Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Tenebre's Philosophy

A philosophy someone on myspace sent my way, just thought you'd all find it interesting.

"Well, I've yet to sit down and delve into a, revised, written rendition of my spiritual views ever since coming to the assessment that some aspects should have indeed been included. Having decided not too long ago that this should be amended, I've been quite the procrastinator...up until now.

It's my belief that existence consists of four aspects of equal power, as much an energy source as they are deities. Around these unfathomable beings, existence tends to warp and twist...reflecting the psyche of the ancient tainting it. From this taint spawns realms of mirrored characteristics of their source, as well as various beings whom also harbor a similarity. Their views and opinions on how existence should be governed vary to as great a degree as their personalities, so one can easily postulate as to how these beings interact with one another...heh. Regardless of this, each are needed in order for existence to continue...without one, all is lost.

Each of these aspects have their own variation of what we would term "angels"...beings born purely of their essence as opposed to the effect upon existence, as would be the case with most others. These beings are an echo of their respective source, the core of their being identical in nature to that which they were born from. Individuality develops through their experience of being, minds deviating from their origin out of their own thoughts, interaction, emotional trials, so on and so forth...akin to any other being's development.

It's my hypothesis that these angelic entities, along with all manner of spiritual beings, have the ability to cross over into this realm at will, be it spiritual...or physical. In the non-corporeal sense, many of us can agree that this is quite a possibility...yet most are drilled time and time again with the concept that physically, these beings can't manifest themselves. These strange and bizarre creatures have never been reported roaming about within the flesh, so we all assume the claims to be truth...but in my eyes, there's a loophole.

Consider the notion that to manifest physically within this realm requires but one thing, a husk...an organic host devoid of a human soul. Let's presume, if you will, that there's a point during a child's development within the womb that a soul isn't present...that for a brief period of time it's an empty vessel. With this theory in mind, it isn't a far stretch to imagine that a being of great strength can bind itself to the newborn before a soul takes root. Even more likely when one considers demonic possession, surely if one can find themselves taken over by a foreign spirit, an empty body can easily be taken complete control of.

Now, this isn't to say that such an act isn't without repercussions...dire in my opinion. Imagine a being that is so much more than the physical, ascended from the time of it's very existence. Now, take that being and stuff it down into the confines of a mortal shell with the limitations of the human mind to constrict it's drastically alien personality. What I suspect would be a shattering of the original being, it's memories of existence before the physical no more than shadows amongst an ever confined spirit. As the child progresses through life, they are constantly struggling to regain what they have lost, to remember whom and what they truly are. Surely such a conflicted state of mind would render one with many quirks, to say the least.

So, why would said beings willingly torture themselves in such a manner? There's many possibilities to consider, all of which may hold true...or simply be the rantings of an unsound mind... Regardless, there's a chance that when one of these entities decides it's origin no longer holds true to it's personality...escape requires a transition point...or a fall from grace, so to speak. Another reason may be to simply experience this realm, to indulge in an overwhelming curiosity...something I consider all beings to have ample supply of. It's also likely that there's many other motives behind having an "agent" amongst the masses...performing various deeds or speaking the word of their origin...at least what they can remember of it.

Speaking of this realm, I might as well go a little in depth on how I view it's place amongst the mix. I see this world, and all around it, as a spillway for all four aspects. The point in which each border of influence presses against the others, mixing and churning into what we have here before us. The amount of any given essence varies from time to time, but each are ever present... All that resides within the physical is your gray point of existence...for all of you whom enjoy your color references.

Finally we've come to the portion of my rant in which I elaborate upon the four aspects I have been referring to for so...very...long. I'll list them each independently with a small bit on how I view their attributes, their psyche. Now, keep in mind that I don't believe these beings have names, despite being given many throughout the ages...so I list them via terms I associate best with their personality. Keep in mind that my opinions are of an outside perception in all but one of these aspects.

-Here we have the aspect in which I loath the most, a being who believes that oppression harbors the key to peace, and that those who don't adhere to it's vast set of restrictive rules are to be considered worthless and unworthy of existence. Though you have all probably noticed, I neglect utilizing the names of known deities...though I must admit that I do indeed believe this to be where the God fearing religions stem from... Catholicism utterly wreaks of this aspect beyond my ability to place into words, shocking I know.

