Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Prophecies of Gwen

Thrice Dead

Twice dead and thrice alive
nothing to feel nothing inside
the memories run strong
the hypocrisies of love
blinded with love
repeating the past
the dead rise with the living
the living die without a thought for themselves
eight are buried with the strike of three
weak with the though of the future
the past repeats again and again
the sound of silence
the clouds grim
the leader taken for granted
our dragon mourns
the indifference breaks us
the break kill us
parted from space
parted from time
shields made before time falter
gates made after time stronger
the secrets revealed
she comes to us with a message
but the riddles are nothing but fear, something we never hear.

twice dead and thrice alive
she can not speak to us

for the love of hate
they grow like a temple
the temple of all life
they speak for our own
and they act for others

from strength of death
she is reborn into flesh
into one of three chosen
into one of three as said before

The chosen are amongst us
they stand like hope against fear
like rays of moonlight on an evil night
know thyself said the oracle
but most are deaf to her words

the circles weaving together
but the traitors hang on a thread
three rings intertwine and become one
a whole one for all to see

the light has been hidden but the darkness will see
our prayers have been answered
it is thier will for it to be
we move foward, united as one
arising from the ashes of a divided foresaken army

The Tower Falls

Yes there was a time when the towers fell
And Justice sat waiting quietly, waiting
Some hear the end
Some have chosen it
Some remember it.
There is no stopping it
There is no breaking it
The blood will pour
And the trumpets prepare to sound
And there is NO TURNING BACK
THe infants fall into his shadow
And the shadows grow and the suns set


9 Dragons to Fight
18 Guardians to bind with might
13 mages to cast with light
12 of the council to uphold the right
88 keepers to see with sight
44 warriors shine so bright
Quell upindelba son dejoin
Pel du derambe fawn de pelong
Krisha de dombe pell quirelam


The coming of the Age of Brough
The twilight of the darkness wonder
The cave of what we besite
The sunder man can only plunder Alias en tourum for plaque
En courium for twine dell rouque
Vesitalita mel courme en font'e
The world's barriers will falter
for that is how we fight truely
purity may be found in the origins
In your eyes can be found
the scrolls of truth and wisdom
share more frequently
My hands are blocks
Each action rauns deep
And so must I
Deep in the age of Brock
Find what you must
Enjoy what you hate
Hate what you love
Encounter the many dooms of Sir Issayiah and Sir Isrealic.
Brothers the same
(rest of the prophecy lost)


Calm of the Storm

The early slaughter of the ages
axes swinging in full motion
the pendulum hanging on a thread
the corrupter laughing.
the slaughter has begun.
what would not be for 20 years is now in two.
the mother is denied
the father in embraced
the sibling amused
the one vomits
look deeper and beyond
this war is now as shallow as once thought
it is even deeper still.
there is no end.
only more begining.
No limit. Only more space.
Look beyond your eyes.
Look beyond the stars.
Stare into the darkness.
It shall exploid
the calm of the storm
illusion gives false security
It shall exploid
The innocent will die
the proud will climb and fall
the powerful will hunger for more


They hand the weapons to the awakened
To carry out the visions.
Those of which no-one has ever weilded.

In the breaking of the dawn,
a new spectrum
will devour the veil of truth and of lies
Those of which no-one has ever even imagined

The keys united bring the star of david
into completion
The circle is lifted into the sky
into the cycle of completion
That which has never been seen it's it's final DESIRE

But there is hope of acomplishment
even the oracles less cryptic
even the egg cracks unto fertilization
even the shadows sing
even the thundering mortals listen
More hape than ever has been felt
or seen
for it is hidden in despair
but the knowledge shall set us free
and the ingorance shall send the fearful back into the womb
For it is hidden deep within the first gift of life
though hidden within the brain and scattered beyond repair until
the conscious with the subconscious
From Malkuth to Kether
In Titharoth and even unto Da'ath
We shall flourish from disastour
The ascension is moving forth and moving back unto the beginnging
make your choice
there are many levels
Remember freedom and yet, remember the connection of the ultimate

Althought, the tears are trechourous
much like the sea
We cannot begin to help you
for you will not help yourselves
Though we have already sent one who will help
who is already helping though you can not see it

for no one can
the champion is moving
moving moving moving
you know not where he treads
in the darkness he strides
the likes have never been seen
such magnifude
such stealth
and hope shall blossom
you may seek out this PAGE of illumination
but he will be hidden for many a time
within him is the white fire
the birds shall back south
and the trees will bloom again
that will be his dwelling and sanctuary

It is the Age of the Prophets.

It lies between the tear drop and the drop of blood

it is the Age of Breaking Tradition

the falling of the towers

the remolding of the clay

care that it does not dry into dust!!!

The egg has cracked

it releases not only the awakening

the enlightened

but the desire for the truth

the desire for freedom

the desire for the Spirit

And those people will be crucified

but those who follow will ascend

Speak your words to all who will carry them

Wait for the stars to guide your way

Tread lightly and leave no mark but an echo

It truly IS the end of all that we know

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  1. Looking back on what I wrote back in September of 2002, makes me wonder.....

    "Encounter the many dooms of Sir Issayiah and Sir Isrealic.
    Brothers the same"

    Are these not names of some of the first sons of the 12 tribes of Israel? We are indeed encountering many dooms of the religions which came from this, so many thousands of years ago.


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