Tuesday, December 14, 2010

101: Drawing Spirits into Crystals

I have used this method for many years, though it will be difficult to explain how it is done. It's really not that complicated, as long as you understand the fundementals of magic and vizualization. It was performed in my presence first, while I was invoking a helpful spirit, in order to assist in banishing a spirit from the body of a friend. We were in my bedroom and the possessed individual was in sitting on the floor in front of me, and I invoked "Dretzel". She sat up straight and held up her hand about half a foot under neith my chin. Not a moment later did the quartz crystal on my necklace fall right off and into the palm of my hand. She, or I should say, We went straight into action and nearly sat on top of my friend. (Keep in mind, the spirit that was possessing her was not being violent, but none the less, refusing to leave the body). She took the quartz, and held it on her forehead. I remember visualizing the crystal penetrating her third eye, and into her consciousness. The vibrations of the crystal seem to be feeling around for what was not suppose to be there...the energies that felt almost...sick and twisted. When it recognized what it was looking for, it sort of locked in on the intruding presence, and with all my strength I pulled, or sucked it out, and locked it in the crystal. Once I realized all of the alien spirit was inside the crystal, I sat it down on the ground in front of me and wrapped energies around it...layering and layering it with what I visualized it as gray energy, blocking it's escape. And then I wrapped it in a black cloth and put shields filled with reflecting energies into it. In otherwords, the harder the spirit tried to leave the crystal, the more it would drain itself. But this is a temporary prison, until you go about finding more secure bindings to place upon the crystal and the spirit inside it.

After that? It really depends what you think should be done. If the spirit is extremely malicious and dangerous, I would generally put it inside a glass jar or bottle and bury it in a place it won't be disturbed for a long time. Don't bury it near a river or a lake. I can't count the may gates or bindings that have been disturbed due to floods in the past decade. Nothing is ever permanent. Magic can always fade, or be broken by someone or something else. This is just a simple non violent solution of getting a spirit out of your body, and giving them a little encouragement not to come back seeking you again. If you don't think the spirit deserves 'punishment', you just wanted to get rid of them, the best thing to do with the crystal is to throw it in a river or stream. Eventually the water will cleanse the crystal and release the spirit somewhere down the stream.

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