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The Dark Triad

The Dark Triad
First of all, the Dark Triad is only one group we need to worry about. They want power, overall, but they seem to want to mold life into darkness, at the expense of the light, creating a very imbalanced existance. Now, of course, they don't exactly see it this way, and not every one of them, at every single moment, wants to destroy the light, nor the balance. But thier very nature seems to drive them to do this. The battle between Triads began during the First War when Apsu, Tiamat, and Kingu were fighting against the many Creators and Elders, (many of which were reformed from the previous cycle). Apsu seemed to be the head of this ancient triad, and was slain first. But he did not die, he was bound, and went into a sleep. Tiamat was eventually slain as well. Kingu, is said to have been imprisoned, but released after a certain amount of time for some reason or another. It is said that man was created from the blood of Apsu, the flesh of Tiamat, and the breath of Marduk. When these gods began to dream, some of thier power and knowledge was stripped from them and given to Guardians to protect and keep away from them at all costs. They also semi-consciously choose beings to replace them, and take some of thier remaining power, but only on loan. They chose one being each to become what is known as the Dark Triad. There were also opposing Ancient Ones, whom are more creative than destructive, some more light than dark, who have also chosen thier Triads to replace them while they stir in the deep or distant realms, quietly waiting for thier time again. Each of these three triad members I will list, are not the first that Tiamat, Kingu, and Apsu chose. It has changed over the thousands of years. Yakshawnah is the senior in power in this group, being a part of the Triad for, I think, 8000 years. Katumatsu joined in May of 2005, and Yellow Eyes did not join until August of 2006.

Katumatsu: The Third
She seems to have two forms that are in origin to a type of japanesse daemon, aswell as perhaps Dark Elf,(though we are still usure, she is very new to us). She is a very great martial artist it seems, and she uses "Japanesse weapons", such as the katana and throwing stars. She was or still is the "Handmaiden of Tiamat". She is very intelligent and does not underestimate her opponent, for she hides when they have the uperhand. She has a weak knee and she has a very high opinion of herself. She is very prideful in her beauty, her wisdom, and her power. If these images are broken of her, she reveals her true self, and she feels weak and powerless, if only momentarily.

Yellow Eyes: The Middle

He is also a new member on the Triad, though we have fought against him for many years. Quote:
Originally he was known as Black Hawk. The man known to whites as Black Hawk was born Ma-ka-tai-me-she-kia-kiak (Black Sparrow Hawk) in the year 1767, belonged to the Sauk Tribe.
By the age of fifteen, Black Hawk had become a "brave." To become a "brave" he needed to kill or injure an enemy in battle. It was in later fighting with the Osage Indians that he earned the title of war chief. By the age of forty-five, he had killed thirty of this enemy's warriors.
Black Hawk was strong and independent minded. As a young man, he recognized the dangers of alcohol and decided never to drink the "fire water." He went against another Sauk custom of marrying more than one woman. Black Hawk married young and remained loyal to his wife, Asshewaqua (Singing Bird) throughout his life. Most successful warriors married several women.
In religion and war Black Hawk was a traditional Sauk. He rejected Christianity and continued to practice their ancient religion. Fighting was very important to the Sauk, and the warriors were ever-ready for battle. They relied on the Great Spirit to give them direction in war
By the end of the 1700s, the Sauk were coming into contact with more and more white settlers and traders. The Sauk decided that for their own protection they would sign the Treaty of Greenville in 1795. It promised that the Sauk would be received with friendship and given protection by the United States.
In 1804, after a fight between whites and Sauk ended in the deaths of three settlers, some Sauk leaders agreed to travel to St. Louis and arrange a permanent peace. The Sauk leaders were given alcohol and asked to sign a treaty. The treaty gave the government fifteen million acres of Sauk land in Illinois, Wisconsin and Missouri for the sum of $2,274.50.
Black Hawk and other Sauk chiefs argued that the treaty was not valid because most of the Sauk Nation was not told of the treaty, and those who signed did not represent them. The government insisted the treaty was binding. Tensions grew between the two sides until, in 1808, the Americans built a fort in the disputed territory. Black Hawk lead a war party to destroy the fort and massacre the troops but withdrew when confronted with loaded cannons. Three years later the war of 1812 erupted between Great Britain and the United States. Black Hawk who had remained friendly to the English decided to fight on their side. Another broken promise by America strengthened his decision. The Americans said they would furnish the Sauk with supplies to help them survive. No supplies were ever sent by the government
Saying " I have fought the Big Knives and will continue to fight them till they are off our lands," Black Hawk went on attacking the Americans even after the war with Britain was over. Finally a treaty was signed to bring about a temporary peace.
By 1821 lead mining brought floods of white settlers to northwestern Illinois and southwestern Wisconsin. By 1828 the Sauk and the Fox tribes were forced from their lands and driven across the Mississippi River. In the spring after a snub by President Andrew Jackson, Black Hawk decided to return across the river and reclaim his land. In 1832 Black Hawk was invited to live in a village of Winnebago Indians led by his good friend White Cloud. Crossing the Mississippi with 400 braves and their families, Black Hawk caused mass hysteria. Although Black Hawk and his braves bothered no one, Governor John Reynolds called out the Militia. Among the 1600 men who volunteered to fight was a young lawyer named Abraham Lincoln.

