Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A History of the Omni

The First Age----

*The Creation(or Recreation)---the beginning of the 10th Cycle

*The First War Begins. The Broken Throne, Apsu, Tiamat, and the rest begin their quest to destroy all that was created, and recreate it in Machiva's image.
*Akasha is confronted by the Nameless One and Stone, and asked to do something to prevent Machiva and Covin from completely destroying each other.
*Apsu is 'defeated' by Enki, but is not killed, he sleeps, as the Abyss.
*Tiamat raises up the hordes again in a second wave.
*The Council continues training and is used as a weapon.
*Tiamat is defeated by The Council & The Elder Gods, but the finishing blow was from the Elder God Ninurta
*Marduk and other Creator beings take the Flesh of Tiamat, the Blood of Apsu, and the Breath of Marduk, to.
*The surviving worlds were mended, but separated by the veil.
*The Council along with 5-6 others became Guardians, to protect certain aspects from the sleeping Ancient Ones, as well as certain hidden magics & knowledge, the power of life and death, as well as the ability to protect the gates and the 'Gate to the Source of Creation', known as many other names.

The Second Age-
*The Golden Age....During this time the Council & the Guardians as well as all others who survived the war, were sent to what I would call the "Home Realm". We continued our training, but we moved on and some of us went on to do many things. Some of us stayed in our same original forms, some of us died, or chose to move on and were reincarnated. We had many...lol spats, as Elyas likes to refer to them, but not much happened for quite a while...we had as close to a Golden Age as I can remember.

*War of Angels and Daemons: During this time many Gods were gaining power in all the separated realms, and there were vast numbers of Demons and Angels. I don't remember the exact details, but many of both parties wanted to inhabit the same realms, and so a great war broke out and lasted for several hundred years. This war also seems to be the first time I can recall Triad members being actively involved in the war, and following orders from the Ancient Ones, etc. Needless to say, this stopped any Golden Age.

The Third Age:
It seems like during this time we were all elves. But those of us who were reincarnated or left our Home Realm, came back, in some form or another. But after a time, we all seemed to grow apart. Many of us bickered or tried to kill each other for some reason or another, and war broke out. Many seemed to have their own agendas, but I call it the War of 12 Nations for a reason, there was a nation or so under the command of each Council Member. Not all fought against each nation, there were some alliances, but during the end of the war, most of the Council regrouped together, but that just so happened to be when one of our Councilors became one of the Dark Triad. In the end all was well, but not for a very long time.

The Fourth Age:
During this time the different worlds were still all divided, but connected in very vital ways. But each realm was growing, more technology, larger populations, larger countries...etc and so forth. During the beginning of this Age, Atlantis grew to power, and then fell. The Home Realms, mainly became populated by Elves, and even Dragon and Dwarf. There were many civil wars and the war fought between the Dragons and the Elves seemed to have greater significance. But it was a very long age, mostly centered in the Home Realm....to explain how long it was, I can only say that I lived three lives, and for an elf, that says a lot I suppose, lol. During the end of this age, we had the war some of us refer to the 'Elven War', or the Human Invasion...aka war w/ Ravencleft. Fortunately, this is where I can start counting the time...it was approximately 2600 BCE when this war was ended.

The Fifth Age:
Beginning 2500 BCE. Ending, 500 BCE
The Great Migration: During this time many elves, and 99% of those of the Tuatha de Danann made a great migration...to this realm. Some of us were forced into it because of even greater invasions. We traveled for a long time, learning about humans and meeting others who were also migrating to this realm...many were breeding with humans, which explains perhaps why many humans now have faery, elf or even demonic characteristics. Some Elves, settled in regions like Babylon, India and China, but, it seems, ended up in Celtic regions, especially the British Isles. Many of us were reincarnated in Greece. There were many great battles, and many invasions were lead by Triad members, etc. But one, I believe had a really bad effect...and caused the veil to thicken.

The Sixth Age:
1000 AD:During this we had, aka the Dark Ages, the Crusades...This is the one war I can't say we exactly...'won'. I'm not entirely sure much balanced was achieved by it. Most of us died, and this realm is only just recovering from such a dark period. Yakshawnah was finally bound, but when he was, those of the Light went on a rampage, beyond anything I can remember. Also, during this time, many races in other realms seemed to just start dying off. Many lands were cursed, almost beyond repair.

The Seventh Age: Well it just started in the past couple decades or so...I like to think of it starting w/ the Age of Aquarius. It is possible that maybe if we study the Zodiac Ages, we can begin to figure out a true time line for the Omni. We know that the veil is getting thinner, and some hope & predict it goes back to the way it was before the Sixth Age. As history would go, most of the Council departed, and it's remade, as well as many of the Guardians. But, and not just because of the loss of allies, it has been said this is the 7th Age and Final War, and it is possible that the 11th cycle is upon us.

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