Tuesday, September 13, 2011

201: Astral Projection ideas & correspondences

Astral projection is simply mental/spiritual travel out of the body to any place on the astral plane; the realm of dreams and spirits etc. It's as easy as daydreaming, but full transfer of consciousness to the point where the experience is more real than normal waking reality takes practice.

The most basic methods for projecting involve closing the eyes, getting into a deeply relaxed state via meditation, and 'believing' that you are in a place. Try to feel that you are actually in a different place from where your body is located. It can be across the room even. Touch the walls with your mental 'body' (just as you would have in a dream), and try to feel them as real.

Believe you are in a place, and you will be there.

Early attempts at projection are often like controlled daydreams, but with practice they become more real and vivid, and contact with the physical realm can even be made and information brought back with accuracy. The biggest problem most people have is that they think there will always be an immediate conscious separation of the body/mind that they will be able to witness right away. When learning to project, try not to pay any attention to your body or the act of separation. Usually, consciousness of the body is never fully lost (you just ignore the body in favor of the vision), and the transfer of consciousness over to the 'vision' or astral landscape is most easily accomplished by allowing it to occur gradually; the more you practice 'seeing' with your mind and traveling with your mind, the more you'll be able to focus your attention on the astral plane, and transfer of consciousness will be gradual and almost unnoticed. This is the easiest way to project. (Note: some people refer to this method as projection of the mental body - projection of the astral/etheric body is far more intense in feeling/perception but some people do it more gradually, whereas others learn to do it instantly. It doesn't matter how you get there so long as you eventually do.) Some people can and do experience a definite separation that occurs everytime, but that is a different method of projecting I won't go into here (Edain McCoy refers to it in her book as chakra projection). The end results of projection are essentially the same, however.

What does a true projection feel like? In the later stages of projecting when you are becoming skilled at it, a full projection usually feels and appears to be even more REAL than regular physical reality. Colors and sounds are far more vivid, and sight is broader in scope (not limited by eyes). In some ways it is like being awake and super-conscious in a dream, but more vivid and real than any normal dream you've ever had.

Astral Work Correspondences
Herbs---Sandalwood, bezoin, hazel, lavender, valerian, mugwort, jasmine, thyme
Stones---Amethyst, moonstone, peridot, labradorite, carnelian
Colour--- Purple, white
Day of the Week--- Monday
Element--- Water

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