Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Omni-Gwen & Braunwen

You hear Yachshawnah
And light a candle
But is it something
You can handle
I know that he's
Inside of you
But what are you
Going to do
He's a demon
With red eyes
There are cuts
But no one dies
When it hails
It shall begin
When snow falls
Then comes the end
He has a son
A father too
Inside your dreams
He comes to you
In the form of possoms
He does come
But no one knows
Where he's from
Yachshawnah has a
Slave he keeps
A vampire's mind
he seeks to reap
There are three roots
That we must find
Important they are
Withstanding time
Emerald, Gold,
and Dragons Root
Behind the Pentacles
of statues foot
We must go
To the Crystal Tower
For nothing else
Can give us that power
The realm of Air
Will show us the way
In the realm of Water
For long we can't stay
Fire and Earth
Will not be explored
For we don't know
Who is their Lord
We have two names
For the gatekeepers we seek
They must be strong
And can't be meek
In Yachshawnah's world
It's colorless and cold
Don't go there
Your soul will be sold
Beware of the vampire
With the eyes of gold
His knowledge you can take
Eight times fold
Thy spirit of the dragon
Will guide us all
But what is foretold
May soon fall
Your kin disappear
You know not where they go
The message you recieve
From Raven or Crow
A vampire with eyes
That glow like the sun
A raise of his hand
And it will be done
Across the bridge
Into another world
Time has been changed
Secrets are unfurled
Trust all you know
With mark on hand
Only chosen ones
Are those with the brand
Close to your heart
Remember your dreams
Although keep in mind
Nothing is as it seems
The world of the little ones
Find them now
For all will be revealed
Time will show how
When things change
It's not a trick to the eye
Just remember to distinguish
Truth from the lies
Who is kin
Who is foe
Some will betray
But you'll never know
Cloaked in white
Surrounded by mist
A message is left
In marks on your wrists
Those that are evil
Those that are good
Those that switch sides
Leave the mark in the wood
To capture Dor Mont
Look in a crystal ball
To destroy one demon
You need not destroy them all
Strange is that
Which keeps us here
But the mystery
Is nothing to fear
Three of us leave
To complete a quest
The rest remain
To pass a test
Like a tree's branches
Reaching for the sun
The coven is three
But still remains one

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