Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Omni this, Omni that...

We exist to bear witness.
We had to be.
The infinite needs us to see it.
Without the perceiver,
The perceived does not exist.
That gives us leverage.
Don't look until you get what you want.

There are those who are waiting for the great world changes. They have been chosen to protect the balance, and help others survive and live during the great transition.

We call it the Omni. Normally used as a Latinate prefix meaning Universal or All, we have used it as a noun and a concept for the universal cosmic struggle of opposing forces. We feel these changes in the World are a very natural process, though that does not mean we will sit idly by and allow the destruction to overwhelm.

The Tribe of Omni was formed late in 1999 by a small group of people who felt chosen or drawn to such things, as those things were naturally drawn to us. In 2001 it expanded and united with many other groups all around the world, and together have continued it search for information about the War of Light & Darkness, The Falling of the Veil, the Apocalypse, and the Natural Purification. Each individual member has had innumerable experiences and information to add to the big puzzle that is the Omni. We have had help spiritual guides, our past life memories, and our own intuition & prophecy. We are human & otherkin, physical and spirit, of many creeds and many races.

Remember, Knowledge is power. Feel free to browse around this blog but do not delve into more than you are willing to take responsibility for. It is a dangerous world. But don't forget, there are those who will stand by you.

What is the Omni?
I've heard this question a thousand times, and I have given a different answer every time it's presented to me. The Omni is the reason for this blog. I will share various bits of this and that, but it will mainly be concerning the Omni, it's philosophy, it's tidings, it's magic, and it's history. I hope this answers your question and brings on more and more. We will ask questions until we have no more, and thus cease to exist.

The Omni is an astral war. It is a war of the universe, spiritual and physical struggles of all things. It is a spiritual struggle of opposing forces. It is Zen in itself colliding. It is a tornado of existence. It is the feminine and masculine qualities of the world having a domestic quarrel. It is all the hatred, mystery, darkness, deception, and truth, colliding with all that is pure, bright, light, peaceful, loving and innocent. It is chaos. It is order. It is wisdom, truth, and ignorance. It is love against indifference. It is the blinding light against the shadow of darkness. It is rage it is love. It is everything in between fighting to keep these dualities from destroying each other. It is a struggle and a evolving change that has occurred since and before the beginning of 'existence'. It will never end. It is Universe. It is the Omni. We feel we must embrace all sides of the spectrum to fully evolve and aid in the preservation of the Balance, and the continuation of the cycle.

There are many wars within the Omni itself, whether it is here or on a different realm. It's likely that all these wars will come together, probably when the worlds merge together.

It is never-ending, however it does rise and fall, peak and come nearly to a halt. It is also believed that each cycle of existence has a different flow of the balance, the pendulum turning to swing either way every war.
There are many theories that it happens every 1000 years, every 2000 years, 4000 years, and 9000 years...that every 1000 years it happens, but every 2000 it's stronger, 4000 years, even stronger, and 9000 years the strongest

This particular war began in December of 1998, as far as we can tell, although it never truly ends or begins. In 1998 the polar shifts began occurring officially. The next year, in October 1999, many gates were opened, entities released, and many more began to awaken. In December of 2000, there was a great shift. In May of 2000, the beginning of the Age of Aquarius officially began(the Dawning of the Age was in the 60's). In November of 2003, the Harmonic Concordance marked the beginning of a stage of human evolution and the awakenings and unity of mankind. In the year of 2006, many more beings, such as Yakshawnah, came into full power. Also, the veil has been decreeing greatly, more gates have been opened, and the Primals, as well as many other 'destroyed' or 'sleeping' beings were released. There has also been more chaos, a rising population of otherkin and daemons, the beginning of what many around the world are calling World War 3, and stronger influence from the Ancient Ones, the Elders, and the Triads. 2006 marked the first 'official' year of the Omni, and it has been growing in strength the past year especially and will grow in strength until 2012 until the power will begin to wane. This has been predicted by our own, our spirit guide continue, as well as other prophets. Some believe the war will end in 2023-2027, but others believe it will not decrease for many decades or centuries. In the past year the rising energies and collision has had a more direct influence over humanity, causing an increase in an awakened perspective on this and similar matters as well as an increase in extremely unstable, spiritually lost, and sometimes violent outbursts. Many American Indian prophecies are becoming not only relevant but coming true before all to see.

I will say, hopefully without need, that this specific group of individuals, who refer to themselves as Patrons, or even Warriors of the Omni, do not prescribe to one specific faith, nor philosophy, though we will admit some are more prominent than others. We try to embrace the wisdom all possible aspects of the physical, mental and spiritual ways of life.

All in all, we're all in this together. Learn, share, and move with the tides.


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