Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Our Elements: Four, Twelve, and Fifty(-One)

This is the introduction for something we like to consider basic knowledge and reference. You don't have to memorize this.

This was originally drawn up with Mysst, aka Faye, and since edited or arranged for better understanding by her.

There are the Four Elements we all know and love, and are the basics of elemental working:
Earth, Air, Fire, and Water.

With them, we introduce 8 more.

The Twelve are:

1. Air
2. Earth
3. Fire
4. Water
5. Time
6. Space
7. Light
8. Darkness.
9. Love/Despair
10. Hate/Hope
11. Chaos
12. Tranquility

This has been seldom discussed, but many places in the occult community does recognize them as existing. However, and this is where debate will come, there are in fact 50 (or 51) elements.

The Fifty-One are:

1. Air
2. Earth
3. Fire
4. Water
5. Time
6. Space
7. Light
8. Darkness.
9. Love/Despair
10. Hate/Hope
11. Chaos
12. Tranquility
13. Discord
14. Order
15. Law
16. War/Rebellion
17. Creation/Life
18. Extinction/Death
19. Innocence/Ignorance
20. Wisdom (Guilt/Knowledge)
21. Purity
22. Corruption
23. Fury
24. Madness
25. Infinity (Void/Abyss included?)
26. Finite
27. Material
28. Ether (Astral included?)
29. Mental
30. Spiritual
31. Pride/Arrogance
32. Humility/Modesty
33. Shadow
34. Rainbow
35. Flow
36. Shock
37. Force
38. Stagnation
39. Eternal
40. Truth
41. Fear
42. Courage
43. Good
44. Evil
45. "Peace"
46. "Khaos" (Raw form of Chaos?)
47. Reality
48. Illusion
49. Soul
50. Spirit
51. Akashic (13th/5th Elements, Spirit)

Notice how Spirit is placed at number Fifty, right next to Soul, and before Akashic. This is intentional, for two reasons. For the Four elements, we place Spirit as the encompassing 5th, for the association shared with them. On the Twelve, we can theoretically place it as the 13th, for the same association and encompassing.

When we expand to a larger list, of smaller and more primal aspects o thef Universe, we gain access to more. The Soul, what makes you whom you are, and your Spirit, which allows you to extend and connect with all things outside your body.

Lastly, we come to the vague but included Akashic. According to several theories and Norse mythology, Akasha is the name for the ultimate creator, or a Creator for Balance (in Umhala, with four others). Akasha becomes an element, in that all elements come from Her. In Her, and through Her, the element of Spirit becomes the encompassing 5th and 13th connections. Shared name for shared connection and paths.

This does bring up that there are a total of 38 elements not widely recognized in the occult community. The reason this list was originally composed was to being a more clarified approach to our work, especially as these 38 are considered "Primal Elements". We'll likely cover this in more detail, in another document, and why they're involved more than simply being recognized.

Now, I'd like to also display the oppositions that bring balance to each other. Following this list is a House order, based on their nature in commune with the Universe.

Oppositions (minus Akashic):

-Air VS Earth
-Fire VS Water
-Time VS Space
-Light VS Darkness
-Love/Despair VS Hate/Hope
-Chaos VS Tranquility
-Discord VS Order
-Law VS War/Rebellion
-Creation/Life VS Extinction/Death
-Innocence/Ignorance VS Wisdom (Guilt/Knowledge)
-Purity VS Corruption
-Fury VS Madness
-Infinity (Void/Abyss included?) VS Finite
-Material VS Ether/Ethereal (Astral included?)
-Mental VS Spiritual
-Pride/Arrogance VS Humility/Modesty
-Shadow VS Rainbow
-Flow VS Shock
-Force VS Stagnation
-Eternal VS Truth
-Fear VS Courage
-Good VS Evil
-"Peace" VS "Khaos" (Raw form of Chaos?)
-Reality VS Illusion
-Soul VS Spirit

Associations aka "Houses":




Notice the two elements, Khaos and Chaos, as filed separately. The reason for this is, for lack of better terms, they are very similar but interact with the universe is separate ways. Chaos is a state of being, bringing in confusion and lack of clarify (where Tranquility would do the opposite). Khaos, currently theorized as a more raw form, is more like an elemental force. It's the underlying force for a chaotic emotion, and encourages change in many ways.

I believe others may explain it better in the comments below.

*Please note, the parentheses are for notes and possible theory. Feel free to discuss below.

---Kata Samoes

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