Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The flux continues and so do we!

I haven't posted in a very long time and I apologize for that. Many of us have taken this past year as a time to learn and grow individually, learning self fulfillment and self reliance to be of the utmost importance. But I do want to give an update. Many of us feel more or less, sometimes both, connected with humanity. Much more recently many of us have been reporting an influx in psychic awareness and activity, as well as dreams and visions more often coming to pass. More are awakening who had quietly gone back to sleep, while others bury their faces deeper into the sand with each passing day. The Chaos has a firm hold on many people's lives, but it seems as if the right things are happening at the right time. The pyshical realm closes in around us and overwhelms our mind only if we allow it. Only great change can happen after this. It is all up to us as to whether that change is positive or negative in our lives. While the present seems very bleak, I have a strange notion that the future holds many bright opportunities for this race and those who have chosen to incarnate to witness and experience this great change. I have lost my faith in most of humanity, but those who still shine brightly may be victorious in the end after all. Please, take care of yourselves! Eat real food and drink clean and pure water. Don't fill your body full of toxins. Don't let your mind be clouded. You are a star in the darkness. You must shine brighter than ever now!

The the truth is within ourselves, and I can't say too much without revealing a truth you must realize on your own. And who is to say if I'm right or not, anyway?  The Omni is fluxing again, and in ways I can barely comprehend.  It is frightening and relieving feeling all at the same time.I can feel my core surge and flux, as I haven't felt it in many years.

I hope to spend the next few weeks on sharing more information to help you help yourself in your own transformation, in your awakening, ascension, psychic protection, and basic understand of the magical world and what the future may have to offer. If anyone has any requests for specific topics, please let me know.

Keep safe and strong; The Omni lives on.