Thursday, February 10, 2011

101: On Meditation: The basic foundation for anything metaphysical

There is really no one way to meditate. You can search through thousands of techniques branched from thousands of traditions, and the best way is your own. But certain techniques are great, whether your just starting out, or your advancing into higher levels of consciousness.

Notes on Meditation
1. Some people feel more comfortable AND receptive if they cast a circle. The best locations are in nature, or your bedroom.

2. After all meditations, it's a great time to perform a ritual of your choosing.

3. Everyone has meditated in their life. Whether it's deep thought, prayer, or shifting awareness.

4. Comfort is a must, but try and keep your spine straight, weather you are sitting or lying down.

3. Herbal Use: This is a list of helpful herbs, however, don't each is used very differently, so make sure to do your research.

Mugwart, sage, lemon grass, woddruff, rosemary, burdock, eyebright and rue, but also by burning incenses such as dragons blood and copal among others.

4. Music: May be played low so as not to be distracting for some types of rituals. Loud music, depending on the kind, can be played very loudly, such as in a drum circle. This can be a whole different experience, and raises the vibrations and awareness. The best music for me is to play tribal, drums, flute and new age. Dead Can Dance and various American Indian music is a favorite of mine.

5. No meditation is too long or too short, well within reason of course. But writing down your experience directly afterward can be really helpful in your journey.

6. Meditative State: Sit relaxed, with back straight for good breathing techniques t and arms at ease so hands rest on knees or in lap.

There may be a specific tradition that suggests you face in a specific direction.

Relax your entire body, letting your shoulders drop. Sometimes relaxing each set of muscles individually is helpful.

Inhale slowly, and exhale just as slowly.

Focus on your intent. Is your intent to relax your body, or your mind? Both? To pray? Is it to focus on a specific issue? Is it simply to clear your mind? Is it to raise your awareness and consciousness? Is it to cause magic? Is it to experience out of body experience, astral travel or a shamanic journey? Which ever the case, focus on THAT. When you are having difficulty focusing, try some easier and simpler intents until you can do that for several minutes at a time until you have no mental distractions. You must discipline your mind to be fully successful in all of these intents. When the mind is clear, awareness comes. When awareness comes, your influence over the universe is 10 times greater.

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