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101: The Power of Three

The number three has a magical importance in cultural and spiritual practices around the world.

Each number, from one to nine, has a resonance and meaning of its own, as studied in numerology. Perhaps the number that has the greatest impact on our lives is the number three. From the youngest age, tiny children hear fairy tales of the magical idea of being given three wishes, and in Christianity we are made aware of the Holy Triune of God. In Druidic teachings, almost everything is in three, and it was suggested that it was easier for the Druids to learn their thousands of stories, songs and wisdoms in “Threes”. Celtic and Hindu mythology have a very strong emphasis on the number three, especially in the trinities of the gods. In Modern Pagan teachings, many worship the Triple Goddess, watching her in three forms, Mother, Maiden, and Crone, and putting a strong conncetion with her and the Waxing, Full, and Waning Moon. In the Kaballah, the Tree of Life has three pillars, representing different sections to the 10 Sephirah.

Numerology and Magic
The number three is regarded as powerful and sacred, as it represents the manifestation of life.
*Number One: A potential seed
*Number Two: Brings in complementary opposites of light and dark, man and woman
Number Three: Completes a dynamic triangle, energy is created and everything begins to expand.

When practicing magic, the number three can be used to empower your spells and incrase the effectiveness of your rituals.

You can use the power of three when setting up your magical alter by creating a triangle from candles, joined by rows of salt.

Examples of the Power of Three:

The notion of three forming a holy trinity is fundamental to many belief systems, from Christniaty, to ancient Paganism, and to Hinduism. The power of three can be brought into our lives through symbols and rituals.

The virgin, mother and crone can symbolize the power of three in pagan traditions.

*In Christniaty, there are three manifestations of God that make up the Holy Trinity. These are God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit

*In Celtic Spirituality the Power of Three can be respresented by the Morganna. Together they are Nemain, Babd and Macha.

The ancient Pagan Triple Goddess image consists of a virgin with mother and crone. when practicing magic, yo can place a state of the Triple Goddess on yor alter to enhance yor spell casting.

*In witchcraft, great importance is placed pon the cycial three phases of the Moon-waxing, fll, and waning. Yo cold carry out a series of spells and ritals to concine with these lnar phases, ths enhancing yor magic by the power of three.

Repeat Three Times

You can increase the power of your spells by reciting incantations three times .

Repeating an incantation three times is important, if yo want to enhance yor magic and triple fold. ONE, you state the intention, TWO yow raise the power of the desire, and THREE yo release the magic!

The first time you recite your incantation yo are making a statement to the niverse, the second time you invoke the energy of the universe's opposites, the third time you complete the circit and b rings the spell to life.

*Repeating the whole process twice more means making your incantation nice times-three to the power of three.

*The repetition increases concentration and focus but doesn't risk going overboard. It helps you resonate with the threefold nature of the universe. You should feel a sense of completion.

Wear the Trinity
We can imbue ourselves with the power of three by wearing or carrying arond threefold objects. A good example is a three sided pendant or brooch. Not only will sch a decorative item look beautiful, it will help us invoke the power of three. This can be a triangle, a triquatra, or anything you consider to represent the number three.

Symbolic Spirals
Wearing a spiral, which is a representation of three-dimensional space in two-dimensional form, is very symbolic. The Celtic triple spiral is found on many standing stones and on the walls in the chamber at New Grange in Ireland. The Celts also used the spiral to show the three worlds in the Barddas , which starts at the source with Anwnwn and the source, spirals out counterclockwise to the Circles of Abred, then Gwynvid and then to Ceugant.
In Feng Shui, a symbol of trinity is used for good luck in your home. For example, three coins placed together in a triangular fashion are hung over doorways as a prosperity charm.

An Everyday Number
Part of working magic involves becoming more conscious of what we are doing in everyday lives. We can quite often catch ourselves referring to the power of three. Notice how we expect things to happen in threes and how we ask for three wishes.
when reading a story, it has a beginning, a middle and an ending. When we tell a joke, the punchline traditionally comes a third round. We can even look at everyday objects and see if there is a natural "threeness to them".
Plants, such as the Irish shamrock, which has three leaves, are often associated with magical good luck.

The Threefold Law

While not everyone seems to embrace this newer philosophy of the three fold law, Wiccans observe the "Law of Threefold Return" in magic workings. This is the belief that whatever you put out will return to you threefold. Therefore, if you act on good intentions, goodness, or at least, good intentions, will return to you. But if you put out bad intentions you will receive only negative in return. This comes from the Eastern ideas of Karma, which simply means "action and reaction". It is only natural to admit that when you are mean to people, people will be cruel to you back, eventually. When you do nothing for yourself in life and don't prepare for the future, the universe will send you nothing in return! However, some believe things work in threes in accordance to this. They believe it all returns three-fold. It's not hard to believe that things build up, like a small ball rolling down a mountain, but not everyone agrees it's quite as precise as three, nor does everyone believe that karma returns in every instance.

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