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Evolution of the Elf

I believe all the elves came from a faery race that pre-exists what we know now as elves. Some believe the Silver Elves were the first, some believe the Wood Elves were the first. From my memory of past lives, it seems more likely to me that they evolved from a common ancestor. For your benefit, I will simply just call them Elves. Keep in mind, it is highly probable that some of these 'Elves' still live in alternate dimensions, as the Elf, is clearly one of the more immortal beings I have encountered.

 Further down the line, after an untold amount of evolution and development, there seemed to became Seven base races of Elf. The original ancestor of the elves were more broad than most elves now, and on average around 6 foot to 8 feet tall. They had gray skin, so I think perhaps their direct descendants became known as Gray Elves, though another type may be from what I believe to be interbreeding between two later races of Elf. The original Elf is possible the only true immortal elf, as they do not simply live for thousands of years and grow very slowly. If this is the case, it doesn't appear to be so. It is of course possible that they can die of natural causes, as many have been said to look rather middle aged in the past thousand years. However there are no recordings, that I can find, of one that has ever died from natural causes or sickness. Now, it is believed that this elf had a cousin, and this cousin is what became of Faeries, more probably the Tuatha de Danann, as they are the closest in character and traits than any other faery I have encountered.

These Seven Races are known to some as the The White Elves, The Silver Elves, The Sun Elves, The Earth Elves, The Water Elves, the Moon Elves and the Black Elves. Keep in mind that many of these races that existed then, are very different now, although some claim their names.

From the interbreeding between these groups and between other races, come many more types of elves, most of which still exist today.

I do not have the technical name for each of these races, as most have been translated into English for our understanding. But the meaning of these names are essentially the same. Also, if a name is listed twice, it is because there are two different types wtih the same name, or sometimes it's because they evolved from two different types of elves.

From White Elves came:

White Elves
Light Elves
High Elves
Healing Elves
The Oracle Elves
Albino Elves

From Silver Elves came:

Silver Elves
High Elves
Nolf Elf

From Sun elves came:

The Modern Sun Elf
Fire elves
red drows
mountain elves
sky elves

From Earth Elves came:

Tribal wood elf
Earth Elf
Woodland Elf
Forest Elf
Sidhe Elf
Dwarf Elf
Tree Elf

From Water Elves came:

Modern Water Elf
Sea Elf
Storm Elves
Ice Elf
Snow Elf

From Moon Elves came:

Lunar Drow
Modern Moon Elf(keep in mind, there are half a dozen types of moon elf now and not all came from the original Moon Elves)
Elf Wolf

From the Black Elves came:

The Black Drow
Shadow Elf
Irkik Elf
Shifter Elf
Raven Elf
Tree Elf

White Elves
are sometimes considered the "Elders" of the races by many people. They are a celestial early elf with white skin, white hair, and pale gray eyes. They are known for their uncanny wisdom. The white elves do not breed anymore and only a few dozen are known to still exist. Height ranges from six to seven feet tall on average.

Silver Elves, in this day and age, are much rarer than once before. They are known for thier metalic and literally silver hair, gray eyes, and their height. The average silver elf is 7 feet tall. These elves are known to be more modern than many other elves, rather than living in tribes or forests, they live in grand villages or cities, in towers, castles, and elaborate stone and wood houses. They are known for their skill in battle, hunting, and use of magic. Many Silver Elves, especially the older races, have been known to be able to shape shift into white and silver wolves, whilst going into battle. Some disagree and say these are hybrids, but we can't be sure yet.

High Elves
are a result of early breeding between Light Elves and Silver Elves. They are known for their nobility, politics and diplomacy. They are usually fair skinned, gray eyes, gray hair, even at a young age. Height ranges depending on the family.

Healing elves
are said to be descendants of the White Elves. They are a very elite society and cast out children without the healing abilities, whom eventually breed with other races. They are as white as the White Elves, but much shorter and with facial and body tattoos, usually symbolizing thier rank in society. They range from under 5 feet tall to 6 feet on average.

Oracle Elves
are very similar to healing elves, only appears to stem from a mix of white elves and possibly moon elves. They have very pale, almost luminescent skin, and appear invisible to those who are not seeking them for questions. They are prophets, and at one time were keepers of the early accesses to the Akashic Records, until most was passed down to faery races. They range from four and a half feet to five and a half feet.

