Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Prophecies of Kata

She shall spread her wings
Rise above the tragedy
Our Angel of Hope

Awaken the Holy Ghost
In the now tainted Church
Where the Vampire once rose

I am Unknown by the Sword
I am Unseen by my Brother
I have no Name by my Father

We stand at a time of Falling
Allow the realms to come to us again
MERGE! MERGE! Allow NOT the Fire to stop us!

12 were of the Akasha
5 to Ascend, 4 to Serve and Lead
Three to Fall

Allow not the Fire burn (Green)!
Allow thyself see the signs in the Tree!
By the Force of 'Nah ye'tah

By the Force!
He cannot be named, but shall arise
The Green Fire! Let it burn..NOT in our Souls

Beware of the Broken Throne
He arises, he Cometh!
Do not Fear Him, FIGHT!

By the Sword, I shall not die
Let us be known, though we have no Name
By the Force of 'Nah ye'tah

We are the Warriors

We are Unknown
We are Unseen
We have no Name

But we are not Forgotten.


We are about to enter a dark stage of our time. As the war comes closer, we are to yet have united. We fight, we brawl, we cannot seem to communicate and get along.
Issues, as of late, have come to surface lately. These issues are months, even years, old yet they come to open: why?
Communicate! Do not be stubborn, be not proud, and guide this chaos back to balance with tranquility. With ORDER! Be open-minded, be clear, be those you have been chosen to be.
We are Warriors of Balanace, paired with those of Light. Be not children! Lest you wish to allow the darkness to win.
And remember, you are all guilty, including the Ascending Elders of the past Council and the man whom I give this message. All of you.
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