Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Some Philosophy

September 2001
We are spirits simply living a human experience. Physical realm was created with many laws. Physics, boundaries, gravity, solid form. At first, it was a test. The ultimate test for a soul. Would would a spirit do? Constricted to the ground, within a body, without past memory. chemicals, forced extorted emotions, pain, hear, the unknown. The need for the elements, food, air, heat, water. They were given a brain to work with, some brilliant, some not so bright. They are given the curse of indulgence. Wanting more, more, more. What would they do? How would they treat each other. What would they believe. They were taken away the gift of being close to the divine. They had to earn it with faith, or find in within nature. It was amazing what people accomplished in small insignificant lives, restricted by a thing called time! Unfortunately, humanity brings out the worst of a soul. But sometimes, it showed the best. The goal was find the true essence of a single soul. And it worked. Humanity brought much evil upon the Mother Earth. The damage in the physical realm was permanent, so every so many years, she will send something to purify the earth, whether it be a flood, a fire, a comet, etc. There was war, plague, famine, hate, rape, violence, stealing, greed, gluttony, indulgence, lying, cheating, the list goes on. Mortal man, was vulnerable, susceptible to daemons and dark lords. Unsuspecting victims if these creatures could just break that small link between the spiritual world and the physical. Then all would be lost. They would have complete control of the physical realm, ultimately destroying the spiritual realms. There was no way of ever stopping infallible cycle of life. Spirits will be sent in to the world of mundane. That link would ever remain open. And in a world over over crowded spirits in chaos, hate, lies and destruction...how would a spirit find peace within themselves and ever move on? Before the dark lords close the gates, there is a great war in the world of the spiritual. Everyone there is weak, and unable to protect us. That is where we come in.

September 2003
There is a reason we are all placed together, over and over again. Because without each other, we have nothing to fight for. Nothing to live for, and no-one to depend on. Nothing to remember, and nothing to look forward to. Each life we are made anew, fresh, without any mistakes. To see the world as a child again. To be what is pure and new, without that horrible feeling redundancy, each cycle. We grow up, learn new things, and eventually reclaim what is ours. This gains us a chance to forgive ourselves and one another for our shortcomings. This also gives us a chance to find ourselves and one another, to be reunited with our loved ones, our friends, our students, teachers, our family... and in the meantime experience life for ourselves. To fall in love our first time all over again. to experience our first sunset, our first kiss, our first but one of many Awakenings. Without change, we become nothing but rocks. But dormant powers lingering forever in time and space. Our tests of purity come strong and are forever engraved in our hearts. It is a long and painful duty to bear, but at least we have each other.

We were created to love and to kill, and that will be our nature forever more.

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