Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Triple Triad

The word triad usually speaks of a group of three beings, usually divine figures, working along side each other. The idea of a divine triad is very prominent in Celtic spirituality, Christianity, and Hindu and Vedic Traditions.

We use the term Triad to refer to three groups of Triads, 9 beings in all. There is what is known as the Light Triad, the Dark Triad, and the Gray Triad. (Though I will mention that not everyone believes there are three groups of triads, but only two. That is still subject to debate).

In the Light Triad, exists Durga, Danu, and Yhwh. Insterestly enough, Yhwh himself has his own triad, or triune, being that of Jesus, God and the Holy spirit. Durga also has many forms, and some debate that three are her most prominent. As light entities with specific light goals, we do not always work with them, as in history and omni tradition, they frequently loose interest in balance, and try to illiminate darkness all together, for their own aims. However, we do still work wtih them in specific tasks and none are considered enemies, as of yet anyway.

In the Dark Triad exists Yakshawnah, Yellow Eyes and Katumatsu. It is interesting to note, also, that a previous triad member, Calliach, or Kali-Ma also has been known to work as a triad within herself, being many things, one in particular of Maiden, Mother and Crone. as dark entities with specific dark goals, we do not always work with them, and especially at this time in the war, hardly work with them at all. Though we understand there may come a time where we may work with them more in the future, when things have changed greatly. But we respect their existance, and their importance to the balance. The Guardians do not generally ever attempt to destroy these beings, or the Light, but when the Triad grows in 'too much power', they are bound until the next era of the Omni.

In the Gray Triad esxists She-Ma, Raven, and Siva.Photobucket Siva exists within another triad itself in Hindu belief, being that with Brahma and Vishnu, though some theorize that it is actually all three Gods within this triad position. It's hard to say that we all work with these particular beings specifically, though it's fair to say that their Guardians definantly do, and most of the Guardians within the Gray Triad are dedicated members of this specific group of the 'Omni'. I would have to say we work wtih this Triad the most, however there are some who do hold positions of Guardians under the Dark or Light Triad, though have no apparent qualms with the Gray Triad.Photobucket

It should also be noted that many within our ranks honor many of the Triad members as Gods. In particular, Danu, Yhwh, Siva, Durga, and Yakshawnah are considered Gods, according to many human and non-human religions.


Although not everyone agrees that neither Katumatsu or Yellow Eyes are on the Triad.

Some believe that for several years a being by the name of Methuen was in the position others beleive Yellow Eyes has been in for the same amount of years after the being Ravencleft fell from his position. However this gets extremely complicatede. Some believe that Yellow Eyes and Methuen were once actually the same being, and due to unfortunate cercumstances in 2008, they split into different beings. This is interesting to note because Yellow Eyes himself is a combination of two different beings in the first place, that of Yellow Eyes and Black Hawk. Others believe that instead of spliting with Yellow Eyes, was never connected to him at all, that Yellow Eyes lied about his position, but that Methuen had left his position and now works with a being known as "The Third". Those under that beleif, view that the new triad member of that position has either not be revealed yet, or the seat is now sitting empty. However, there are also those, in good numbers, who DO believe that Yellow Eyes and Methuen were never the same being, and that METHUEN had mislead others into believing he was a Triad member in the first place. The debate has developed for many years, and each new occurance only brings more questions than answers.

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