Monday, May 30, 2011

The Morrigan Speaks

I am She Who controls the tides of space, and I light the smallest atom and the mightiest star. I breathe to you in the breezes of spring, and make you drunk with ecstasy with the heady perfumes of summer. Yet I am She whom you face when the sharp bite of autumn reminds you that you are mortal, for I am the Black Goddess of Death.

None may escape my dark embrace, however manifold are their devices to escape Me. For am I not the Black Hole that irresistibly devours whole stars? If stars may not escape Me, how can you?

But understand My Mysteries. Without death there is no greater life. You can postpone the Great Awakening by hiding in a dream repetition of stories that you call lives. But these are only projections of the soul and become more and more worthless. Inevitably your pleasures pale, your habits stultify, and death comes to you by stealth.

Embrace My Mysteries with courage and you will find greater life in ever increasing spirals of Being. Past, present and future are one. What is the secret of eternal Life? It is simple. Live now. Now is forever.

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