The Winnebagos and other tribes in the area, fearing the militia, refused to let Black Hawk stay. Reluctantly, he decided to swallow his pride and return to Iowa.

Meanwhile, the militia was approaching. Black Hawk sent five warriors to tell the militia that his people wanted to peacefully retreat across the Mississippi. All of the warriors were immediately taken prisoner. Black Hawk sent more warriors to see what happened. They were attacked and two warriors were killed. The militia set out after the rest of Black Hawk's people. They were ambushed by Black Hawk and forty of his braves. Eleven of the militia and three of the warriors were killed before the militia broke and ran.

The war had begun. Winnebago and Potawatomi warriors joined Black Hawk and the raided villages and farms through northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin. At Ottawa, Illinois, they shot, tomahawked and mutilated the bodies of fifteen settlers and kidnaped two teenaged girls. ( The girls were later released ). These attacks created widespread panic among the white settlers and thousands fled the area.

Black Hawk was still trying to get across the Mississippi. He decided to travel through the Wisconsin wilderness. To cover his retreat he sent out war parties to attack white settlements hoping to delay the pursuing soldiers.

On July 21, 1832, the troops finally caught up with Black Hawk's rear guard near present-day Sauk City, Wisconsin. The ensuing battle ( The Battle of Wisconsin Heights ) cost the lives of five warriors and one soldier. The soldiers leery of an ambush let the Sauk slip away an escape.

Black Hawks only hope lay in out running the soldiers and he raced to the Mississippi. When he arrived at the river he found his way blocked by an American steamship loaded with troops and artillery. Black Hawk tried to surrender and sent two warriors under a white flag to the ship. The ship's captain did not understand the request and opened fire on the Sauk. Black Hawk and his followers were trapped.

The next day, August 2, 1832, the soldiers caught up with the Sauk. In what became known as the Bad Axe Massacre, the soldiers killed dozens of the Sauk including women, children and the elderly. Those who made it across the Mississippi were killed by the Sioux, who had joined the Americans. Of the 500 Sauk with Black Hawk, only about 150 survived. The Black Hawk war, now virtually over, had cost the lives of 72 whites and between 450 and 600 Native Americans.

Black Hawk was one of the survivors. He was eventually forced to surrender with his friend, White Cloud, of the Winnebago's. The were sent to the east and were paraded through the eastern cities like captured animals. The public , however, greeted him, "as a brave, romantic symbol of the wild frontier and treated him like a hero.

Black Hawk later was returned to Iowa. In the last few months of his life he found himself the object of admiration among Iowa settlers. He was often invited to the territorial capital to attend sessions of the legislature. His last public appearance was July 4, 1837.

