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101: Directing Magical Energy

The body of energy, comprising primarily of the aura and the chakras, can be used for many things, such as the casting of spells and the performing of rituals. In simple terms, this is done by simply releasing the energy of the body toward a specific goal However, before you can begin working true magick, you must first learn to consciously direct your own energy.

Work With a Friend to Develop Your Magickal Skills

If you have a friend to help you, this exercise can be easy and enjoyable. You can both take turns practicing, and help to monitor each other’s progress. However, you’ll have to be honest with each other during this exercise. Center and ground your own energy before you begin.

Start this exercise by having your friend sit down, back to you, stripped to the waist (or removing as many layers as you’re both comfortable with). With your palm down and fingers together, extend your arm, straight out, and point it as your friend’s back. Keep your fingers at least an inch away from his or her back, or your friend will be able to physically feel what you’re doing.

Slowly move your hand up and down the line of his or her spine. Keep your arm straight and focus on sending your energy down your arm, out your fingers, and into your friend’s back. If you have difficulty doing this, focus on the flow of your breath. This isn’t as hard a technique as it may sound.

Imagine that you’re breathing in colored fog (I use purple, but you can visualize whatever color you like). Breathe this fog deep into your belly, about an inch below your navel. Exhale, but instead of breathing the fog out through your mouth or nose, see it flow down your arm and out your fingers, making contact with your friend’s back.

Have your friend tell you if he or she feels anything. This might be a tingling sensation, or the feeling of hot or cold. Everyone feels energy differently, so your energies might be interpreted in any number of ways. In time, your friend might be able to tell you where your hand is. Keep records on this exercise, and practice often.

Practice Magickal Skills on Your Animal Friends

Not everyone has a friend who will submit to this exercise. If you’re one of those people who simply does not have anyone to practice with, consider a pet. Cats and dogs work best for this exercise, and a patient pet is a better candidate. For cats and smaller dogs, rest them on your lap. For larger dogs, you’ll have to sit them in front of you. The principle is the same. Focus on sending energy into your pet, but without physical contact.

Your pet probably can’t talk, so you’ll have to watch your pet for evidence that they feel something. Signs can be as subtle as falling asleep or as obvious as jumping unexpectedly. You’ll have to keep a record of any signs you suspect might be significant, as Fido may keep you guessing for a while. This method takes a little longer, because of the reduced feedback you may receive, but it does work.

If you want to expand and increase your command of your own energies, you have to work at it. There are many various exercises that can help you do this. All of them have value. Experiment, practice, and have fun as you develop your psychic abilities.


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