traumatic expereiences can cause parts of our energy to fragment. If we do not heal and rest to integrate them, the trauma can cause them to leave our proximity and hide in the other worlds for safety. Healing, either of a shamanic, or traditional nature, can usually coax these parts back to us, unless they are purposely blocked by another.
In the Voodoo traditions, harmful practitioners are said to grab your 'ti bon ange' or "little angel", also refered to as the astral body, which travels as most sleep or intentionally project. THey use spells to trap this little self in hpe of exerting influence over the person in the waking world. Symptoms of this experience include a feeling of loss, a loss of power, purpose, or self-indenity, a lack of will; a lack of interest in life or a walking-zombie like attitude; or going through the motions of life, but never fully participating. Other healers call this ghost-walking, and it can occur either through harmful magic or naturally through trauma or illness.

Losing many personal objects of importance when you are not naturally prone to misplace things or don't have some sort of karmic debt to repay.

Suddenly becoming accident-prone when you are normally graceful. Accidents may cause you to break precious objects or injure yourself or others, from bumps and bruises to some severe injuries.

A sudden and unexpected illness when no other causes or the illness are apparent. If you are a witch or mythic in touch with your body, do a deep meditation and scan to determine the source of the illness and the message your body is giving you. If you can't find the cuase, this can be a potential symptom of psychic attack.
In many folk magick traditions, practitioners of harmful magick would curse an entire family. Usually the weakest member of the family, the baby is most susceptible to harmful energy of the curse and will experience an extended bout of colic that is not cured by traditional methods. (Side Note: I don't agree with this, I have found that babies and children are more protected by spiritual guides and guardian angels than adults are).
In many indigenous traditions of healing, it is believed that many illnesses are caused by a source of harmful energy outside the afflicted. If someone wishes you ill will, even unconsciously, in can manifest as illness or injury. Breaking the energy of ill will or banishing the spirit of sickness can heal the illness.

A long chain of events that can only be categorized as BAD LUCK, particulary in financial, personal, or romantic affaris of life (But you have to consider if your actions have caused this, or you have karma kicking you in the ass). Again, as we look at illness as a potential symptom of psychic attack you must be introspective to find the root of your bad luck. Often we create the circumstances of our situation, and can not blame them on other people wishing us ill. Just as illness can be a sign from our body and spirit telling us to find balance and healing, experiences with unfortunate circumstances can guide us to a life in greater harmony

Any of the previous symptoms manifesting after recieving a strange, unexpected or unwanted gift from either a strange or from someone you suspect means you harm, physically, mentally, or spiritually. Practicitioners of harmful magick can often link their curses and spells to ojbjects and transfer their harm through the object.

You or someone around you notices you are acting very out of the ordinary, doing things you don't quite agree with or don't make any sense. Someone or something could be influencing you or controling you. In these times you will feel a sense of loss, numbing to things around you that normally interest you, and a sort of emptiness that can not be explained.

An experience of partial of full posession. Possession is when the malevolent spirit, often refered to as a demon or devil(bias, lol), attempts to control a physical body. Partial posession creates the feeling that something foreign is attempting to take you over or that you are simply not "alone" inside your body. Full possession ranges from the feeling that you have lost motor control of your body or that someone else has motor control of you, to the classic stereotypical images of poession with speaking in malevolent voices and foreign languages, pyshical contortions, and feats of strength. Sometimes these possessions will give you long periods of loss of memory, or as if you are asleep. It is important to note that true, full possession is the least fequent occurence of those listed.(However, it happens more often in the Omni, it seems, though still most of the time it's partial possession, or control/influence as listed just before).

When you break harmful energetic links, you should feel a fairly immediate sense of relief from these symptoms. The symptoms of psychic attack can mainfest very quickly and leave just as quickly.

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