Albino Elves
are a descendant of the White Elf ,but seemingly more primal. They have white skin, white hair, pink eyes and live in places where the sun can not reach them-caves mountains, and many realms where direct sunlight is impossible.

Black Elves
are a celestial early elf which is frequently confused as a drow, however there is no relation except they are the ancestor of some drow. They are darker in nature, however are known as gatekeepers, messengers, and keepers of mystery. They have jet black hair and skin, large black cat eyes and silky black and grey hair. They focus on magic of all kinds, from shape-shifting to necromancy. They range from over 5 feet to 6 and a half feet tall.

Shadow Elves
are possibly a mix between Shadow Creatures and Black Elf. They are shape-shifters and can become unto like a "shadow" at will. They can fade into shadows, or blend into their environment. They have gray to black chalky skin, black eyes, and dark hair. Range from three feet to over five feet tall.

Irkik Elf
These elves have streaks of gray and black in their skin, and have various colors of hair. Some appear to be zebra or tiger patterned. They claim to be descendant of the Black Elf. They are admirable shape-shifters, but can only shift into a form with about the same density.

Raven Elf

are shifter elves known for their scouting and messenger abilities because they appear to be a mixture of an actual raven and a black elf. Their hair is feathered and they have wings, black eyes, and a beak like nose. They range from three feet to over 5 feet tall.

The Demonic Black Elf
could be considered a type of Drow. The most common have black skin, dark eyes, and anywhere between white and black hair, depending on the type of demon the Black Elf had mated with. They are more darker in nature than the Black Elf

Tree Elves
are a mix between Earth Elf and Black Elf. They are very anti social and guardians of very large trees. They are shape-shifters, similar to the "dryad" and can appear as a tree. They range from two to twelve feet in height! They have brown skin and hair that changes with the leaves of the season.

Gray Elf
This is a very large race of elf, a mix between white and black elf possibly, or simply a direct desendant of the original elf. They are naturally guardians of balance and justice in life an in nature, as well as the mysteries and history of exsitance. They range from under 6 feet to 8 feet tall, with gray hair, eyes and skin. From a young age they are initiated into learning the historical records of the elves and other races.

Moon Elf
ranges from four feet to six feet tall and is one of the early celestial elves. They are normally invisible to all but other moon elves, save under the light of the moon. They have illuminescent skin with silver, blond or white looking hair. Most seem to have a bit of a glow to them when visible. They are frequently cloaked or shrouded in public to either be polite or antisocial,(depending on which moon elf you ask). They have shinning eyes, but often look solemn. A rare moon elf will have violet eyes. Their emotions seem to flow with the moon. Changing daily. They have an uncanny control over teh tide as well as a gift for telepathy and empathy.They are said to be created by the Moon Goddess. Many still thrive in existence, and some even spend their time living or associating with other types of moon elf.

The Lunar Drow
is a mixture of demon or drow and the moon elf. They have rather dark skin, and by the moon elves, are considered "the dark side of the moon" and call the females the Crones, not by insult, but by respect. Very little is recorded on their existence, and they are very anti-social.

Water Elf
is considered an early celestial form of elf whom are slightly anti social and more primal in nature than some.They are known for their fighting capabilities as well as thier emotional magical qualities. The water elf is a shape-shifter, but can only transform into a sea serpent or rarely, a dolphin like creature. When transforming into the sea serpent, it is on average 4 feet wide in the middle, sometimes between 15 and 20 feet in length, with the same coloring. Female are typically lighter greenish blue or bluish green with white main/hair, while the males with darker skin/scales with dark blue man/hair. Their wingspan is about 20 to 25 feet, thought not all fly, but glide. They range between under 5 and under 7 feet tall in their elf forms.They have webbed fingers and toes and two sets of gills on their back and thier neck, though I'm not sure why. They have sometimes aqua eyes, other times blue or green. They are semi-aquatic, preferring to live along the coasts or in underwater cities.

Sea Elf
is a descendant of the Water Elf. They evolved into a full aquatic creature. They are even more antisocial in nature, and even more 'primitive' in some elves minds. They are rarely seen on the surface and they have lighter green scales, sometimes pink or white, with a little pigment in the eyes and hair. Little is known about them, though some families and tribes of sea elves live along side the Water Elves during the winter.

