Friday, August 20, 2010

Ansar, Kisar, Nix, Chaos and the Cosmos

In Sumerian tradition, Ansar and his consort Kisar came together and created the Cosmos. In Greek mythology, Chaos and his consort Nyx'she of empty space' came together and created the Cosmos.

Anu and Enlil were both sons of Ansar and Kisar. Anu became consort with Ki. And Enlil came together with Ninlil, and created their son Nanna. An and Nammu came together and created Enki/EA, and Enki came together with Damkina and created Marduk.

Now what is interesting, I think, is the relation between Ansar/Kisar and Chaos/Nyx. Also that it is believed that Ki, Ninlil and Damkina, are equivalent to the "Creator Gods" and the "Ancient Ones". We're calling them the 'Old Crones', and according to research, they are of the 'light', just as Enki, Anu, and Enlil are of the 'Grey', and Apsu, Tiamat, and Kingu/Azagthoth,(depending on your view of the matter) are of the darkness. Now, that puts three males in balance(though one is pretty androgynous, Anu), three females in light, and two males and one female in darkness. As you know, triads get their power from these beings. In that case, two males and one female are in the dark, two females and one hermaphrodite(though is considered more male) for the balance, and two females and one male for the light...however, there is rumor that one male of the light may be out of the picture, it is unsure how it will play out. So is this balanced? Does it make sense? Does gender even effect the balance as much as many of us believe it does?

Also, once again, the information seems to be extremely biased against the Ancient Ones....The Balance and the Light are consorts...they work together, they have children together. Of the Triad, the same is true for both, Durga and Siva work and consort together, and She-ma and Yakshawnah have been known to do so, and when Kali was on the triad, it was well known that Kali-ma and Siva had deep and even sometimes positive connections. But of the Ancient Ones, they seem to be set on the side...they have no known intimate or even friendly connections with balance or light. What is so different about Tiamat, Kingu and Apsu? What is so different about Machiva, The Third, the Broken Throne...he is more than darkness...but he is cast out in some instances, while 'Covin', the extreme of the light, is not. So the question is...are we biased? Or is the information biased? Or is that just the way of the world? Or a mix between all three? I know some don't think there are three sides to it all, but ah well, shows for a possibly interesting conversation.

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