Now, I do believe that some God fearing individuals follow the path of Light, despite devoting themselves to such an oppressive belief system. In my eyes, these individuals feel that the majority whom corrupted the written word of "God" simply didn't get it right, because they don't understand that the loving God they believe in is not that which they follow. The path of Light, and that of Order, somehow got combined into a twisted variation that uses Light to justify the atrocities of Order.

-Whilst Order hides behind it's so called good intentions, at least Chaos is honest about it's methodology. If you are strong enough to obtain that which you desire take it, thus is the moral of chaos. Violence and aggression are the attributes of this aspect, a warriors essence that cares for nothing but power and conquest. While most would deem this aspect as evil, as I had stated...at least it's honest and upfront about it's motives. This source and it's ilk believe that through destruction, the strong rise forth to shine their brightest...a tough concept to argue since it's held true throughout history.

-Much to the dismay of myself, and that of another I met throughout my years, the path of Light has been twisted into what we believe to be an unwilling marriage to Order...not in a literal sense mind you, simply speaking of the justification of Order using Light, mentioned above. The path of Light is meant to be that of peace, the belief that all beings should be cherished despite their thoughts and opinions...that everything is part of a larger cycle of existence. For all of you whom follow the path of "God", yet dispute all the damnation...here's the path you missed and were truly meant to walk. Your "God" does exist, simply not in the form presented in the warped depiction by those of the mainstream "God" fearing religions.

-Lastly, we come to my source...that which I believe myself to be part of. Recently, I have come to adopt the term "Echo of the Abyss" when referring to myself, the latter term in that phrase utilized in reference to the aspect of Darkness, whilst the former refers to my belief mentioned above of not believing myself human in essence.

The Abyss, in my eyes, is feminine in persona...as beautiful as she is nightmarish in nature...the personification of manipulation, seduction, sadomasochism, and intelligent insanity...perfection in my eyes. She's an aspect who adores the corruption of others, to watch one willingly give themselves to their darkest desires...knowing full well that it's against everything they stand for. Bear in mind that this aspect abhors rape, believing that if one can not obtain what they desire through mental manipulation and seduction...they do not deserve the prize.

Intelligent insanity is a large part of this aspect, most of you possibly wondering as to what the hell I mean in regards to such a term. Well, I believe that when one possesses insanity, realizes, and then learns to control the negative aspects of this madness...they can then indulge in the positive attributes without the repercussions. Insanity is nothing more than warped perception...and when one see's things in a different manner, they may just find something that the majority could not even possibly begin to understand.

It's because of this insanity that the Abyss enjoys toying with other beings in a rather sadistically playful manner. However, when one attempts to imagine themselves as a being who's existed for all eternity and spawned through a means that they themselves may not even understand...insanity sounds quite appropriate and possibly the only thing deviating said being from a vast loathing of existence.

In conclusion, I don't believe that any of these aspects are all knowing...such an attribute would cause any being of sentience to devolve into an emotionless machine that exists without purpose. Imagine if you were to watch the same movie an infinite amount of times to the point that you knew every last line, you'd be so sick of it. Now imagine that it's the only thing you could ever watch...never being able to deviate your eyes, never being able to do anything you haven't already done or experienced through simply knowing it was going to happen. Your purpose for existence is now non-existent. Thus, I believe these aspects to have a greater foresight into what may transpire, but have no idea themselves as to how the future will unfold, which may even frighten them from time to time.

As for the "Gods and Goddesses" of other pantheons, I do indeed believe that they may exist...created from the influence of these four aspects on reality around them and simply more powerful than the other various beings spawned of this taint. These deities could follow one of the various four sources, or march to the beat of their own drum...either being entirely possible in combination to the chance of being nothing more than incarnations of the four aspects themselves...displaying alternate variations of themselves to various cultures for whatever the means may be.

Well, there you have it folks...my entire, in depth, rendition of my spiritual views done in a single night...on the fly. Before some attempt to pick apart my views and opinions, keep in mind that they are just that...my personal beliefs that may or may not coincide with your own. I am also fully aware that I, and those like me, may be nothing more than insane...but at least it's a shared delirium that we hold in common to keep us warm at night. "

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