Friday, February 11, 2011

Suggested Links of all Kinds

I will be constantly updating this one, adding a link here, a link there. If you have any you think should be in this list, feel free to let me know!

Warning: Not EVERY link provided has been thoroughly reviewed by any of us. As with all things, simply keep an open mind and weed through what is true for you. Enjoy!

Omni & Frequently used Occult Websites:

The Tower Falls-A blog organizing information all about the Omni & Training, created by the members of Project Omni.

Bottles of Djinn, by Simon Zealot

The Mutation Parlour

The Keys of Solomon Book 1 (PDF): Book 1 of the Keys of Solomon

The Keys of Solomon Book 2 (PDF): Book 2 of the Keys of Solomon

The Art of War by Sun Tzu: A Text on strategy and tactics of warfare

The Necronomicon: An online book on Sumerian ritual magic and the Gods therein

The Enuma Elish: The Babylonian Creation Epoch

For research on all metaphysical and mythological topics

Astronomical events & info, etc.

Sacred Texts-Thousands of files from Scriptures of every tradition

Books of all kinds, many of Esoteric nature

Astral Travel




Celestial Events

Celtic Spirituality:
tons of celtic info, learn gaelic, welsh

Correspondence, Charts, Graphs, Scripts:
amazing website with charts and charts of elemental comparisons.

Divine, Gods, Mythology:


Familiars, Totems, Spirit Guides

Healing & Holistic Living

Hopi Prophecy


Magick & Occult

Alchemy web site and virtual library.
Alchemy Lab - Information and Study

Chaos Magic Archive
Chaos at Spiral-Nature


108 Meditation Techniques

Networking Communities


On-Line Pagan Stores

A website devoted to articles and information on Otherkin and Magic



Ample Pagan Information

Asatru Alliance

Fellowship of Isis

Circle Sanctuary

Temple of the Goddess

Pagan Path

Witch School

The Witches Voice

Rainbow Gatherings





Spells & Rituals



A fun, interactive and educational site.

Thelma, Golden Dawn, Ceremonial Magic, Hermetic Studies:




A website with a wide variety of ancient and interesting texts

Sacred Hoop Magazine

gemstones, poems, runes, books

Karma = Law of Action

Metaphysical Connection, cards, spells
Avalonia-United Kingdom
Ask The Dream Doctor

Pagan/Wiccan Religion, 700+ links


An online dictionary

A massive online encyclopedia

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