Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Prophecy of Cynderweveren


our lands forever young
our hearts forever twine
our souls within our Keepers safe
from our darkness, death malign
keep me close
remember oath
to our lord we hold so dear
remember what was made so clear
from child to pointed ear

we bowed to him
Wolf-Lord, Teshrir
we vowed an elven pledge
to keep me safe
to bring me in
to bind me to you, dragon
the Lady Shina
last of her kind
whose father was a dragon
whose heart told true
to this day we rue
what came of elf and dragon

the vessel, the keeper
the lord of my soul
the lost one
the waker
of this you all know
destroyed by us all
betrayed, lost and broken
she gave us her all
and left us a token
she's dangerous now
to all who meet her
her heads full of people
with no laws or order
she keeps them safe
locked away from us all
because she knows it comes
the day I will fall

why did you call?
Why do you See?
what is this travesty
you all make of me
Shina the warrior
assassin of mind
pledged to one person
an unholy bind
raised up alone
raised by unkind
the silver-eyed shadow
last of her kind

so many within me
with words to say
with hearts wanting words
with just you and me
you'd come if she called
if you followed her path
I speak through the lady
my name known by wrath

you're seen me in your head
you know I speak true
guard what you came for
or this you will rue
guard not this hell
wait till prophecy passes
once more she'll be well

she sees the soldiers
lost in their fight
the wings torn and mangled
the heart torn by bite
she sees the child crying
and the man who laughs tears
the one who walks silently
who refuses his fears
the one drained to nothing
the one filled with hate
create it, he yells
this will not be my fate!

walking the midnight
with the night-eyed dyvine
stalking the sleeper
who knows what to find
the maker, the saver
the one we've all seen
feel her heart
know this is not just a dream

the purged one
the pieces
the destruction of self
has led to your fears
ye who call yourself elf

the forest of silver
razed to the ground
the man with no footsteps
the girl who's his hound
the axe-wielding chaos
the sword-bearing knight
you know what's within you
so wake up and fight
the pond that lies quiet
at the edge of your lands
that reflects to you nothing
only ripples in bands
look to it now
the water ripples in pain
you know she approaches
the lover, the lame

you've all felt it stir
as we rustle in her
you know what she is
what binds us to her
the oracle, the nexus
the energy bound
ask us, the voices
the time, here and now

lips of steel
heart of stone
wake now from slumber
the man of the bone
the soft-spoken healer
who stays on bent knee
her heart the trine-shadowed
her hands always free
the sun rising
the stars shining
no peace for the weary at heart
put me together to tear me apart
wipe your sad heart
on your lonely sleeve
call to me, you lonely one
I'll pull you from the web that he weaves
lacerate your heart
and destroy your soul
come here with me
I'll make you whole
empty promises
empty lies
I can see what's beyond you
what lies in your eyes

A crown full of tears
a face full of dreams
a heart filled with emptiness
a soul full of shame
a child not born
a heart sewn together
a soul who sees nothing
who feels just the same
who destroys as she touches
who feels naught but pain
twisted to silence
tamed to the pain
living, dying, breathing, sighing
dying alone
dying in pain
dying because I could not hold up the rain
a timeless bond
a broken wing
a child, the child with clear eyes
and sighing heart
the one who is many
the one who sees what I see
those who know it
those who can feel it
who are you who is no-one
who are you who is the walker
who are you who is waker
why do you haunt me
why do you come in my pain
why do I slumber
and know you are there
waking is nightmare
sleeping is worse
there is no peace
there is no heart
there is nothing but me
there is nothing but me
supplication to a god of empty superficiality

