Thursday, February 10, 2011

101: Magical Stones


Magickal Correpondences

Amber Fire -- magickal workings, protection, solar energy
Amethyst Air -- astral work, dreams, imagination, meditation, relieves stress
Aquamarine Water -- creativity, divination, imagination, relaxation, removes blocked energy
Aventurine Earth -- abundance, fertility, healing old emotions, optimism, prosperity
Beryl Air -- crystal gazing, intellect, scrying
Bloodstone Fire -- confidence, control over your life, luck, strength
Blue Lace Agate Water -- feminine energy, peace, relaxation, soothes headaches
Carnelian Fire -- astral travel, intuitive talents, prevent miscarriage, sexual energy
Chrysocolla Water -- emotional balance and healing, relieves depression
Citrine Fire -- new beginnings, healing, hope, increased physical energy
Emerald Earth -- communication, love, protects against violence
Fluorite Air -- astral travel, confidence, creativity, inspiration, meditation, mental abilities
Garnet Fire -- courage, fertility, passion, prosperity
Hematite Earth -- absorbing and grounding, balance energy flow, healing
Jade Water -- dragons, good fortune, health, long life, prosperity
Jet Earth -- divination, Goddess energy, protection
Labradorite Air -- spirit communication, imagination, releasing inhibitions, self-confidence
Lapis Lazuli Water -- love, peace of mind, psychic protection
Malachite Water -- business success, good fortune, accident protection
Moonstone Water -- clarity of thought, lunar energy, psychic matters
Moss Agate Earth -- new friends, plant magick, reveal deceit
Obsidian Earth -- inner strength, protection
Onyx Earth -- acquiring knowledge, endurance, hope, protection
Peridot Earth -- astral work, emotional healing, inspiration, protection from nightmares
Quartz Air -- focusing energy for any purpose
Red Jasper Fire -- blood magick, passion, protection from nightmares
Rose Quartz Water -- friendship, joy, love, self-healing
Sodalite Water -- courage, creativity, intellect, protection on journeys
Tiger Eye Earth -- balance, mediation, protection, starting new business
Turquoise Water -- divination, protection from psychic attacks, reconciliation

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