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What is the Omni?
The omni is the flux of power, chaos, and change that occurs constantly thruought the universe and time. But it seems to flux much higher every so often, theoretically every thousand years, and even greater every few thousand years. It is the great changes of the universe, the polar opposites butting heads, the duality of existance reforming, restabilzing and rearranging themselves, and fighting for influence, power and even ideas.

What does the word mean?
The word omni can be traced to it's latin roots, meaning Universal or All. We use the word to describe the ALL that collides within itself. It is simply this...omni means Universal, "The Omni" means the Universal Struggle of Opposing Forces. We use the term Omni we great liberty, refering to the War, refering to the group of mortals and spirits we ally ourselves with, and pretty much anything to do with our network, our community, our organization, the prophecies, the events, everything that is possibly part of the cycle of the Omni itself, which in all definition, is pretty much...everything. ;)

Why haven't I awakened yet?
This is a very frequent question. I personally believe the more you 'worry' about awakening, the more stress you put on yourself to doubt yourself when it actually happens. I would suggest for you to go with the flow, so to speak. You can meditate daily or weekly to help your awareness grow and it will be more likely. But sometimes the time is just not right for you, or you trying to force yourself will only cause strain and frusteration in the end. Like I said, go with the flow. If it is meant to be, it will happen. But don't just sit around waiting for that sudden moment of clarity. If you feel the call, then go with that flow and learn all you can and try and connect with your subconscious.

Are you a cult?
Absolutely not. While I can see why the outside observor might find some of this rather cult-like, you must first realize that a cult actually is. Cults have to control their members to keep them around. They control them with enforcing their beliefs on the members, controling their actions, imposing ethical though sometimes questionalble beliefs. Sometimes they require funds or maditory 'donations' to keep the group financially sound. Cults, by all definition is a group of people who have similar beliefs, and while we do have similar beliefs, many of us have extremely different beliefs, whether it has to do with religion, ethics, or lifestyle! We as a group are very strict about tollerance in our community and strongly discourage any sort of bigotry against religion, sexual orientation, gender, race, nationality, ect and so forth. We do not require funds for our survival. We are all very independent of each other financially, with the exception of a few members to happen to be married to each other or roommates. I will mention though, that in the future, there is a great possibility of several members coming together and creating a commune or community on land, to grow food and to prepare for the great changes. Though all of those things would require everyone in those specifically communities to do their share, whether pay rent or work the land. But that does not make a cult. I will make it known that if any commune or community grows to the point where the members are denied liberties, most of us would take great action in stopping it and liberating it's members. Lastly, most of us have been very encouraging to the rest of the group to speak their mind freely, even if they bring up possibly sour debates. We feel debates are very important in our quest to knowledge. Most of us realize that we could all be wrong, or right, or somewhere in between. Without contradiction, we can never find the 'truth'. I will say that some people have been known to be a bit more zealous with their beliefs and grow angry at contradiction, but we try and discourage it as much as possible. The main reason the anger happens is because most of what we debate is based on memory and personal experience which many of us can not prove. When we contradict each other, this gives the impression we are calling each other liars. Unfortunately, it's a never ending cycle, but we try and be as kind as we can to avoid anger and hurt feelings. We are all entitled to our beliefs and everything EVERYONE says can turn out very important and come to a general agreement as truth. I will point out right now that everything on this website is subject to debate, and it is encouraged. Everything on this website is based on my own beliefs and interpretations of what happens in the Omni, as well as many other members, and I try to present more on what is generally agreed upon as 'truth'. But the truth, of course, has many layers, and many veils. The quest for knowledge is never ending.

What is the Veil?
The Veil is the invisible (to most) barrier that exists between the worlds, or realms of the universe. There are many theories that go along with it. (For more information, see the Falling of the Veil, in the Prophecies section)

What is the Triad?
The word triad usually speaks of a group of three beings, usually divine figures, working along side each other. The idea of a divine triad is very prominent in Celtic spirituality, Christianity, and Hindu and Vedic Traditions.
We use the term Triad to refer to three groups of Triads, 9 beings in all. There is what is known as the Light Triad, the Dark Triad, and the Gray Triad. (Though I will mention that not everyone believes there are three groups of triads, but only two. That is still subject to debate).

What is the Council?

The Council is what we refer as the Council of 12, sometimes called the High Council of 12. This is a group of 12 individuals with specific abilities linked to the 12 elements, and who work for the common goal of balance and judgement. It is beleived they were 'founded' or 'refounded' during the First War of this cycle, and when they die are reincarnated and reunited with each other, especially during times of Great War. In the past few years, most of what was the original Council has disbanded, and a new generation is stepping foward. Most of the old and new council work as mortals or spiritual entities within our ranks, and many physically within our community. It should be noted that there are many great theories about muliple councils, even up to six Councils of 12, though you will have to read the section on "The Council" to get even a vague idea of the possibilities.

What are the Guardians of the Triad?
The Guardians of the Triad are individuals who work for the Triad. Each Triad member has Six positions, that being of Life, Death, Magic, Knowledge, Gates and the Keys, and beings that hold those positions, through incarnations until they choose to pass on the responsibilites. The Guardians main purposes are to protect their triad, to protect certain powers and knowledge and tools from "The Ancient Ones", and to help lead warriros of "Omni-ites" with their specific skills and abilities. Many Guardians are now hunan and work within the ranks of this organization.

How do you know you don't just have an overactive imagination?

