Tuesday, January 12, 2010


In the beginning of this cycle, things were recycled, and some preserved. As always, there was Source, the One. The Source divided itself into two equal and opposite parts...some call it light and darkness, some call it male and female, and some call it Goddess and God, Mother and Father. The energies of the Mother and Father split and formed into five basic parts, and they eventually developed their own personalities, their own consciousness. These were Fire, Earth, Spirit, Air, and Water. The elements formed from the power that was Spirit, Akasha. Fire became known as Machiva, Earth as Stone, Spirit as Akasha, Air as the Nameless One, and Water as Covin.

------------------------------The Source---------------------------------

---------------The Father ------------------The Mother

Machiva------Stone----------Akasha------The Nameless----Covin
Fire-----------Earth-----------Spirit -------Air ----------------Water

These beings are all known to many as the "Creators", and they mostly dwell in Umhala, a high heavenly like realm, opposite of the Abyss.

This family began to fight over how things were to be shaped, formed, and ruled. This was the beginning of the results of the Source splitting itself..the Omni. The Source shed a tear for the blood that would be shed but still cried for more. This would ultimately lead to chaos, then change, then peace again.

These are not the 'only' creators, for some beings were recycled or preserved, gods, elders, ancients, etc.

Machiva had come to consider himself superior to the rest and wanted to shape things in his image. He grew to a point beyond darkness, and to a side all on his own. No one can say if this was natural, or intended by the source, but it happened in the worst of ways. He began to fight with Covin over dominance over the realms and beings they had created. The fight grew worse and worse and Akasha, Stone, and the Nameless did not want to interfere, but Nameless and Stone told Akasha she was the only one who could stop it. The more she tried to stop them, the stronger and more arrogant and stubborn they became. Things were falling apart and they were administrating powerful ancient beings to help fight, and creating strange creatures and weapons to destroy each other. Akasha knew she had to stop them without destroying either, as everything they had all created, was imprinted by each of the five. She found 12 stones, which seemed to reflect the balance within her, and the elements that were found in each and every realm in some way that had been created so far. These pure energies were reflections and shards of the source, but had been untouched by change. She convinced the Five to aid her...
giving them life...she took 12 spirits, most that had survived from the previous cycle in some shape or form, and molded them around these 12 cores. The Council was born as adults, but like children at heart once again. Machiva and even Covin felt they had been tricked into making such powerful weapons, but there was little they could do.They were trained in their elements, and explained that only they could restore balance into the cosmos. And after many years of growing war, the final battle involving all sides, some with purpose, some with not, the Council helped defeat the agents of destruction and brought peace, balance, and regeneration between those surviving. Machiva was sent away from Umhala into the deepest and most hidden layer of the Aybss, and he became it's core. Apsu, Tiamat, Kingu, and all their minions were defeated. Many agents of 'light' were put into submission, and bound into Umhala.

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