the dream will continue
the nightmares will not sleep
he gave me my vision
and now seeks to keep
you are warned
Guardians called
you know what you came for
you know what you walled
it does not take Sight
merely hearing and vision
to see what you built
to destroy this division
you chose to close boundaries
you chose to wake all
you chose to leave human
to answer your call
no magic to call
no mages to hear
a human bound body
that is what you fear
you created a veil
within and without
to keep back the demons
you called up from doubt
you stand at the ready
you know you feel it close
the parting of shadows
the calling of ghost
the gathering happens
the white-ones are called
avakir awaken
the slow ones, once mauled
wind-sylph stir in the air
whispering madness to all
they speak of the dervish
to answered their call
Sean-lighe, the waking woman
the one who lies asleep
stirs softly in her slumber
her keeper cannot keep
Camwain, the dark-witch
the one who you call
waits standing in state
at the borderland hall
the host of the hunters
whose hounds call at the night
wait anxiously calling
for the time comes to fight
the silver bound wolf
and the glass bound crow
know that bondings will shatter
when you finally know
Fae-born, the dreamers
who call out your name
are singing the words
that you came to claim
the time of the youngling
the time of the sidhe
the time of the morning
the time to make things be
the underhill walker
with no path to tread
has come to the surface
to sup on the dead
refuse the pact
that the dark witch has offered
she brings only darkness
with the oath you once proffered
I walk with the Lady
she of death, she of night
she who sings to the demons
she who sees into the light
wolf-master, she calls you
you know what you do
she calls for the one
whose naming was true
the winged-one, the caller
the one who knows this is theirs
knows what they are making
knows what once was hers
the Raven-eyed seeker
the dreamer of lost
you've flown with the raven
you know what that cost
the Raven brought trouble
you walked hand in hand
you know what you loosed
upon this and their land
you've shelted forever
you've cried in your heart
you know what you created
of this, you know the part
the schism, the walker
you saw how it formed
you know what they call it
ye who was never born
he called for the ones
who knew that he called
they cannot hear heaven
they know they are walled
the flower carrying lady
who passes the leaves
knows what it is she carries
buried in those sheaves
the crystal bound loner
the caller to soul
whose self was long scattered
in pieces not whole
the one of long history
who once walked the earth
who called to the heavens
to lightning gave birth
the one who seeks comfort
where none can be found
the one who sings softly
though tied up and bound
strings of fate, strings of destiny
strings of tired thoughts unknown
strings of music and of magic
tied magically to bone
hearts swallowed by the darkness
hearts eaten by the light
hearts lost to the great dreamer
who walks alone at night
the ghostly galleon stalker
the midnight, moonlit mother
the one who is the walker
waker, mother and lover
you know the call
you've heard it clear
it rings to you
as you well fear
the song sings out
the words are true
and you now know
what it is that you rue
you called up the angels
you called up the host
you called up the devil
and the sanctified ghost
you called up the headless
you called up Ra-khit
you woke up the monsters
who slept under your feet
and you don't listen
you see only the song
you don't know the lyrics
but you know it is wrong
The sisters know the story
of the three-made-as one
they know of the monster
that once walked under their sun
they remember the torn wings
they know the fall of feather
they know what he wanted
when he came in hot weather
see as I see
see what they gave
make what they wanted
or go to the grave
past death and its boundaries
past the borders of life
past all that is human
bound to pain and it's strife
a kin mind's destruction
a siren-kin's song
what did I do to earn this
what in all this went wrong?
dragonkin of darkness
and dragonkin of light
you know the astral travel
you know the fiery bite
You remeber the worlds so clearly
and yet no words will call
your memories are faulty
and yet, you know it all
you remember flying above
and seeing elven play
and wanting to enjoy it
but thinking another day
that day never came
you left it behind
and traveled beyond
and went with your kind
the traveling wanderers
the heartborn trai'tees
the ones who seek missions
who can no longer see
The wandering winged ones
the ones who fell far
the ones who knew justice
and still bear the scar
lost wings to the heavens
soundless cries to the sea
he calls to you gently
seeking vengeance, seeking to be free
it's cold inside the heart tonight
there is no way to be
there is no path to follow
there is no "follow me"
the lady and her following
the darkness and the light
each follow the course laid before them
and welcome in true night
you've lost the heaven's entrance
you stole away from hell
you fell within your own heart
and found something to tell
to see you must fall
to bend you must break
to see pain you must feel it
to be what you are you must see
I call you, the sleeper
I call you, the kin
I call you, the mother
I call you, again
you know my name, but speak it
and I shall rise again
call out to me my children
and I shall be your kin
do not take name or history
I will grant you one myself
you need nothing more than me
to hold you close, to set you free.

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