Storm Elf
is possibly some kind of descendant to the water elf. The thoeries are very diverse, and all yet to be prooven, though they have bluish to ivory skin with swirling colored eyes that change constantly. Thier hair is like a mane, growing from thier head to lower back. They range from five feet to 6 feet tall. They are nomadic in nature, and drift from realm to realm. They have the power to control the weather and they usually follow the weather.

Ice Elf
is a semi aquatic descendant of water elves and they appear to have icey blue skin, and blue stormy eyes. They prefer colder and Artic regions and live in caves and ice shelters quite similar to igloos. They range between four feet and well over 6 feet tall. They can shift into small serpent like creatures, which remind me a big of seals, but longer than the water elves transformation.

Snow Elf
is a race I know very little about, though they are very similar to Ice Elves

Earth Elf
are an early celestial guardian elf that consentrated on keeping nature. They ranged from 5 to 9 foot tall. They were shapeshifters, changing into animals, trees and rocks. They had brown red, orange, blonde, and even green hair. Their eyes were normally brown, hazel or green. They could speak to the animals and spirits of the trees and the rocks.

Tribal Wood Elf
are earlier wood elves, though they still exist. They are the decendant of the Earth Elf. They are usually under 6 feet to nearly 8 feet tall, with stalkier features compared to a typical slender elf body. They remianed guardians of the woods, however became strong warriors in the tribal wood society. It was nessecary to learn war tactics and fight as a warrior when growing up, or at least until mating age. Now, being a warrior is not as common place for they have become slightly more peaceful and getting back to thier roots. Though I'd wager they return to thier warrior ways now with the war as it is. They have many tattoos signifying rank, thier acomplishments, and thier rites of passage. They are extremely 'tribal',refusing to adapt to civilization and stay with thier birthrite. They use a strange lanugage many can not even begin to copy, with whistles, clicks, and a great deal of body langauge. This is one of the most common types of elves today.

Forest Elf
are desendants of the Earth Elf, but chose another path from wood elves a very long time ago. They range from under 5 feet tall to under 7 feettall. They typically have dark red hair and green eyes. They are extremely antisocial and will usually only speak with close friends and relatives. They live in trees, caves, or simple houses. They are guardians of sacred and normal forests. Most have brownish-red hair and green eyes.

The Drow is a descendant from early Elves and various Daemons. They are typically with dark skin and dark or light hair, with dark or even violet eyes. They are known to live in the mountains or in caves, but sometimes live in small cities or tribes. It all depends upon the tribe and their ancestry. Many drow are very telepathic, some tribes do not even use their vocal chords except for song and warnings. They are thought to be of a darker nature, due to their daemonic ancestors, though not all drow could be exactly considered such. This classification of elf is very difficult to describe, as ther are hundreds of kinds, and each as different as the next.

Disclaimer: I do not claim to be the ultimate expert on elves. I have lived many lives as an elf, and I have a fairly good memory of at least five lives as an Elf. I will say I know much more about those species, but I have lived amongst others, and read about many others as well. I read a little from, but I can honestly say I can't really relate completely with their description of elves. Suffice to say, there could be unlimited of dimensions in which Elves have dominated realms, and I know of at least half a dozen which still exist according to my own and other's astral travels. Lucky for me, I have many friends and loved ones who have shared many of the same previous incarnations with me, so I am confident that this is at least, one truth of many. My information comes from several individuals, both in this realm and living outside of it, based on their memories and their studies of the Akashic Records. 

I don't not appreciate the silly attitude that there are only one original type of elf, only one truth, only one person with the ultimate authority on what an Elf is. I have felt the need to edit this file on the Evolution of the Elven Race, due to very rude individuals getting on this blog and claiming I don't know what I am talking about and never bothered to read supposed Elven Lineages from the very beginning, that they were around for the 'beginning' of the elven race, etc and so forth. I am not trying to contradict anyone's memories, nor trying to make them look bad because I express my belief that Silver Elves are not the ancestors of all Elves. So, ending this rant, if you have something to say about the Elves and their arrival in the universe, then I'd suggest you write your own essay on it. :) 

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