Thursday, January 14, 2010

otherkin rantings

It's very hard for me to explain what Otherkin is, in any other way, but a natural process that is more common than most would admit, because of a little thing called reincarnation. I do consider myself Otherkin, though I have my own skepticisms for the matter and the philosophy.
Otherkin is a primarily online community of individuals who are of the belief they are either not human, their souls are not human, or they are human but with very strong connections to previous incarnations of non-human beings. I had this philosophy long before I ever found the term Otherkin, so when I came across the community many years ago, it did not surprise me. What is interesting about Otherkin, is most of the group tends to believe they are what most society considers mythical creatures, whether it is an elf, a dragon, a djinn, a faery, a daemon, or an angel. There are those who have connected with beings that are unknown to our mythologies and folk lore, but more often than not, there is some reference to them in literature. Others believe they are more connected to an animal, which just so happens to usually be a beautiful animal, such as a fox, or a wolf, or a bird of some kind. I do have a theory relating to this matter. For one, I am a firm believer that everyone in the world, or most anyway, is not only Otherkin, but Multikin, meaning they have lived countless incarnations of human and non-human. I do not for one second believe that the spirit is given one short life and that is it. How can we as individuals learn about life in less than a hundred years? However, our egos press us into only seeing the beautiful side of ourselves, the more interesting creatures, the more intelligent, the more powerful. If this is not the case, I do believe there are many in the Otherkin community that are simply imagining their awakening, and are choosing to believe themselves these things, out of wanting to fit in, or simply wanting to be special. I will never point fingers at who does this, as it is their own life, and it does not hurt me. One can say they harm the community, but there is no helping this.

Otherkin believe that they go through what most call a state of Awakening, which describes the process of becoming aware of what they are. Most will describe the awakenings in very similar fashions, as most seem to feel a heightened state of awareness, memories begin to flood in, and people will feel something, other than human. Some feel as if they are literally in a trance for the first stages of the awakening, and this can last for days or weeks even. (For more information on Awakening, see my other blog entry on the subject).

There are some Otherkin, that do not feel they are reincarnated, but that they simply aren't human at all. I'm going to save that for another blog entry sometime, as to me, it's almost an entirely different subject.

Now, I would like to touch on the subject that I think is most important, whether any Otherkin can agree with me or not. For the most part, we are all human physically. I feel many otherkin get sort of sucked into a world of isolation because they feel alone, an outcast, stuck in a world full of humans. Why do we not ask ourselves why we are human now? Do you have a theory why you are here? Can't we not possibly be here because we choose to live this experience? Or it was simply our time to be human? When one lives in the past we can not evolve. I'm not saying being human is necessarily more evolved or less advanced than our previous forms, but I believe our physical natures can not be denied, and if we try and do this, in nostalgia for a happier time, we are only shooting ourselves in the foot.

That being said, I still find it important and a blessing that we have memory of our pasts. We can learn from the past, we can understand why we do the things we do, but we should honestly, move on. I feel separate from the bulk of the human race, whether that is my ego telling me I am better than them, or I am at heart, not human, I do not know. I don't actually care. It is not just otherkin that feel this way to the population, you just have to find them.

I can't, for the life of me, understand why so much of the Occult and Pagan Community shuns or mocks Otherkin. To me, it's more than natural, it fits in with the most common of the philosophies throughout the metaphysical world. The two most basic concepts of Otherkin are Mythical Creatures and Reincarnation. What religion in the world does not have some hint of reincarnation? Find me 10 pagans that don't believe in reincarnation. Now, find me ten that don't believe in faeries? Or other realms of existence? These so called mythical creatures are very prominent in thousands of stories of mythology, which is the basis for hundreds of religious beliefs. systems of magic, and spiritual paths. What is so difficult to believe about someone believing they were not human in a past life? Did the Druids not believe that a man could come back as an animal, a plant or a god? I just can't understand why the entire concept is mocked by so many? I understand that many of the community can be a bit idiotic and fluffy, but we honestly should be used to that by now. Every group is going to have those.

And now to steer in another directional rant, my philosophy is that the majority of the human race, is also otherkin, though not awakened. It's also of my belief that the purpose of life is to live it, and to experience all possible forms of life. I feel that until my inner/higher self has decided it's time for me to stop evolving, to stop experiencing, and to go into 'rest', whatever that may be, I will have lived hundreds, thousands of ways, forms, and will have countless experiences to have learned from.

I connect most to my elf forms. Perhaps that is because I am human, and to be an elf and a human is not so different from many of the other possibilities. I do not recall ever have been an animal, unintelligent or intelligent, though I think perhaps it is more difficult to do so, because the way animals think is vastly different to how our brains work now. I came to the conclusion because it appears as most who identify as wolf-kin or bird-kin, for instance, feel their awakening was more instinctual rather than filled with memory.

Further more, I believe that many of us have the ability or may have been incarnated, not only as intelligent, or sentient creatures, but as trees, plants, who knows what else. I suppose that is my animism belief coming out, but it's worth considering. All objects in the universe have energy, and what is the soul but energy that science can not yet explain? It's likely, in my opinion, that while we enjoy remembering or connecting with our past selves, as elves, dragons, foxes, wolves, vampires, daemons, we may have also lived as a donkey, or an insect, or by all means, a parasite. As our ego would not want to identify with this possibility, it also may be pointless to ponder on such things. After all, we are human now, for whatever we are inside or what have been in the past. Aren't we all just spirits living a human existence? Our soul must evolve, and we can take everything else that we are to add up on that experience, compare, and help the race we are now develop into more thoughtful, intelligent, and evolved creatures!

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