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The Revealing of the Veil, Total Solar Eclipse, November 13, 2012

Novemeber 13, 2012- New Moon - Total Solar Eclipse - The Reveal -

Herbs: Dragon's Blood, Bittersweet, Benzoin, Peppermint, Rosemary

Stones: Snowflake Obsidian, Blue Tiger's Eye, Bloodstone, Lapis Lazuli, or any green stone (even if you paint it )

Images: Owl, Skull, Eye

Color: Green.

Deities: Athena, Clotho

Plants: Stellium in Scorpio - Sun/Moon/Saturn; Cardnal Cross (planets in the cardnal signs) Uranus/Ceres/Venus/Pluto

Time: 8:35pm GMT (3:35pm EST)

I know not everyone will have access to all the herbs requested but as long as you have rosemary and a green stone you'll be good to go. If you don't have any of the tools, remember, the intent is the most important, and don't worry about it. But if you can use the same symbols, it would be most helpful.

You can also easily adjust this ritual to a more hermetic approach, with the lesser banishing ritual of the pentagram or GRP. Or you can simply lay back in a quiet place and do the visualization exercise i recommended and ignore ritual all together. anything and everything will help. This ritual is meant to reveal the false veil and barriers to the world and to be performed during the solar eclipse. I would suggest to begin the ritual at the time listed above, though, if it's impossible, any time as close as you can should help. I do think it would be helpful to invoke the Fate: Clotho for this particular ritual. This first step can correspond with Air, for revealing the truth of a matter. As the second, fire, can be the destructive qualities, with water unraveling the thread and earth to seal it. The owl is used here to help break through any barriers the Illuminati have placed as in their rites they banish the spiders so they cannot weave their webs and the owl governs illusion as well as being a messenger of the night. Scarab is used in the second step and the skull and the spider for the third. This does not mean that if you use Spider in your workings you cannot use Spider for all three rites, quite the contrary, the Owl can carry your Spiders in on its silent wing. For the first step, many symbols can be used, perhaps the triangle with the eye could be appropriate. if you don't have any figurines or statues with these symbols, you can draw them, or even print them out on a piece of paper. I would suggest to get a knife to use, a dagger or athame of some kind. I usually also incorporate a pentacle, salt, a chalice and incense in every ritual i do, but this all depends on your magical tradition, of course. but remember, tools are not this instance, a couple similar symbols would link us all in our power, but tools are only a focus point...the intent and your mind is the most important. i realize some of you may be inexperienced magical practitioner...just don't let that discourage you...just try your hardest and focus as hard as you can, and something good will come of it. the more doubt, the less you will achieve. believe in yourself and keep focused. Also, when chanting something, it is important to sound sure of yourself. if you are musically inclined, you can sometimes turn it into a sort of song, but what is important, is to say it strongly, and think of what you mean when you say it.

~*The Ritual*~

Stand facing in the east, raise your arms in the air and call out

"I consecrate this circle of power to the ancient ones. Here may they manifest and bless thier child. "

Move to your altar, facing the east

"This is a time that is not a time. In a place that is not a place. On a day that is not a day. I stand between the worlds, before the veil of mysteries. May the ancient ones help and protect me on my magickal journey. "

You can draw the circle in any way you wish. I prefer to mark it out in my mind by circling the circle with the dagger and walk around *CLOCKWISE* and visualize a blue tip of light etching it out, as well as taking holy salt water and sprinkling it around, also clockwise, and as well with the incense...this not only purifies the area, but molds out the circle. once the circle is made, do not leave it until you open it back up at the end. (there is also the option, where you can consecrate your tools, but i was trying to make this more simple for those who aren't as experienced. instead of a long drawn out process, you may cleanse them with water and ask your deities or the earth to cleanse and bless them.)

~Invocation of the Elements~

Chants for the 12 Elements
You can have designated candles for each element, and light them as you chant. If you look at the Correspondence for the 12 Elements it can give you ideas, But 12 candles are a lot, so maybe 12 white votive candles would be okay.

