Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Unveiling

For those of you who would like to help with the "Unveiling" ritual, please set aside a time, as close to the solar and lunar eclipses as possible on June 1st, June 15th, and July 1st. The rituals should not take very long, and if you don't have the ritual supplies, no worries...intent is the most important part of magic, not the tools. Fayeshould be putting up what she has worked on as an idea what you can do, any day now. But if she goes into labor early or something, i'll whip something up by the first.

For those of you who don't know, we are not unveiling the natural veil, as that is thinning naturally on it's own. We are talking about the more unnatural veil which has been created by various beings and indivuals..sometimes out of fear, and sometimes out of malice. This creates problems within this world as we have less contact with the spirtual side of life, in all shapes and forms, cutting many us off from the Great Spirit and making it more difficult for people to become more aware. Further more, it causes society in general to become more materialistic, shallow and closeminded, which isn't helping in the evolution of humananity whatsoever. We'd like as many people in as many locations as possible to work on this all across the globe. That limits us, as most of us are in the UK, and North America, but I'm trying to get some others involved as well. If you are able and so inclined, it'd be nice to do a little astral projection to cover some more ground, perhaps.

Faye, Jermiah, and I agreed we visualize the false veil as a great spider web, and there are many others who have come to this conclusion as well. One can spin the web, but we can also take it down.

On June first, during the new moon and Solar Eciplise, we will start with the Reveal. Symbolically, I think of the first Fate, Clotho, the Maiden, who brings the thread out into view and into life, we will make the false veil visible to more people. We may only see clearly once we realize that we are blind.

One June 15th, during the Full moon and Lunar eclipse, we will begin to unravel the thread of the web, just as the Fate, Lachesis, the Mother, spins the thread, we will visualize her unraveling the web. Tearing and ripping down the walls, taking the veil off our eyes.

And on July 1st, during the next new moon and another Solar eciplse, we will take all that power we have gathered over the past month, and cut the thread and bury it, as Atropos, the Fate and Crone, cuts the thread of life, ending it's power over the physical realm.

You can, of course, devise rituals to this, in any form, but this is just an outline for what could be. I will post examples of the rituals that can be performed.

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