Friday, August 20, 2010

101: How to see the Aura

All objects in our physical world emanate an energy that we can see if we take the time to learn how. Material objects even have auras and so do animals. But human auras are much more vibrant. If you want to see an aura, take the following steps.

Learn how to meditate. The best time to see an aura is when you are very relaxed. Right after meditation may be the best time for you.

Look at a person. It is best if the person does not know you are trying to see his aura because this will make both of you self conscious. A good person to look at is a teacher as he is giving a class lecture or a person sitting in front of you at church.

Unfocus your eyes from the person and let them drift slightly to the left side of the person's body. Again, you are not trying to focus on anything.

Center your energy toward the middle of your head or brain. This is where your pineal gland is located. Your psychic senses are developed here.

Notice a haze around the person you see. You cannot look directly at it or try to focus on it or you will not see it. You may see just the first layer of the aura which extends a couple of inches from the body. It is usually whitish grey.

Continue with your unfocused relaxation and you may see an aura extending out about a foot around the person. If you do, it should be filled with colors that move about. This is the mental and emotional layers of the aura.

Practice meditation and these techniques on a regular basis. This will allow you to see an aura and gradually expand how much you see of it. It has many layers, some that may yet be undiscovered

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