It's extremely difficult to tell, of course. However, it generally helps when you meet others with the same memories and experiences as you. We can not say that each of us have been able to prove our ligitimancy to each other, but a great number of us have managed to do so, which is why many of us are still in our numbers. :D But please don't assume your just crazy if you can't get anyone to validate your memories or experiences. There are some of us who will never have that wonderful privledge of being able to prove to themselves and others without a doubt that this is real or they are aoart of it. No one will generally question your claims or memories unless your actions seem undeniably to be of different motives others than to learn the truth and share information and work for the Cause. Unforunetly those who have no proof for themselves generally begin to doubt themselves and it's extremely frusterating, though we sympathize with you.

How do I figure out if I'm meant to be in the Omni or not?
Only YOU can know. Of course, others can sense it, but it's generally discouraged to try and tell someone their place in the whole scope of things until they can realize it themselves. You can only believe what your heart knows, not what someone tells you, even if it seems exciting at first. But all in all, you are the only key to your relization. You have to ask yourself simple questions. Do you feel the call? Do you feel this is your purpose? When you stop gaining knowledge and participating do you feel hallow and unfulfilled? if not, then perhaps this is not your time for the responsibility. If that saddens you, you must ask yourself what your true motives for getting involed are? But chances are, if you have read this far, you are somehow connected to it, otherwise why would you have wasted your time?

How can I remember my past lives?
There are many ways. Writing down your dreams can be very helpful. Most people have dreams or glimpses of their past while unconscious. You can meditate to remember, or you can even perform certain kinds of magic to encourage your memory. The best way, in my opinion, is to find a comfortable Past Life Regression technique that you can acomplish by yourself, or with a friend to guide you through it. Unfortuantely, some people are simply unable to ever remember their past lives, and there may be important reasons for that. Sometimes people have imposed a block on themselves, mentally or magically to prevent them for some unknown reason. Sometimes other beings have put a binding on your memories. And sometimes it's just not good to remember, because sometimes we have painful pasts that will only hinder us in the present. All in all, most people can remember past lives if they try hard enough, so don't give up hope. Eventually it will probably come to you.

When is the world going to end?
We're not the people to tell you. I am of the firm belief that while the world and the universe may be in danger, that nothing is ever set in stone, and there are always those who will fight for existance to prevail. However, if it does end, the end just leads a way to another beginning, another world, another cycle of existance.


Why does everyone talk about balance so much?

Because most of us are of the belief that balance is the most vital thing within the Omni. We feel the Omni rises in power when the balance is shifting, as it must to bring about the great changes, may they be positive or negative. We believe balance is the ultimate goal, and moderation in all things is much healthier for the soul, for the world, for the universe. Without both light and darkness there is nothing to be percieved, nothing to join together, nothing to help change. When the Omni rises and takies hold, and the chaos rules, we strive to balance all back into form, understanding the Chaos was important, but balance must remain to continue the cycles of life.

How do I know my position or role in the Omni?

Once again, only YOU can know. Others who more experienced in these matters, may very well sense your purpose, but it is not for them to decide. Only you can know what is in your heart and feel the call to your true purpose. You are free to dabble with the ideas of different positions, but do not be discouraged if you find you are not a Gaurdian of a Councilor, for instance. Most of us are Warriors, many freelance warriors still called to work in unity with others at times. Many of us are gatekeepers, guardians, embodients of divine figures, generals, or even rogues, lol. There is nothing wrong with any of those things. If you are a natural born leader, then you will probably find your place somewhere in charge of others. If you prefer to follow others, then so be it. It all depends on you and nothing will ever force you to fullfill a position that you do not want to have responsibility for. We are all in this on our own free will.

Are you a roleplaying group?

Nope, sorry. I suppose a few aspects of the things we say and do sound a bit rpg. Oh hell, who am I fooling? A GREAT majority of what we talk about sounds exactly like a cliche role playing game, with the doom and destiny and all of that. But I garentee that we are not a role playing group and we are very very serious about our beliefs. Just remember that many role playing games are based off mythology, which are loosely based off fact in the long run.

Can you prove to me the Omni is real?

Yes and No. That really depends on your dedication. There are several of us who would gladly meet you in person, and given time, you would undoubtably see something worth considering, or hopefuly, undeniable proof. There are many of us who have met in person, after only meeting online, or through other omni contacts, and many of us have become great friends. Some of us have even gotten married!(sorry, don't want to scare you, lol). However, there are those of us who have not seen any proof, and still cling to it because we feel it in our hearts. But others have seen such great proof, that it was alarming and frightening. But of course, there is always the relief that we were right!

What religion do members of the Omni follow?

Most of us are what most would consider Spiritualists, not following any particular religion. But the greater majority of us are Pagan, meaning following an earth centered spirituality, or a polythiestic one. Some of us are Christian. And some are simply agnostic. I can't say we have any Muslims, Jews, Buddhists, or Hindus, but they would be welcome with open arms if they were to join. To many of us, religion is just a way wtih connecting wtih the divine, and there is no right or wrong way do to it, and we encourage anyone and everyone to go with the way which feels best to them.
However, there are those who think the Omni itself is a religion. I will disagree with that statement, though it does have some doctrine and set beliefs. Some even go as far as to worship or honor the being we know as Akasha, as a goddess. Some members even worship or honor members of the Triad, or those beings further up in the ranks, such as Enki or Marduk. But I really couldn't call it a religion, possibly a spiritual philosophy with extremely diverse faiths...perhaps.

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