Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Prophecies of Zhaven


and time comes forth
when the old made new depart,
and the new made old come together as 11
dose he chain and bind them
to his will the 11 bound as one thay are him
the old made new return and are bound
as many are made one
the enemys of old comes forth to face the binder
and are bound and many become one
as the binder draws forth all things to become him
the mother and the father face him and are freed from him
all become one and nothing comes again

the other posibility

enemy of old comes and takes time
time comes forth and time departs
when the old made new depart
and new made old come together as 12
time comes and time stands bold
time and time match as one
the old made new return will not judge
and time or time will fade
time comes forth as true
truth is true or truth is false
as far as i know when all the 12 come together, someone unknowen to us will clame to be 'time' and the curent 'time' and the new 'time' are both true

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