Tuesday, September 13, 2011

201: Divination


Divination is the art or practice of foretelling the unknown, the past, present and future, using different methods that the diviner may decide. The art of Divination has been practised by all countries, cultures and religeons around the world for thousands of years.

It was studies over two thousand years ago in China by the study of cracked eggs for Divination. Some of the most popular forms of divination incluse tarot cards, runes, astrology and dowsing.

How accurite the divination will depend upon the reader.

During the time of ancient Rome there were priests that were called, Augur. The Augur was tasked with the divination of the flight of birds. It was believed at the time that the flight of birds gave an indication on the will of the Gods. The divination was undertaken by studying the breed of birds, direction of flight, noises they made and other signals.

This type of divination involves the determination of what will be a lucky day or an unlucky day. It also involves the determination of lucky times. For example what will be the luckiest time on a certain day to do something or what might be the bad luck times on certain days.

One of the very earliest forms of divination that involves the divination of fire. There are several types of Pyromancy including
Alomancy : This involves throwing salt into a fire for divination.
Botanomancy : A form of divination that involves the burning of plants.
Daphnomancy : Divination from burning laurel leaves.
Osteomancy : Divination by heating bones over a fire to produce cracks.
Sideromancy : A form of divination by burning straw with an iron.

Abacomancy is an early form of divination by scrying the patterns of dust. If the symbols appear more then once in the sand it may give an indication of the time and date of the happening.

Aeromancy is the divination of atmospheric conditions. The first recorded use of the word Aeromancy dates back to 1753. Aeromancy includes the divination of clouds, wind currents, comets, thunder, lightning and shooting stars.

Agalmatomancy is the divination of ancient statues and was popular during the time of ancient Greece.

Alomancy is the divination from the patterns formed by salt thrown into the air. The diviner must observe the patterns as they fall to the ground.

Alphitomancy is a type of divination to establish a persons innocence or guilt. The suspected people are given barley cake or bread and those that get sick are the guilty.

Apantomancy is a form of divination based on certain objects or animals that cross your path by chance. The superstition regarding black cats comes from Apantomancy.

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