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101: The Magic of Fire

This is taken from "Mind, Body, and Spirit".

Understanding the Magic of Fire

Fire has often been considered the most magical of the elements, representing life, energy, transformation, and change.

It is easy to understand why the ancients saw fire as a form of magic. Apparently conjured from nowhere, it brought heat to the middle of the freezing winter and light tho the darkest night. The fire of the hearth could literally preserve life. It also gave man, not only power to survive easier, but the power to move to colder and yet more prosperous regions.
Fire allows metal to be forged into weapons and tools, giving it magical associations with transformation and change, and is also seen as teh energy that fuels our desires and passions.
The most dangerous element:
Fire flares brightly and quickly as it rises. It can illuninate, warm, and trasnform, but it can also destroy. Its power can be deadly and devastating as well as helpful, and it needs a steady hand to keep it under control.

Working with Fire gives you energy, passion and strength.

Candles, especially those in the fire colors of red and yellow and orange are used to represent the fire element in spells and on magical altars.

Astrology Fire Signs

falls just after the time of the spring equinox when the days are growing longer and the fire of the sun is starting to rule the day for longer than the night. Aries is very fiery with it's need to constantly be experiencing new things, being able to adapt to sudden things, and not being satisfied with peace and quiet.

falls into the second month of the summer and usually the hottest in many regions.
Leo is known to be very fiery in personality, with a need to be the center of attention, and known for their bravery.

also marks a transitional time of the year when we move into the quiet time of winter and need to keep the fires burning to us us through the long, cold nights. Sagittarius are generally very fiery being very stubborn and free spirited.

Colors of Fire:
The assocaiated colors of fire are red, orange, and yellow. These are colors that can make us powerful. It's no coincidence that many armies originally wore red, even if it wasn't their countries' symbolic color.
Red for courage: red is the color for courage and can empower yourself iwth its fire by wearing red clothes or red crystals in your jewlery.

Burn Orange candle or carry an orange crystal to fire yourself up for an important job interview or a competition.

Temper the dangerous fury of fire:

Fire is useful only when it can be controlled. It often needs a more careful balance than the other elements, but don't let this discourage you. Fire can be tempered in the following ways.

With water: water is the best control for fire, it can dowse flames or prevent them. If you have a fiery temper, use an ocean scent to keep yourself under control.

with air: air fans flames of fire, but can also extinguish them, with enough force. Fiery people often find that taking a breath of fresh air when they are frustrated helps them to cool off.

With Earth: earth smothers fire and in turn fire dries earth. Ashes are fertilizers though, so are advantages to this relationship. Fire needs to be grounded to be productive.

Candles for fire:
In purifying and charging spells, a candle is used to represent fire. a candle's flame is a literal fire, and the candle wax reflects the power of change and transformation--melting away as it burns to change its shape and substance.

Charging Charms: Passing charm through a candle flame will empower them with he attributes of fire, allowing you to carry a little extra drive and passion around with you at all times. Wish on a red candle if your hoping for change, such as a new job.

Tarot: Suit of Wands----
In the Tarot, the Suit of wands represents fire and, like the element, is concerned with energy and transformation. Wands reflect our willpower and drive, the energy we need to turn our dreams and desires into reality.

Wands are a representation of wood, fire needs fuel in order to burn.

How to use Fire Magic

Once you understand the power of fire, you can use the magical properties of this element in your spell casting.

Fire is an active element that will energize charms, power up spells, and boost magic, but common sense is vital when dealing with such a force. When working with fire indoors use a fireplace or fireproof dish, or even a cauldron. If casting fire spells outside, choose a space with no overhanging branches or nearby shrubs, and carry water with you to extinguist all sparks when your magic is complete.

The days of fire

The optimum time of the week to use fire rituals and spells is on a Tuesday, ruledc by the fiery planet of Mars, or Sunday ruled by the Sun. If possible, choose midday when the Sun is at its zenith. When your spell casting is done, ashes make a wonderful garden fertilizer---ensuring that as your magic thrives so will your plants.

Your Fire Magic Tools

The tools used in fire magic either help to create it, protect against it or channel its power.

Candles are perhaps the most common.

Bundles of smoldering herbs-smudge sticks-are used in fire magic.

Wands are made of wood, which burns, therefore they are correspondances of fire.

Wood-Burn wood with the appropriate traits for your spell, such as apple for wishes, oak for strength or beech for study.

Athame- because the athame was forged by fire, a sword or a dagger can be used in fire magic.

Fire is most commonly used for transformation spells, love spells, courage spells, protection spells, and home & hearth spells.

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