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This isn't a true hierarchy, as each of our roles is crucial and important compared to another. Also, many of the roles listed here are not held by members of this group and simply exist through deities and forces in the universe.

-Note: This is one perspective, as it's all seen differently.-
The One - The source of everything as it exists, and where all things come to an end.

The Two - Also known as the Mother and the Father, representing Light and darkness respectively, they are the first Yin and Yang. Per the Book of the Law (Aleister Crowley), the Mother is Nuit, and the Father is Hadit. They also represent the Feminine and Masculine aspects of the universe.

The Child - The compliment for the Yin-Yang, Ra-Hoor-Khuit (or Ra Hoor Khut) per Book of the Law. The child is chaos among their tranquility, the balance between peace and order. From this Child, and parents, come the Creators.

The Five / The Creators - Also known as The Five Thrones of Umhala, they're known by many names, or by extension through their children. These are the original Creators, forces unto themselves.

*Covin represents Light. His element is Water.
*The Nameless One represents Light-Balance (balance leaning to the Light). The element is Air.
*Akasha represents Balance. Her element is Spirit.
*Stone represents Darkness-Balance (balance leaning to the Darkness). Her element is Earth.
*Machiva represents Darkness. His element is Fire.

*Nameless and Stone were created after a nasty argument and fight between Machiva and Covin, to help bring balance between them.

*These Five had the powers of Creation, and were believed be be some of the base creators of life as we know it: the realms, the celestial bodies, and the creations within them. They live in Umhala, the abode of the Gods, among many others.

*Another note to make is that Machiva was cast out of Umhala for attempting to destroy creation, not satisfied with the perfection he projected. Though his influenced has been greatly reduced, in terms of power of Creation, currently his work has continued for the same goals.

The Deities - The great deities, accredited for creation or running our world. You would recognize them through Egypt, the Norse, Judeo-Christian (Elohim, I am YHVH), Greek/Roman, Hinduism, Native-American (the Great Spirit), and other less-known religions. Often, they are children of the Creators.

The Pantheon - Lesser known gods and goddesses, often attributed with single responsibilities (or mankind only recognized them as such), such as Hermes or Pan (though this is very arguable). This may include demi-gods, as well. One thing to note is while in faith, mankind limited what we saw, they played several roles in the background.

*Mixed with the deities and pantheons, comes our roles or those whom we associate.

Councils ---Now, we've found over the last few years the creation of relatively new ones. Originally, there are 12-seat councils for Light, Balance, and Darkness. Now, with the added, came a Chaos and Primal council, along with a Council of Order. Each seat represents 1 of the 12 elements.

The Council of 12


Lesser councils may exist, such as a Shadow Council, or Council of Stars (eh..). The ones we work with, or deal with in some fashion regardless, are the five councils above. The councils sit equally to the Triads mentioned below, as neither are forced to consult or answer the other in any fashion.

*This is where things continue to muddle. The Council sits, in a sense, outside of a direct authority over them. However, the Seven Gods are said to have authority here, though how much, or why, is what is debated.

Three Creator Gods - There are 3 sets of Creators that came after the Five, and each set represents Light, Balance, and Darkness respectively. In order:

Three Anunnaki Creator Goddesses:
Ninhursag (or Ki), Ninsar, Damkina

*Note: They have power over the Light Triad, and the Dark Guardians protect most of their power FROM them. They have been known to not try to destroy creation, but to dominate it completely, in a ‘perfect’ order.

The Anunnaki Creator Gods:
Enki, Anu, Enlil

*Note: They have authority over the Gray Triad, and it is the Triad whom work their power and magic. Their purpose was more along the lines of Creation, than say the Ancient Ones, but they have been known to try and gain more power and order over their creations, but recently they seem to be almost sleeping.

The Three Ancient Ones:
Apsu, Kingu/Azagthoth, Tiamat/Erishkigal

*Note: They have power over the Dark Triad, though the Grey Guardians protect most of their power from them. Their purpose, originally, was to turn destruction in Machiva's favor. They've since found their own goals, some destruction while others is for control and power.

The Seven Gods - For lack of a better term. It is stated, debated, dis-proven, and bought up again that this is not a complete list.

The Seven Elder Gods :

Nanna - Moon
Nebo - Mercury
Inanna - Venus
Shammash - Sun
Nergal - Mars
Marduk - Jupiter
Ninib - Saturn

*Note: The Elder Gods were sometimes thought of as Children of the Creator Gods. They have been around to help defeat the dark entities, but ‘most’ of them are fairly dormant now.

The Seven Old Gods :

Dagon - Moon
Nyarlathotep - Mercury
Shub-Niggurath - Venus
Azagthoth - Sun
Cthulhu - Mars
Yog-Sothoth - Jupiter
Yig - Saturn

*Note: They have been mostly quiet so far, but their purpose seems to be to take out the Creator Gods, just as the Elder Gods helped ‘take out’ the Ancient Ones.

Triads - Three triads exist, and we're associated with the Grey. The other two are Dark, and Light. Each triad has, as you guessed, 3 seats. Each member has their own circle of Guardians, we'll get to.

It's currently recognized the seats are held thusly (1st, 2nd, and 3rd Circle order):

Light Triad -
Durga, YHVH (aka Yahweh, Elohim, Jehovah), and An/Anu/Danu

*Note: Their purpose is to bring the light into the world, and create more order and devotion to these rulers and their rulers. They generally wish to eradicate all darkness, though it is generally accepted that that is both impossible and more damaging than anything…though sometimes they still try.

Grey Triad -
She-Ma, Raven of the Crystal Tower, Shiva Lakelite

*Note: Their purpose is simply to preserve the balance and freewill of the universe. While they will sometimes work with Light, they will also work with Darkness.

Dark Triad-
Katumatsu, Methuen / Yellow Eyes, Yachshawnah

*Note: Their purpose is to bring more ‘darkness’ into the worlds; to dominate and control all beings and realms. Occasionally they have been known to actually attempt to destroy everything, but never got very far in the process. They work for the Ancient Ones, and have more of their power for use. Though they generally realize that eradicating all light will bring about such imbalance all will suffer, it doesn’t always stop them from trying.

Guardians - Under each Triad member, is a set of Six guardians, with their own respective keys roles. Depending on the alignment of the position, and the member, the role importance may differ slightly.

The roles are thus:


Under each Guardian is..nothing solid. They may have a small set of warriors, or allies for similar purposes, or just work better with other Guardians without getting anyone else involved. This can change per Guardian role and individual.

---Courtesy of Kata & Gwen

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