I call upon the Spirit of the North
Golden Orb of Earth and Creation
Principle of fertility
Power of regeneration and renewal
Help us to be mindful of the earth our mother,
to live in peace as her children
Help us to understand the process of life and death
Seed time and harvest, the cycles of existance
Be with us.

I call upon the spirit of the East
White light of dawn, recession, of suspension
Of Contemplation, of intelligence and insight
The wise and ageless winds that know the mysteries of
eternity.Help us to breath freely
To drink the winds and yet find the still center
Help us to know liberation, to perceive with crystalline clarity
what we need to know. Help us to think swiftly and see without distortionLet us hear the words upon the winds of time.
Be with us.


I call upon the spirit of the West.
Blue serpent of water and of birth
The principle of love that sustains all things
giving and flowing throughout our bodies
and throughout the living world
Help us to tell the difference between illusions and reality
Between knowledge and wisdom
Help us to sustain and be sustained within
the great ebb and flow of the tide of mother ocean
Be with us.

I call upon the spirit of the south
Red flame of fire and of passion
blood and wine, sexuality and vital heart
Driving forces of the Id
Powers of aspiration, ecstasy, warmth, and joy
Help us to control and direct our emotions to creative ends.
Help us to live more fully.
to warn our hearts and our hearths
and may our vigilance protect all from harm and the flame within
Be with us


I call upon the spirit of tranquility
Subtle shinning power of the cycles of life
of the patterns, of the order of existence
I ask for the calmness and the peace of mind
to fulfill my desires and I am ever reminded
that tranquility comes out of chaos and back into order again
Help us to maintain order and consistency and live in peace
Be with us.


I call upon the spirit of chaos
Radiant beam of life and death,
disorder, confusion, warn and change.
The powers of that which is the random flow
I ask for the towers to crumble
so that change be be truly granted
I am ever mindful that chaos comes and out order
and back into tranquility
Help us to be sporadic and free, to avoid stagnation
and still maintain our goals
and not get lost in the beautiful whirl of chaos.
Be with us.


I call upon the spirit of Love
the pure emotion that is directed with selflessness
toward all who would receive it
Powers of love, of lust, and those of despair.
Help us to remember that all beings were created
by the divine and with love,
so each creature must be respected as such
Help us to love another and to be able to receive love.
Be with us


I call upon the spirit of hate, of hope and of longing
Help us to realize when apathy is the best solution
and when hate empowers us.
The dark spirit of malice will not consume us
but charge us in battle
Help us to direct our emotions toward creative ends that will
forever give us the strength to obtain our goals.
Be with us


I call upon the spirit of space
silver light of the ether
Blackness of the void, that which is abyss.
Of all beings in creation that which is the in-between,
the energy, that binds us all together.
True freedom forever engulfing our soul.
Help us to escape these cages and drift out of time, into space
into astral planes, with the light of the moon.
Be with us.


I call upon the spirit of time
the etheric golden wheel of movement, change, and

The never ending circle of existence.
Help us to be mindful of the wheel of life, growth, and death
Give us wisdom of the ages and
the knowledge to bend around time
and concepts to suit our purposes
May the light of the sun guide us.
Be with us


I call upon the spirit of light
the enteric virtuous beacons of life and wisdom
Upon the bright side of the moon
and the rising sun, shinning compassion on our brows.
I seek out the protection and clarity within myself
and the universe.
Help us to remember the balance of the yin and yang
as there is no light without darkness
but we will walk the path of light when we must.
May the light not blind us but guide us to enlightenment.
Be with us


I call upon the spirit of darkness
black etheric shadow of mystery and death,
secrecy upon the dark side of the moon and the setting sun
I seek out the shadows that have eluded us
and engraved the mysteries of eternity within our
hearts. I seek out the protection and understanding within myself
and the universe to have the power to destroy,
the independence of thought.
Help us to remember the balance of the yin and yang
as there is no darkness without light
and to live and walk with the darkness when we must.
May the shadows not blind us but guide us into self fulfillment.
Be with Us

