Wednesday, July 18, 2012

2012: We have arrived !

"The spiral continues to bring the red horse upon the lands.
The tablets are following it's tail, the Red Kachina!
All that was revealed can not be hidden, never again.
What was corrupted will now strike fast, lead by Machiva.

The Uprising has begun inside and
The Uprising has begun on the outside
It has crossed over."---Gwen

In 2010, several of us went to the National Rainbow Gathering in the Allegheny Mountains of Pennsylvania. We met with a self-proclaimed Shaman and had a few meetings discussing prophecies there were expected to be soon filled. Every year on the Fourth of July, we are silent until noon. We spoke to some of the Elders and asked for consent to break the silence early by speaking the prophecies to the masses, while the children were gone and in Kiddie Village. While Rainbow Family in Main Meadow continued to OM, four of us stood in a circle around the Peace Pole and spoke of many prophecies. We spoke of the Phoenix Rising. We spoke of the Hopi Prophcies and their warnings of the Blue and Red Kachina, of the Natural Purification, of the need to know where your water is, know where your garden is, and make right relations. We spoke of the Sennica Indians offer to extend their protection during the Purification to their brothers and sisters, the Rainbow Tribe. It was said that the BP Oil spill was only the beginning. We warned the people they needed to be prepared, they needed to embrace the Great Awakening, and find balance in themselves and encourage it throughout the world. We said "We Can Not Be Silent Anymore!" And then we quieted and OM'ed with the rest, and it one of the most magickal and mind blowing experiences I have ever had. I asked for the protection from Akasha, the Great Spirit, to bless our people. The energy radiated out of me like a funnel and swirled dozens of feet above my head and the colors fell back on the family like rain drops. A young woman found me afterwards, crying, and said "You were so colorful!" and hugged me.

Some people were not so appreciative of our message. It angered some. It scared others. Some mocked us and laughed. But the message was given and many accepted it. But I would think now, even those skeptics, might be reconsidering what we said. Since this event, the spiral has spread throughout the world, the revolts have begun, the cyber war has peaked, people are rebelling, governments are taking more power and murdering their own people daily, war has increased, Nuclear radiation and waste fills the Pacific Ocean, the Golf Stream has changed, the poles are shifting, many ice walls have sunk, the weather has changed drastically, records occur by the thousands mostly due to record breaking Solar Flares. Natural Disasters increase in strength and consistency every day.

We have also brought down the False Veil. Since then, the truth, in so many things, is being revealed, whether it's affecting a relationship, or a country in arms. I can see the energy vibrating from the earth and the sky. I can see the shadows from the OtherWorlds, and the voices of the Earth are speaking to us all. We can hear it. We can feel it. Kether and Malkuth become closer to each other every second. More people are awakening every day and coming forward with their own Truth. Reports of paranormal and supernatural activity has increased drastically. We still have so much work to do, and we are seriously running out of time. The Tower Falls this year. What will happen? It is hard to say. what we did vibrated and echoed through the world. "I cannot be silent anymore!" It is time to find our temples, our sacred space, where we can be safe. It is time to resist the growing rift in the world which brings extremities, imbalance, corruption, abuse of Mother Earth, and takes away all our liberties. It is time to become One with the Spirit. Not caring does not protect you. Ignoring it will not make it go away. Indifference is man's greatest weakness and allows the greatest of evils to persist. We are the bringers of the messages from beyond the stars. The Prophets awaken and the people are afraid.

Here are the prophecies of No-Eyes, a Chippewa Medicine Woman. Notice, that most of these events, have come to pass very recently, and have not improved much since. Notice that over three quarters of these events have already begun to unfold, or have been unleashed fully on the world. No-Eyes said most of these things will happen in North America, but many will also happen world wide.

*Massive blue collar strikes
*Relocation of key factories overseas
*Extended import-export *embargoes/taxations
*Widespread factory shutdowns
*Excessive taxation
*Small business failures
*Insolvency of many banks
*Stock market misdealing/decline
*Drastic construction decline
*Devaluation of real estate
*Increase in corporate crime
Drop in level of manufactured goods
*Increase of corporate monopolies/takeovers
*Increase in personal bankruptcies
*Widespread layoffs
Cash as only accepted tender

Natural Disasters

*Major devastation in California
*Earthquakes in new areas
Inactive craters become unsettled
*Mountains become unstable
*Return of the dust bowl
*Record-breaking flooding
*Tornadoes increase intensity and occasion
*Liquefaction of soil beneath faults
*Intensified hurricane devastation
*Freak wind gusts/accidents
*Soil erosion
*Increased radon levels
*Insect infestation
Sink holes
*Rapid temperature inversions
*Unusually frigid winters/deadly blizzards
*Seeping natural gas (fires/explosions)
*Widespread surface blazes
Major quake of the New Madrid Fault(not major yet , but earthquakes have increased in size and frequency along this fault line. It is said there is a 25% chance that there will be a 7.5 or greater earthquake effecting over 20 states at the same time, within the next 20 years, and signs are consistent that one such as that is approaching)
*Greenish hue to atmosphere(seen it more often)
*Higher pollution levels(i can not find a non-biased source on this. We know it's worse in other countries, but some say America pollution has been decreasing for 30 years *shrugs*)

Transportation Accidents

*Transportation accidents increase
Higher incidents of train derailments/accidents
*Airplane accidents increase

Freak Deaths and Accidents

*Increase in homicide/suicide
Freak household accidents
*Disease outbreaks
*Germ Warfare release accident Gulf War Illness?

Discord Among Nations

*Grave economic differences
*Arms escalation
*Terrorism increases
*Undeclared wars
*Clandestine dealings between countries
*High-level secrecy

Spiritual Unrest and Awakening

*Questioning masses
*Political church actions
*Government interventions
*Repression from certain religious sects
*Increased UFO sightings
*Interaction with other intelligences
*Acceptance of the paranormal and the afterlife
*Religious sects going to court to force their restrictions on all

Nuclear Incidents

*Several close meltdowns/leaks
Seeping radioactive dump sites
*Two catastrophic meltdowns
*Radioactive pollution of land/rivers (and ocean)
Major accidents of trucks carrying nuclear missiles/radioactive waste
*Radioactive releases caused by geological instability

Civil Unrest

*Resistance movements
*Draft evasion
*Public's discovery of coverups
*Nuclear exchange

Massive Revolts and Government Turnaround

*Taxation refusals
*War resistance
*Policy disagreements within government
*Major upheaval within governments

Rise of the Age of Peace

Total equality among people
Discontinuance of all meat ingestion
Construction reforms
Cessation of most severe natural disasters
Pollution-free energy innovations using Earth's magnetic field
Rise of the Indian Nation through widespread adaptation of its ways of natural living

It's difficult to argue with such accurate results. Every few months i have reviewed this list of predictions for the past few years, and it gets scarier every time. If you are interested in reading more about No-Eyes, I would suggest the books Spirit Song & Phoenix Rising, by Mary Summer Rain.