Black Hawk died in his lodge on October 3, 1837. His wife Singing Bird survived him. In his last public appearance he said: " A few summers ago, I was fighting against you. I did wrong, perhaps, but that is past. It is buried. Let it be forgotten. Rock river was beautiful country. I loved my towns, my cornfields, and the home of my people. It is yours now. Keep it as we did."
Now, after his death, he was sent to spy on Yakshawnah(whom we will explain momentarily). It wasn't long before the gray triad who sent him, realized that he was not coming back. We are unsure how Yakshawnah persuaded him, however, we do know he had a great deal of hate still towards the europeans who came to his land, and even against christianity. It is very interesting now, perhaps, that he is seated in the appropriate position to oppose Yaweh in the Light Triad. After he joined forces with Yakshawnah, he began to show different forms, not only would he have the form of a yellow wolf, but a wolf or a man with bright yellow eyes. It is believed that Yellow Eyes is a seperate entity from Black Hawk, but they are now merged and Black Hawk has been corrupted by his influence. Another strange thing, many people believe they have killed Yellow Eyes, but he has his way of playing dead I suppose. He will disapear for even months at a time, but then reappear, alive and well.
It is said in all of Black Hawk County of Iowa, that the old shaman and chief that fought on these grounds had cursed everyone that lived on his territory. It is said that if you do not make peace with him, you will die if you ever try to leave it.
Yellow Eyes first showed himself to a previous Guardian of the Gates, and tried to sway them over to darkness by promising them power and gifts. They refused to cooperate and fought against him for many years until most of them left the Omni(not because they were corrupted, but to pay more attention to thier families). It is believed by many that many were fighting for this position, and that Elyas was merely hanging on to the middle triad position, but Yellow Eyes recently took it from him.
Yellow Eyes/Black Hawk are probably the most honorable dark triad you will face. He doesn't seem to break promises, treaties, or deals. He does however have a way of manipulation to make you believe you are getting the better end of the deal, when in fact, you could be signing your death warrent. At any rate, this story just goes to show that anyone, no matter how good or controlled, can be overtaken and corrupted.

Yakshawnah:First of the Dark Triad
Yakshawnah is very old and recorded in several places, though it seems as if someone purposely tried to take his name out of mythology. But he is recorded in a few places. First of all, his name seems to come from the word Yaksha. Some Yakshas were evil, tricky, manipulative, and cruel. However, most Yakshas were simply tree spirits that work with music, dance and art, more similar to muses. Well deal with how he went from a simple Yaksha to the Vampire God he is now in later threads. He has also be compared to an Incubae, as he has a tendancy to rape women in thier sleep, and rape people's minds. During his first war, which is believd to be circa 5000 BCE, he became master of what is known as the Void, or atleast a good chunk of it. It is also believed he created it, though some disagree. One of the skills is shapeshifting, as he is excelent at mimicking not only apperance but other's energy signature, or posing as others. His forms are a possum, a black wolf(many link him with the Grim: Padfoot, in British folk lore), golden eyed rabbits, red eyed racoons, certain breeds of bats, and most rodents, even squirrels. His humanoid apperance depends, but the most common outlook on him is a tall man with East Indian descent, a bony facial structure, long black hair(often with a blue streak), red or black eyes( occasionally golden), and waring a white suit, cloak, or outfit of somekind. Sometimes he wears a hooded cloak to hide his face. He currently, in this(his 2nd form) he appears at times in the guise of an old man, with shouldren length gray hair balding on top, and a scar upon his right eye. His possum form is usually all white except for the head, which is black.
"Cloaked in white,surround in darkness"
So far, in this war, he has gained emense strength and many followers. He is prophecised to return and in his 3rd and True form in May of 2006. His bindinds have already been broken, tied back down, and broekn again. But it is most certain the proper time for his full strength to return is in 2006, as most have prophecised so. His family consists of a father named Lakrea, and a Wife named Loce. One of his half mortal sons is living in the midwest and called Michael Anderson, or Mikael, or Menem. Mikael is pressumed to be a Guardian serving him. He also has a Grandfather, who has been fighiting in the Omni for a hundred thousand years. In the most recent war Yakshanah waged war upon the good people of India and China, and assansinated a good king, killed myself and Zhaven, and corrupted thousands.

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