And for the 13th

We keep the faith
until the sky falls upon us and crushes us
Until the earth opens and swallows us
Until the Seas arise and overwealm us
Until the land is burnt to ash
By the Plains of the living spirits
in the center of all,
From Umhala
By the Fifth and the Thirteenth
By the Spirit of all things
Ire, Akasha, Ire, Akasha
We call you forth, Theot se!
Akasha, Spirit, watch over me
I am your child so mote it be

above, by the heavenly realm
and all the Spirits on high
below - by the Underworld
and all the Sidhe below

As above, so below. We become one with all.
As above, so below, we are all one, AlOne"

Face the East and rise

"This circle is bound with power all around. Between the worlds, I stand with protection at hand. "

"Spirit of the great white light
Burn away our psychic night
let us feel your loving care
give us joy and love to share

Make us of your willing tool
Let fulfillment be our rule
That our growth may be a light
saving others from the night "

I would take a piece of paper or a symbol of an eye inside a triangle, and owl, a skull or even carve it into a candle, or many candles. Most rituals i prefer to have very little light, to create the aura of mystery. for this rite however, the more light the better. If you can have this ritual outside and with a bon fire, even better still.

during this time i would take a few momemts to say a prayer or chant to Clotho, and invoke her power.

"Hail the Huntress,
As you draw your silver bow,
Hail Artemis and Io,
Oh Horned waxing luminous present glow
Nu and numinous maiden crescent shewn

Hail Clotho,
Spinner of life's thread
Drawn forth from Nix Night
Turning Fate's first strands
With nimble hands
Twining twixt the dark and bright"

(Visualize this before or during the chants, whichever is preferable to you. But, remember, the words don't mean anything until you mean them. Try and build up the tension, raising your voice in strength or in notes until it comes crashing at the end.)
Now you can light the incense or herbs you have selected, and maybe hold the snowflake obsidian in hand. Light candles or a fire. Focus for a few moments on the images of the Owl and the Skull.

Now concentrate on the false veil in the sky, you can stare into the sky or just visualize the barrier, that which is a web over and through the earth, the gray abyss over the sky, or the millions of broken pinwheels spinning back and forth.

Now, let the light in your body grow, glowing in the night, until it becomes a beacon, standing strong and alone. Eventually you can aim it and shine it towards what has been hidden, through the veil and to the other side. this is most important, to reveal what has been done to the world, to take the Veil off people's eyes and make them aware of create a light so people understand what is happening.

"We are the flow and we are the ebb;
we reveal the weavers of the web!
we see the weavers;what become of the web?
where are the spiders who master the thread?
to separate the living and the dead
the truth is the flow and we reveal the ebb


the truth is upon us, hear the call!
what is hidden is revealed to all
tear down the cobwebs
tear down the walls(pause)
Now we are the flow and we are the ebb
we are the weavers of the web
we are the weavers we are the web
we are the spiders we are teh thread
we are the chosen back from teh dead
we are the chosen back from the dead
we are the flow, and we are teh ebb!


As the serpent swallows the Sun
Truth revealed the hidden undone
A false veil covers Athena's face
the knowledge of Truth descend on Man's race
Bubo, the message deliver wide
to One and All on earth they reside!"
Now relax and release the energy. If you have lit candles or a bonfire, let it burn out on it's own.

Now, i would not be surprised if something tries to attack us for this. which is why the rest of the ritual i would advise you to sit quietly and concentrate on strengthening your wards and cloaks around you. An additional protection ritual might be necessary, especially, especially if you are newly awakened.

~Dismisal of the Elements~

(put out each candle in turn while saying this)

"Depart oh powers of (earth/air/fire/water...), my thanks and blessings. "

Take athame and cut hole in your circle. and then say:

"The circle is open but ever remains a circle. Around and through me always flows it’s magical power.

I give thanks to all the beings of the visible and the invisible that have joined with me/us on this night. By the powers of the ancient Gods, I bind all power within this circle, into this spell. So mote it be"

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